IoT Evolution Expo Florida 2016 Interview with Gemalto
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IOT Evolution Expo 2015 Interview: Gemalto
On this IoT Time, we discuss Gemalto’s new Cat-1 LTE Module, Ericsson’s new IoT Networks Software package and GreenPeak Technologies’ announcement that it has shipped more than 100 million ZigBee chips into Smart Homes. On MyIoT, Ken discusses the implications of my conversation with Kristine Snow, president of Cisco Capital, and how companies can finance expensive IoT implementations.
Ken Lowe, director of business development at Gemalto, talks M2M with Paula Bernier, executive editor of TMC’s M2M Evolution magazine.
Norbert Muhrer, SVP M2M of Gemalto tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about his company’s latest M2M solutions encompassing SIM cards and security. He also focused on the company’s new M2M JAVA platform.
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Ray Wizbawski, Director of Marketing Comms, Gemalto