Editors Day Santa Clara 2015 Interview with VMware, Inc.
In today’s IoT Time, Haemonetics enhances the blood supply chain, Kiosks get smarter thanks to Moki and Georgia State builds am IoT Think Tank. In MyIoT, Ken issues a bit of advice to all the hungry, ambitions startups in the industry: don’t get greedy.
Alcatel-Lucent shows Rich Tehrani of TMC the company’s technology which can transfer a virtual machine between physical machines in a seamless manner.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Patrick Dunnigan, Chief Architect, Cloud Sidekick about the company’s self-service provisioning automation and operational management tools
Bill Roth the VP of Marketing at Nexenta tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about his company's enterprise storage software solutions which utilize open source to provide more economical technology than EMC or NetApp.
While the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing are generally understood, efficienty utilization of virtual servers and other cloud resources requires accurate modeling of needs.
With a breadth of cloud-based offerings which seem unrivaled, Datapipe provides individualized solutions which can be made up of Amazon AWS if required. Moreover the company has its own cloud solution, Stratosphere and data centers located throughout the US, Europe and Asia.
Telx’ Opens Newest Facility in New Jersey
Hosting.com Partners with VMware...
NursingCorp Expands Services with StaffKnex...