Keikki Kokkinen discusses super Wi-Fi, spectrum sharing and the transformation necessary from all different players to expand network accessibility.
Barlow Keener discusses Super Wi-Fi and Spectrum Sharing Summit.
Barlow Keener, Principal at Keener Law Group. Discusses the impact of shared spectrum and other strategies being used to deliver service, support small cells and open spectrum for alternate uses. This includes a discussion of the TV Incentive Auction.
The precedents are being set to change spectrum policy forever in TV WhiteSpaces. Learn about the Spectrum Use Databases and the concepts of Spectrum Sharing with us in Austin Oct 2-5
Want to think about the picture of what is happening with the Wireless Internet. Don't be fooled to think its a done deal. The future is being shown and explored in Austin October 2-5.
TMC's Managing Editor Tammy Wolf speaks with Peter Stanforth CTO, Spectrum Bridge
Rich Tehrani speaks with Dan Boehm, VP of Sales & Marketing for Spectrum Corporation
Joe Bobier discusses challenges and opportunities for xMax.
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