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2021 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Awards

Is your company creating industry-leading solutions within the Internet of Things revolution? You should be recognized for your participation in what is growing into one of the most expansive markets in technology.

IoT is benefiting from the ability to compute and communicate cheaply and ubiquitously and we are highlighting this opportunity with the IoT Evolution Product of the Year Awards.

What are the IoT Evolution Product of the Year Awards?

The "Things" are talking and we are recognizing the innovation involved in designing the devices, enabling the connectivity and processing the information in ways that impact the bottom line. The IoT Evolution Product of the Year Awards recognize the systems and solutions that are delivering on the promise of gathering information regardless of proximity. The IoT evolution is not only about distance or speed, it is about process.

Apply today and lets us highlight your participation in the world's market.

Application Open for Entries

Submit your application online. You will receive a confirmation email that your submission has been received.

Winners announced on IoT Evolution World. Winners will also receive a notification email which includes a press kit for award marketing.

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Winners receive an exclusive press kit containing press release template and award logos. Utilize marketing tools to create an award marketing campaign that communicate your award winning product to all your clients, prospects and the entire industry community.

Why apply for an IoT Evolution award

The Benefits of the IoT Evolution Product of the Year Awards

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