ITEXPO Florida 2016 Interview with NetSapienes
On this IoT Time, Ken can barely speak intelligibly (let alone intelligently), but he gives some applause to Ingenu for aiming to connect the U.S. and SAP for working all over the world to build Smart City infrastructure solutions and issues a call to action to governments and municipalities to provide the will for urban connectivity and implores academics, developers and inventors to create new, purpose-built solutions for Smart Cities, because tacking new ideas onto old tech is just short-sighted.
ITEXPO Anaheim 2015 Interview with Netsapiens
ITEXPO Miami 2015 Studio Interview with NetSapiens
ITEXPO Las Vegas 2014 Interview with Netsapiens
ITEXPO Las Vegas 2014 Interview with Netsapiens
nShare has expanded to support multilocation IP PBX solutions which allows the service provider to also offer the solution as both a hosted / cloud and premise based service. This enables the carrier to match their customers requirements of location while at the same time embedding disaster recovery.
TMC's Managing Editor Carrie Schmelkin speaks with Eric Hernaez VP of Marketing, NetSapiens
TMC's Stefanie Mosca speaks with David Privee, Director of Sales for NetSapiens
Juliana- TMC’s Juliana Kenny speaks with Chris Aker of NetSapien
TMC's Paula Bernier speaks with David Privee, Director of Sales for NetSapiens
Jeff Stiles of SAP discusses how his company has a strong focus on small business and is moving to support the cloud and mobile devices and browsers.
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