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Improving health and healthcare are not necessarily the same thing.  Sometimes we improve care for ill patients, while other times we allow for proactive patient care that views the beneficiaries of this care as subscribers and not patients.  Regardless, the TMCnet HealthTechZone Telehealth Excellence Awards highlight the technologies that improve healthcare delivery and overall health wellness and improvement.

Contestants of the TMCnet HealthTechZone Telehealth Excellence Award are judged based on their proven success in improving health delivery and management.  The winners will be categorized based on their impact on system improvements for patient care and subscriber healthcare.

Winners of Telehealth Excellence Awards deliver solutions in one or more of the following four categories:

1. Live Virtual Care

Virtual visits are perhaps the most well-known type of telehealth application, enabling physician-patient interaction using video and/or audio communication to deliver healthcare services.

2. Asynchronous Telemedicine (AKA Store-and-Forward)

Asynchronous telemedicine is the electronic delivery of a patient’s documented health history outside of real time, used by healthcare providers. Store-and-forward technologies allow for the electronic transmission of medical information, such as digital images, documents, and pre-recorded videos through secure email communication, to enable greater collaboration between healthcare professionals.

3. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote patient monitoring refers to the use of healthcare devices or applications to collect and transmit patients’ vital statistics and other data to healthcare providers.  Often used for patients with chronic conditions and elderly patients, RPM allows data to be transmitted to physicians, enabling them to more effectively monitor patient conditions and deliver better outcomes.  The data is transmitted to providers while patients are able to remain in their homes or other living facilities, rather than making repeated office visits.  RPM is especially helpful in senior living areas in order to prevent falls and keep a watchful eye on residents’ vitals, or for other conditions that require close monitoring with real-time alerts when readings exceed defined parameters.

4. Mobile Health (mHealth)

Mobile health is the use of smart devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and associated healthcare software and apps, as well as healthcare-specific mobile devices, that supports continued healthcare delivery in mobile environments.  These can be patient-focused apps, or connected mobile devices that enable EMTs and other professionals to administer immediate care in non-traditional settings.

Award Marketing

In a market as relevant as telehealth is today, an award-winning product can make all the difference in differentiating your company from the competition. The 2021 HealthTechZone Telehealth Award is an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as an industry-leading innovator.

The 2021 HealthTechZone Telehealth Award is given at the product-level, so multiple nominations from the same company are accepted. Please submit a separate nomination for each of your worthy solutions.

Exclusive Award Winning Benefits:

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