IOT Evolution Expo Battle of the Platforms 2015: Numerex
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The IoT Evolution Expo at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas might be over, but the impact of all the sessions, strategy discussions and exhibit hall meetings will resound throughout the industry all year. In today’s IoT Time, we talked about the findings of our Security Summit, who won the Battle of the Platforms and the AT&T Fast Pitch competitions, and what the IoT is really all about. In MyIoT, I call for the establishment of a global standards body for the IoT, soon. Because without it, the industry will never grow cohesively, and will never be truly accepted by the mass of consumers.
M2M Miami 2015 Battle of the Platforms: Numerex
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Battle of the Platforms Las Vegas 2014: Numerex
Carl Ford Speaks with Jeffrey O. Smith, CTO, Numerex