Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday. In today’s IoT Time, ken fills you in on Amazon’s Prime Air prototype announcement, The Korean telecoms are making partnerships to advance the IoT in that country and the Lemonbeat communications protocol passes a big test.
Brett Dunst from Dream Host Explores the evolving storage needs of enterprises and the challenges with migrating to scalable cloud storage solutions.
Richard Seroter, Product Manager at Tier 3 tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about his company’s cloud solutions and how they compare to others in the market such as Amazon and Google by providing better management.
Jack Norris fro MAPR Technologies explains the need for businesses to have faster, more secure, and more complete data management and analytics solutions for Apache Hadoop.
Amit Kumar of Lexity details his company's marketing apps which allow SMB merchants to compete more effectively with Amazon and other large retailers. Their apps help with Facebook marketing, tracking interest on Pinterest and more.
Noam Shendar of Zadara Storage tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about his company's premium cloud-based storage solutions providing high-speed access to data with the traditional OPEX Vs. CAPEX cloud benefits.
Dan Reis tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about how Trend Micro helps protect users and also discusses typical user security mistakes as well as the potential threats caused by Stuxnet and Flame getting into the wild.
Bruce Templeton the President & CEO of NephoScale tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about his company's public cloud solutions and how they fit into a competitive market.
Businesses have been using business intelligence software for a long time, but cloud computing reduces the time to deloy and update software and allows businesses to more efficiently work with the vast amounts of business data they collect.
Akamai’s Neil Cohen tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani ABOUT his company’s solutions which help customers deploy more saleable and reliable cloud-based solutions worldwide.
Have your Amazon Web Services and your private cloud at the same time with Transcend Computing’s AWS compatible solutions. Jeff Schneider, company Founder & CEO gives TMC’s Rich Tehrani the scoop
With a breadth of cloud-based offerings which seem unrivaled, Datapipe provides individualized solutions which can be made up of Amazon AWS if required. Moreover the company has its own cloud solution, Stratosphere and data centers located throughout the US, Europe and Asia.
Preston of reflex systems explains how his company's private cloud management system allows IT departments to compete with public solutions such as EC2
Rand of Cloud Passage discusses his company's firewall automation multi-factor authentication, configuration and security in assisting company's manage the security of public and private clouds
Kosten Metreweli at OnApp tells Rich Tehrani about the company's cloud enablement solutions including its CDN and storage product lines
By eliminating the need to worry about infrastructure management, end users can go about their work
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