2024 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award

16th Year - Apply Today!

2024 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award

TMC Labs and INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine are proud to announce the 16th Annual Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award is now open for applications!

The TMC Labs Innovation Awards honor products that demonstrate raw innovation, unique features, and significant contributions toward improving the unified communications technology.

TMC Labs does not grant Innovation Awards only to the best-selling products, but instead to those demonstrating raw innovation, uniqueness, and representing a significant contribution to the industry.

While innovation is frequently a question of firsts, often it is taking an existing idea and improving upon it or looking at it from a slightly different perspective. Challenging established standards, and then introducing different approaches to achieve distinctive results certainly helps to define innovation within this industry.

In fact, TMC Labs chooses only a few select products that we consider truly innovative. The TMC Labs Engineers have extensive knowledge of the UC, communications, Internet telephony, and call center industries from testing products as well as meeting with and interviewing vendors at trade shows like ITEXPO.

The value of becoming a TMC Labs Award-winning UC solutions provider:

  • Your company and product featured in press release posted to TMCnet announcing winners.
  • Winners receive award press kit - including press release template and full set of award logos - to
    inform clients and prospects of your achievement.
  • Winners granted unlimited license to award logos for use on all marketing and sales collateral - including social media profiles, annual reports, trade show booth, brochures and sell sheets, website, business cards, client newsletters, promotional items, etc.
  • Winners included in extensive social media campaign across all TMC and TMCnet platforms reaching in excess of 50,000 followers.
  • By receiving validation from a respected source like TMC Labs, winners are instantly viewed as an industry leader.

Please do not submit applications for beta products or products under NDA that have not been brought to market. However, newer versions of an existing product will be considered, even if the newer version is in "beta."

TMC Labs reserves the right to only analyze the feature-set of the older, existing product to guard against "vaporware" claims in the beta product.

Although TMC Labs may request a demo or test drive of the product, we do not require to actually test or use the product. Since there are too many applicants to test each product individually, we garner our information about the product from this application, checking customer references, looking at the feature-set, as well as examining screenshots for a "feel" for the product. We also utilize other resources such as our knowledge of the industry and our visits to industry-related tradeshows where we often actually see and demo many of the applicants' products.

You MUST first download this document
- please click here, save it locally on your hard drive and complete the application. Later on in the application process you will be asked to attach this completed application by uploading it in the 'Marketing Collateral Attachment' section

Before clicking 'Apply' make sure you have downloaded the application as explained above under IMPORTANT!

Apply Early and Save $400 on processing fees.

Early Bird Deadline: June 12, 2024 - Entry Fee $895
Final Deadline: July 15, 2024 - Entry fee: $1,295

For more information, please contact The TMC Awards Team.