2024 TMCnet Tech Culture Award

2024 TMCnet Tech Culture Awards

Celebrating the Best Places to Work in Technology

It's no secret that a great work environment attracts and retains top talent for standout organizations. By providing employees with the benefits and work environment they enjoy, they are willing to work harder and be more engaged with their organization.

In 2024, Corporate Culture has taken on a whole new meaning as companies and their Team Members adjust to "return-to-office" policies, teleworking, hybrid work schedules, and the continued use of teleconferences for internal and external communications. Keeping employees engaged, motivated, recognized for their achievements, and valued for their contributions to company goals is more important and difficult than ever.

What Does it Take to Earn a 2024 Tech Culture Award from TMCnet?

  • Does your organization provide employees with clear and achievable career paths and advancement opportunities?
  • Are your team members encouraged to share ideas and take an active role in company growth?
  • Is your senior management team accessible and engaged with your staff - even with remote employees?
  • Do you offer coveted perks like flexible work hours, remote work options, or free meals?
  • Does your company facilitate tuition reimbursement, gym memberships, or community service opportunities?
  • Has your company adopted effective strategies for maintaining an effective culture with so many employees working somewhere other than the office?

If your company facilitates a culture and provides benefits that go above and beyond, we want to hear from you and honor your enviable work environment.

All companies within the technology industry are encouraged to apply for this prestigious award. Applications will be reviewed by TMC executives and winners will be selected based on submitted materials.

Be on “The List” for Tech Candidates

The TMC Tech Culture Award seeks to honor innovative brands with outstanding company culture. Applications should be submitted by all technology organizations who have developed a positive, productive and performance-driven culture. Additionally, TMC is seeking applications from organizations who have fostered a creative, collaborative workplace culture that has helped them drive performance and growth.

Why You Should Apply:

  • Promote your work culture to prospective candidates
  • Distinguish your brand to top candidates
  • Be recognized for your forward thinking company environment

Award Benefits:

  • Provided unlimited license to award logos for use on all marketing collateral
  • Handsome trophy to display in your office
  • Organization highlighted as an award winner via press release
  • Provided an award press kit to inform audiences of achievement

Early Bird Deadline: April 16, 2024 - $895 Application Fee
Final Deadline: May 31, 2024 - $1,495 Application Fee

Directions to Apply:

  1. Download application questionnaire file – Download Now
  2. Complete application questionnaire by listed deadlines
  3. Submit completed application questionnaire and payment – Click "Apply" Below

Important Information:

TMC and TMCnet we may publish excerpts from submissions in our awards programs. However, specific salary figures will never be published or made public in any way. Upon request, sensitive personnel and confidential policy information can be withheld from publication.