2024 FOW Agent Experience Achievement Awards

Announcing the 2024 Agent Experience Awards - Presented by Future of Work News and TMCnet

2024 Future of Work Agent Experience Achievement Awards

TMCnet and Future of Work News have announced the new Future of Work Agent Experience Achievement Awards. This recognition program celebrates excellence across all elements of the agent experience within the context of the evolving work landscape.

This award is focused on both the technology platforms and solutions that specialize in improving agent experiences, as well as the cultural and environmental support provided by call center management.

CATEGORY ONE: Solutions providers and technology solutions.

This is the solutions-level category. All platforms designed to enhance the productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being of customer service agents are eligible to be selected, including but not limited to:

  • Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) Platforms including workforce management, quality management, performance analytics, and agent coaching.
  • Agent Desktop Solutions that streamline workflows, reduce the complexity of navigating multiple systems, and provide agents with a user-friendly environment.
  • Knowledge Management Systems that centralize information and resources, making it easy for agents to find answers and solutions quickly.
  • Omnichannel Contact Center Platforms which enable agents to interact with customers across various channels, including phone, email, chat, social media, and more.
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting that provide insights into agent performance and customer interactions, identifying areas for improvement, tracking progress, and enabling data-driven decisions to enhance the agent experience.
  • AI-Powered Assistants and Chatbots that can support agents by handling routine and repetitive tasks, allowing agents to focus on more complex and value-added interactions.
  • Workforce Optimization (WFO) Solutions including call recording, speech analytics, and e-learning. They help organizations maintain a high-quality agent workforce, ensuring that agents receive ongoing training and support.
  • Gamification Platforms that use game-like elements to motivate and engage agents. They offer rewards, leaderboards, and challenges that make work more enjoyable and encourage healthy competition.
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Tools – UC/UCaaS and collaboration tools provide agents with the means to collaborate with colleagues, access resources, and communicate with experts easily. Helping to solve complex customer issues more quickly.

Award-winning technology solutions are essential for organizations looking to create a positive and productive agent experience, which, in turn, leads to improved customer service and higher job satisfaction for agents. Earning a Future of Work Agent Experience Achievement Award acknowledges and honors your dedication to enhancing the work experiences of agents who play critical roles in customer service, support, and various aspects of business operations.

CATEGORY TWO: Enterprise and Outsourced Contact Centers

This is the company-level category. All in-house, enterprise contacts centers, and outsourced contact center agencies are eligible to win. Judges will evaluate nominations based on these factors:

  • Training and Development:
    Providing comprehensive training and continuous learning opportunities is essential. Agents should have the knowledge and skills to excel in their roles and grow professionally.
  • Technology and Tools:
    Equipping agents with the right technology and tools, such as efficient CRM systems, knowledge bases, and communication platforms, helps them perform their tasks effectively.
  • Work-Life Balance:
    Balancing work with personal life is critical for agent well-being. Flexible scheduling, reasonable work hours, and adequate time off are essential.
  • Supportive Leadership:
    Strong leadership that offers guidance, mentorship, and support to agents is crucial. Managers who are approachable and empathetic create a positive work environment.
  • Recognition and Rewards:
    Acknowledging and rewarding agents for their achievements and contributions motivates them to perform at their best. Recognition programs, bonuses, and incentives can be powerful motivators.
  • Collaborative Culture:
    A culture that promotes teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of belonging fosters positive agent experiences.
  • Health and Well-Being:
    Providing resources for physical and mental health, such as wellness programs and employee assistance programs, demonstrates care for agents' well-being.
  • Performance Feedback:
    Regular, constructive feedback helps agents understand their strengths and areas for improvement, allowing them to grow in their roles.
  • Career Growth Opportunities:
    Offering clear paths for career advancement and development motivates agents to invest in their long-term prospects within the organization.
  • Quality of Work Environment:
    A comfortable, safe, and well-equipped work environment contributes to agent satisfaction.
  • Reduced Stress and Burnout:
    Implementing strategies to reduce stress and prevent burnout, such as manageable workloads and stress management programs, is important.
  • Feedback Mechanisms:
    Providing channels for agents to provide feedback and suggest improvements in the workplace demonstrates an organization's commitment to continuous enhancement.

Winning an award for providing a world-class agent experience is a testament to your contact center's commitment to excellence. This achievement would not only showcase your organization's capability to attract and retain top talent but also underscores its focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Such recognition serves as a powerful differentiator in a competitive landscape, enhancing brand reputation and instilling trust in customers and stakeholders.

If Selected to Receive a Future of Work Agent Experience Achievement Award, You Earn All of These Specific Benefits:

  • Independent Validation from Highly-Respected 3rd Party Source
    • Highlighted as an award winner in TMCnet and Future of Work News feature story
    • Announced as an award winner via press release
  • Measurable Publicity Boost for Your Solution and Brand
    • Featured in extensive social media campaign across all TMC and TMCnet platforms – reaching in excess of 100,000 followers
    • Provided award press kit to inform clients, prospects and media of your achievement
  • Unlimited License to Award Logos Adds Year-Round, Impressive Boost to Marketing Campaigns
    Add Award logo to:
    • Website home page, product pages, and About Us
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    • Webinars and other video content
    • Annual report
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    • Internal employee communications
  • Increased Inbound Inquiries for Your Sales Team
    • Your presence on the list of winners could be just what you need to land on more high value RFPs
  • Instant Morale Boost for Your Hard-working Team
    • Show appreciation to all team members who build and bring your solutions to market

To be considered for a 2024 Future of Work Agent Experience Achievement Award, please complete the online form detailing why your solution(s) should be considered. Include product literature and other relevant documentation to support your nomination. The judging panel may reach out to you seeking additional information.

TMCnet and Future of work News editors and judges, often will carefully evaluate all award submissions. These judges assess each entry based on its own merits, rather than against other submissions. All worthy solutions will be selected for awards.

Apply early to save $100 off the processing fee.

Early Bird Deadline: October 24 - $599 processing fee
Final Deadline: November 13 - $699 processing fee

Only nominated solutions are considered. Winners in both categories to be announced in December 2024.

Questions? Contact the TMC Awards Team.

Thank you and good luck!