2024 Remote Work Pioneer

Prove Your Company is Creating Pioneering Solutions for Today’s Remote Workforce

TMCnet’s 2024 Remote Work Pioneer Award

This is a company-level award program, recognizing the firms developing solutions to support the massive increase in Remote Working over the past several years.

The growth of distributed workforces has been a key business trend for many years. Now, in the post-pandemic era, millions of new remote workers are in need of proper tools to be successful. It’s more than a trend at this point, considering pre-pandemic, 62% of employees already worked remotely in some capacity.

Today’s business leaders are looking for the right solutions provider partners to equip their teams – enabling them to function normally, cooperatively and productively from anywhere on the globe.

You are a candidate to receive a Remote Work Pioneer Award if you provide any product or service to support a distributed workforce:

  • UCaaS/VoIP
  • CCaaS
  • SD-WAN
  • Audio/video Conferencing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Social tools/Chat apps
  • Messaging
  • Screen/document sharing
  • DaaS/VDI/Remote desktop
  • SaaS applications
  • Security services/applications
  • Cloud back-up and storage
  • Session border controllers
  • Project management solutions
  • Remote HR software and solutions
  • And others

These awards will help companies identify the best-of-the-best providers, delivering pioneering remote work solutions.

The Remote Work Pioneer Awards recognize solutions providers that enable businesses to effectively equip and manage a remote workforce, ensuring all team members are productive and contributing to improved business results.

Exclusive Award Winning Benefits:

  • Highlighted as an award winner in TMCnet feature story
  • Announced as an award winner via press release
  • Featured in extensive social media campaign across all TMC and TMCnet platforms
  • Provided an award press kit to inform clients, prospects and media of your achievement
  • Provided unlimited license to award logos for use on all marketing and sales collateral
  • Acknowledgment as an industry leader who should be on all RFP lists

The application process is simple and takes just a few minutes. Describe your pioneering efforts and make the case for why you should be included among the industry's leaders. You'll also be asked to upload product literature as supporting documentation. Our editors and judges will review all materials, as well as conduct an independent review of your solutions' history and reviews.

Early Bird Application Deadline: Friday, December 18, 2023 - $799 application fee
Final Deadline: January 10, 2024 - $999 application fee.

Winners to be announced in early March 2024.

Questions? Please contact [email protected]

Thank you and good luck.

TMCnet Awards Team