IoT Solutions Theatre: Lutmus Automation
In this IoT Time, Ken looks into a set of surveys by myDevices in which they examine Americans’ interest in automated Smart Home technology and Star Wars tech. Some key findings: folks want housework to be automatic, and would rather own a hover bike than a light saber from the Star Wars universe. And they are incorrect.
IOT Evolution Expo Theater: Litmus Automation
IOT Evolution Expo 2015 Interview: Litmus Automation
Larry Lissler explains the potential and future of marketing automation and the next-generation of multichannel integration.
Brendan O'Brien from Aria Systems tells Erik Linask why an integrated billing and subscription platform is the key to taking cloud services to the channel.
Appcore's Jeff Tegethoff explains how service providers can have a full cloud business up and running in less than 30 days with a single automated cloud management platform.
Carl Moberg, VP Technology at Tail-F tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about the company’s network control solutions which bring automation and programmability to their customer’s network management toolbox.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Bob Heile, Chairman of the Zigbee Alliance, George Yianni, System Architect, LightLabs Control Solutions, Philips, Daniel Moneta, CEO, MMB Networks and Sean Bryant, VP, Sales, CentraLite to learn about a suite of home automation and security solutions this wireless technology brings to homes.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Maryam Gueramian, Marketing Manager for ECOVACS and checks out the company’s window washing robot which uses a suction motor to stay attached while it cleans.
TMC interviews John Cray, director of product management at Zeacom regarding the company’s contact center and BPA solutions.
TMC interviews Moe Ilyas, director of channel sales for Appcore, about the company’s efficient cloud computing offerings to achieve efficient implementation and automation.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Bryan Lieberman, Channel Marketing-National Account Manager for Yale to learn how the company has embraced the smart home and enables smart locks to help with security and home automation.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Jamin Trowbridge, Sales for iMicroData to learn about how the company’s smart filing systems help bring the best of the cloud and physical storage together – allowing for faster archival and retrieval of important documents.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Anand Raman, [VP Business Development and Big Data Leader, Impetus about the company’s software product development and cloud consulting service.
As the business world becomes increasingly more mobile, employees will require not only better access to their enterprise applications, but also easier ways to interact with and update those applications and complete business processes. Active Endpoints’ CEP Mark Taber explains why this is so challenging with today’s apps and how to easily automate many of those processes.
Test lab consolidation and remote access helps reduce CAPEX and OPEX, allowing new applications and services to be brought to market faster and more efficiently, according to Michael Yeager from QualiSystems
Subscribers have different tastes and viewing habits, which means cable operators need to be able to test and deliver multiple content types on multiple devices, including a new look local and hyper local content offering.
Brian McCann of OnPath Technologies tells Rich Tehrani about the company's network testing and automation solutions which spans from layer 1-7
Preston of reflex systems explains how his company's private cloud management system allows IT departments to compete with public solutions such as EC2
Lior Koriat from QualitySystems discusses lab management, device provisioning and test automation solutions with Rich Tehrani at Interop 2012
Bijan Hafezi tells Rich Tehrani about his company's remote infrastructure management IT optimization and service desk outsourcing solutions
TMC's Rich Tehrani Speaks with Dustin Snell, CEO, Network Automation