2024 Quantum Computing Leadership Awards

2024 Quantum Computing Leadership Awards

Introducing the Quantum Computing Leadership Awards from TMCnet

TMCnet’s new Quantum Computing Leadership Awards recognize and showcase companies that have demonstrated innovation and leadership in the development and deployment of quantum computing applications or platforms for business or consumer uses.

The awards will honor nominated companies whose applications and solutions power the transformative impact of quantum computing on any inudstry or consumer market. The winner’s list will showcase exemplary achievements in leveraging this cutting-edge technology to solve complex problems and drive business innovation.

Awards will be given at the company level, based on your solutions, applications, platforms and other quantum computing tools:

Quantum Computing Platforms:
Recognizes the companies that have developed the most advanced and versatile quantum computing platforms for consumer or enterprise applications. Criteria for consideration include performance, ease of use, accessibility, scalability, and integration capabilities with existing enterprise systems.

Quantum Computing Applications:
Honors the companies that have created the most impactful and innovative quantum computing application or solution with tangible benefits for enterprises or consumers. Eligible applications may span a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare/medicine, logistics, manufacturing, materials science, energy, climate, VR and gaming, machine learning, and more.

This award acknowledges the companies demonstrating exceptional leadership and success in driving the adoption of quantum computing technologies. Criteria for consideration include customer satisfaction, successful implementation of quantum computing solutions, business impact, and contribution to industry awareness and education.

Nomination Process Open Now

Companies eligible for nomination include quantum computing technology providers, software developers, system integrators, research institutions. Self-nominations and nominations by third parties are both accepted.

The nomination process involves submitting a detailed application form that highlights your achievements, innovations, and contributions to the field of quantum computing. Nominees are encouraged to provide case studies, testimonials, and other relevant evidence to support their nomination.

Selection Criteria:

The winners of the Quantum Computing Leadership Awards are selected by TMCnet’s panel of judges and editors - comprised of industry experts and thought leaders in the field of quantum computing. The judging process is based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: The degree of innovation demonstrated in the development or deployment of quantum computing applications or platforms.
  • Impact: The impact of the company's quantum computing solutions including measurable benefits, efficiency gains, cost savings, adoption, and competitive advantages.
  • Scalability: The scalability of the company's quantum computing platform or application to meet the evolving needs and requirements of its users.
  • Usability: The ease of use, accessibility, and user-friendliness of the company's quantum computing solutions, as well as their compatibility and integration with existing systems.
  • Thought Leadership: The company's thought leadership and contribution to advancing the field of quantum computing, including research, education, and industry collaboration.


The Quantum Computing Leadership Awards recognize and honor companies at the forefront of quantum computing innovation, driving the adoption of this transformative technology. By highlighting exemplary achievements and best practices, these awards inspire and encourage continued investment, research, and collaboration in the field of quantum computing, paving the way for future advancements and breakthroughs.

Exclusive Award Winning Benefits:

  • Validation from Highly-Respected 3rd Party Source
    • Highlighted as an award winner in TMCnet and CUSTOMERZONE360 feature story
    • Announced as an award winner via press release
  • Positive Publicity Boost for Your Solution and Brand
    • Featured in extensive social media campaign across all TMC and TMCnet platforms
    • Provided award press kit to inform clients, prospects and media of your achievement
  • Year-Round Marketing Support for Your Winning Solution
    • You get unlimited license to award logos
    • Add Award logo to all of your marketing, sales, publicity and branding efforts:
    • Website, marketing brochures, sales presentations, emails,
      trade show booth, annual report, business cards, promotional items, social media accounts, etc.
  • Increased Inbound Inquiries for Your Sales Team
    • Your presence on the list of winners could be just what you need to land on more high value RFPs
Awards are not given in specific categories. All tools, platforms, and applications that contribute to the delivery of quantum computing solutions are considered.

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Early Bird Deadline: Monday, August 5 - $599 processing fee
Final Deadline: Friday, September 6 - $699 processing fee

This is a company-level award. Winners announced in October 2024.

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