2023 Smart Buildings Innovation

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Smart Buildings Innovation Awards

The Smart Buildings Innovation Awards - presented by IoT Evolution World and The Smart City Sentinel - highlight organizations, projects, and solutions that have made significant contributions to the advancement of smart building technologies and practices.

The Smart Buildings Innovation Awards acknowledge and showcase the remarkable innovations that are transforming the way we design, construct, operate, and inhabit buildings. In an era of rapid technological advancement and increasing awareness of sustainability and efficiency, these awards recognize those who are leading the way in making our built environments smarter, more connected, and environmentally friendly.

Winners of Smart Buildings Innovation Awards encompass all of the diverse aspects of smart building technology and practices. These categories may include, but are not limited to:

Smart Building Design:
Recognizing exceptional architectural and design concepts that integrate cutting-edge technology to enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability of buildings.

Energy Efficiency:
Celebrating projects and initiatives that have significantly reduced energy consumption, lowered carbon footprints, and optimized resource utilization within smart buildings.

IoT Integration:
Acknowledging the successful integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems to create intelligent and connected building ecosystems.

Building Automation:
Recognizing solutions that automate and optimize building systems such as HVAC, lighting, security, and access control to improve occupant comfort and operational efficiency.

Sustainable Practices:
Commending projects and organizations that prioritize eco-friendly building practices, including renewable energy integration, waste reduction, and green certification.

Occupant Experience:
Celebrating innovations that enhance the overall experience of building occupants through improved comfort, health, safety, and convenience.

Smart City Integration:
Recognizing projects and initiatives that contribute to the broader smart city ecosystem by integrating smart building technologies with urban infrastructure.

Emerging Technologies:
Honoring cutting-edge technologies with the potential to revolutionize the smart building industry, such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and blockchain.

Submission and Evaluation:

  • Click the APPLY button below to nominate your innovative company for consideration.
  • IoT Evolution World's respected editors/judges reviews and evaluates the submissions based on criteria such as innovation, sustainability, scalability, and impact.
  • Winners are selected based on the judges' assessments or each submission. Entries are not judges against each other, rather on their own merits. All worthy companies will be selected.
  • This is a company-level award. So just a single application from your company is required.

Winning a Smart Buildings Innovation Award is a significant achievement and provides numerous benefits, including:

  1. Recognition: Validation of excellence in the smart building industry, boosting the recipient's reputation and credibility.
  2. Visibility: Increased exposure and media coverage for the winning projects, technologies, or organizations.
  3. Inspiration: Inspiration for the industry to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability.

Exclusive Benefits for Winning Companies:

  • Highlighted as an award winner on IoT Evolution World and The Smart City Sentinel
  • Announced as an award winner via press release
  • Provided an award press kit to inform clients, prospects and the Media of your achievement
  • Showcased in extensive social media campaign across all IoT Evolution Platforms - reaching in excess of 75,000 followers
  • Provided unlimited license to award logos for use on all marketing and sales collateral
    • Web site, Business cards, Brochures, Trade Show Booth, Email signatures,
      Annual reports, Sales presentations, promotional items
Enterprises, Facility Managers and government agencies are looking for the efficiency that IoT can provide.  Whether you are an enabler behind the scenes or a visualization tool, you deserve to be recognized for your solutions.

Apply today to be considered for the 2023 Smart Buildings Innovation Awards!

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