2024 TMCnet Sustainability Awards

New for 2024...

TMCnet's Sustainability in Tech Awards

Step Into the Limelight of Sustainable Innovation with TMCnet's new Sustainability in Tech Awards!

Do you have a groundbreaking sustainable tech product changing the game? Is your company leading the charge on environmental responsibility? Are YOU the individual driving the future of green tech?

The TMCnet Sustainability in Tech Awards honor the most innovative and impactful achievements in the tech industry. This is your chance to gain recognition for your dedication to a sustainable future and position your products, your company, or yourself as a leader in the eyes of consumers, investors, and the tech community.

Why Apply?

  • Boost Brand Recognition: Winning instantly elevates your brand as a sustainability leader. Consumers are increasingly choosing eco-conscious products and companies. This award is a powerful differentiator.
  • Attract Top Talent: The best and brightest minds in tech are drawn to companies committed to sustainability. This award showcases your commitment and helps you attract the best talent.
  • Amplify Your Impact: Generate significant media coverage, putting your sustainability efforts in

Submit Your Nominations Across Three Categories:

  • Sustainable Tech Products of the Year: Does your product minimize environmental impact throughout its lifecycle? Show the world your innovation!
  • Sustainability in Tech Leadership Award: Are you a leader in corporate sustainability practices? This is the chance for your company to be recognized for your commitment.
  • Sustainability in Tech Champion Award: Are you an individual driving positive change in the tech sector? This award celebrates your leadership and inspires others.

Don't miss this opportunity to be recognized as a sustainability champion! Applications are now open.

Three Categories, One Mission:

1. Product Excellence: Is your product setting new standards in sustainability? Showcase its eco-friendly features and revolutionary impact for a chance to reign supreme in the realm of sustainable innovation.

2. Company Commitment: Does your company embody sustainability from the ground up? Demonstrate your dedication to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility to claim your spot as a beacon of sustainable leadership.

3. Individual Visionaries: Are you driving change and inspiring others to join the sustainability movement? Celebrate the individuals whose passion and vision are driving real-world impact and shaping the future of tech sustainability.

Factors and themes to highlight in your applications could include:

  • Tech-driven sustainability
  • Tech-enabled sustainability
  • Hardware/Infrastructure optimization
  • Efficient data centers
  • Energy efficient hardware
  • Virtualization/consolidation
  • Remote working/EVs/Alternative fuels
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Smart/IoT
  • FinOps
  • Digital documentation
  • AI- and Big Data-driven ESG
  • Alternative energy
  • Energy management software/systems
  • Smart Grid

Elevate Your Brand, Ignite Your Sales:

In today's market, sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's a game-changer. Consumers, investors, and stakeholders are actively seeking out eco-conscious solutions. Winning a TMCnet Sustainability in Tech Award isn't just an accolade; it's a strategic advantage that can propel your sales to new heights. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and watch as your brand reputation and bottom line soar.

Why Apply?

  • Visibility: Gain unparalleled exposure for your sustainable initiatives on a global stage.
  • Credibility: Earn the trust and loyalty of eco-conscious consumers and investors.
  • Differentiation: Stand out from the competition as a pioneer in sustainable technology.
  • Impact: Inspire others to follow in your footsteps and drive meaningful change.

Join the Movement:

Now is the time to seize the opportunity and make your mark on the future of technology and sustainability. Don't just witness the evolution – lead it. Apply now for the TMCnet Sustainability in Tech Awards and let your innovation shine!

Exclusive Benefits for Award-Winning Companies:

  • Validation from Highly-Respected 3rd Party Source
    • Highlighted as an award winner in TMCnet online feature story
    • Showcased as a leader in sustainability in press release announcing winnners
  • Positive Publicity Boost for Your Solution and Brand
    • Featured in extensive social media campaign across all TMC and TMCnet platforms
    • Provided award press kit to inform clients, prospects and media of your achievement
  • Year-Round Marketing Support for Your Winning Solution
    • You get unlimited license to award logos
    • Add Award logo to your social media profiles, website, marketing brochures, sales presentations, emails, trade show booth, annual report, business cards, client newsletters, promotional items, etc.
  • Increased Inbound Inquiries for Your Sales Team
    • Your presence on the list of winners could be just what you need to secure more high value clients and partners
  • Positive Recognition for Your Hard-Working Product Teams
    • Earning a Sustainability in Tech Award shows appreciation to your hard working, conscientious team and increases company morale

Apply early and save $100 per application on processing fees.

Early Bird Deadline: June 3, 2024 - $899 processing fee
Final Deadline: July 11, 2024 - $999 processing fee

Winners to be announced in August 2024.

Questions? Contact the TMC Awards Team

Good luck.


For more than 25 years, TMC's industry awards programs have been the gold standard in recognizing tech innovation and excellence. We celebrate the entire spectrum of the tech world, from the most well-known market leaders to the boldest startups redefining the future. Winning a TMC Award isn't just an accolade, it's a badge of honor.

Imagine your logo displayed and recognized as the industry's elite, instantly boosting your credibility and brand reputation.  But the recognition doesn't stop there. Your success is amplified with extensive media coverage and social media buzz, putting you in front of the very eyes that matter most: potential clients, partners, and yes, even your competitors.

TMC Awards are more than a celebration, they're a launchpad. Winning this award will propel established players to new heights and give rising stars the validation they need to dominate the market.  Are you ready to solidify your position in the tech landscape? Join the ranks of excellence.