ITEXPO Florida 2016 Interview with CallCabinet
Akamai's Gary Ballabio discusses the challenges with creating a consistent user experience when delivering applications, content, and services through the cloud, with Erik Linask.
Cloudant's Sam Bisbee talks about the concept of database as a service to help enterprises meet their growing data storage and analysis needs.
07/15/2013's JS Bruneau talks about the company's success as an IaaS provider and the market demand for VDI.
NaviSite's Sandra Palumbo and Erik Linask consider cloud's role in driving the growth of virtual desktop services in an increasingly mobile business environment.
Server Central's Peter Berg tells Erik Linask why performance of cloud services and applications has evolved in the past year and how it will continue to mature.
Endstream's Erik Levitt tells Erik Linask how Enstream is taking enterprise mobile communications to a new level with a fully portable enterprise desktop client for mobile devices.
Brett Dunst from Dream Host Explores the evolving storage needs of enterprises and the challenges with migrating to scalable cloud storage solutions.
Gary Sorkin, Smart Grid Manager of TUVRheinland tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about his company’s latest interoperability testing solutions.
Broadcom’s, Edward Doe, Director, Product Management Network Switching shows Rich Tehrani of TMC the company’s new 802.11ac solutions with gigabit WiFi which shows a dramatic improvement over previous WiFi standards.
Carl Moberg, VP Technology at Tail-F tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about the company’s network control solutions which bring automation and programmability to their customer’s network management toolbox.
Kevin Keith, Director of Business Development at Airwatch tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about how his company helps companies secure consumer devices which come into the enterprise.
Matthew Gast, Director of Product Management at Aerohive Networks tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about the company’s adaptation to the new BYOD world with a slew of WiFi solutions.
Phil Bowers demonstrates Grandstream’s IP phones and new surveillance cameras and ITEXPO Miami.
Terracotta's Gary Nakamura describes how in-memory data access enhances enterprise data access, resulting in increased application performance.
he growth of mobile networks and social media have changed the requirements for effectively accessing, and utilizing data, which is often stored in multiple locations in the cloud, but is required for faster application delivery. ScaleOut Software discusses how in-memory data grids can be used, either alone, or in multiple instances, to help drive more efficient application delivery, in Amazon or Microsoft Azure enviornments, or other cloud instances.
Turning it's attention from voice only services, the FCC is looking to ensure affordable data services to rural and undeserved areas. The key is enabling operators to cost effectively extend their network-based services to those areas.
Cable operators need to build new revenue streams outside their traditionally video services, meaning they need to layer new voice and data services on top of their existing networks.
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Pete Maclcom CEO, Abiquo
Tags: Abiquo
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Wendy Perilli, VP of Global Marketing for Abiquo
Tags: Abiquo
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Pete Malcolm, CEO, Abiquo
TMC's Executive Editor, Erin Harrison speaks with Pete Malcolm, CEO of Abiquo
Tags: Abiquo
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Pete Malcolm, CEO, Abiquo
4GWE Carl Ford speaks with Manish Gupta, VP, Global Marketing, Kabira
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