2024 TMC Annual Award Program Subscription (TAPS)

TMC Awards Program Subscription

Here’s a cost-effective way to instantly elevate your brand, increase your credibility, and generate more inbound inquiries for your sales team.

The TMC Award Program Subscription (TAPS) provides you with unlimited* TMC award applications for one year from date of purchase. In other words, for a one-time fee, you can:

  • Add more winning logos to your web site and other marketing campaigns
  • Submit more press releases announcing that you've been selected for industry recognition
  • Post more of your award-winning success across all of your social media profiles

Here are the details of what you get with your TAPS subscription:

  • Includes all TMC brands – INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER, TMCnet, MSP Today, Cloud Computing, Unified Communications, IoT Evolution, Communications Solutions, InfoTech Spotlight, Generative AI
  • Also includes all Workplace Excellence Awards – Tech Culture, Tech Diversity and Sustainability
  • TMC Labs Innovation Awards included
  • *One application entry per TMC Award program

You make one payment of $3,995 that covers all of your application fees for 12 months from date of purchase.

So you can now enter programs which may have been outside your budget range for the year – giving your customers and prospects even more confidence to do business with you.

Applications for just the three Workplace Excellence Awards alone would cost $4,495. Your subscription covers those fees, plus all of the industry-specific programs you choose.

The TMC Awards Program Subscription makes it easy for you and your team to get all of the recognition you deserve. Click below to sign up now, or click here to contact the TMC Awards Team with any questions.

The fine print:

  • Your TAPS subscription includes applications submitted for your division and location.
  • Submissions may be made on your behalf by a PR or marketing agency, but the same location rules apply.
  • Your subscription covers one application entry per TMC Award program for one year from date of purchase
  • Purchase of an annual subscription does NOT guarantee you will be selected as a winner for every applicationm you submit. Your entries will be judged based on their merit for each program.

TMC and TMCnet may publish excerpts from submissions in our awards programs. Upon request, sensitive personnel and confidential policy information can be withheld from publication.

Questions? Please contact the TMC Awards Team.