2023 Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards

4th Annual - Recognition for Companies Developing Critical Solutions and Applications

2023 Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards
Presented by Pandemic Tech News

The Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards are now open and accepting nominations for the 2023 awards.

The Pandemic Tech News and TMCnet Editorial Teams are seeking to honor the most innovative and exemplary companies whose solutions, applications and services deserve industry-wide recognition.

Apply today for your chance to be selected. Winners are chosen from the pool of submitted nominations.

The Pandemic Tech Innovation Award swill recognize hardware, software, devices/peripherals, applications and services that help society and business function effectively in the face of challenges caused by Pandemics.

Your solutions can be used in any vertical, and serve communities, global commerce, or government. Vertical markets include, but are not limited to:
  • Health Tech/Telehealth
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Clean Tech
  • Supply Chain
  • Farming/Food Supply Management
  • Smartphone tech
  • Wearable tech
  • IoT & The Smart City - Property Tech
  • Public Policy
  • Mental Health
  • Contactless tech
  • Future of Work
  • Customer Care/CX
  • Connectivity/Communication
  • Teleworking
Exclusive Benefits for Winning Companies:
  • Highlighted as an award winner in Pandemic Tech News online and on TMCnet
  • Announced as an award winner via press release
  • Showcased in extensive social media campaign across all Pandemic Tech and TMCnet platforms
  • Provided an award press kit to inform clients and prospects of your achievement
  • Given unlimited license to award logos for use on all marketing and sales collateral
    • Web site, Business cards, Brochures, Trade Show Booth, Email signatures,
      annual reports, Sales presentations, promotional items
This highly-regarded award is a great way to tell prospective customers that your company and your innovations are making a difference. Award marketing is one of the best ways you can differentiate your organization from your competitors. All recipients receive a press kit with marketing tools to help you promote your award-winning products and position your company as a leader of industry.

Apply today and lets us highlight your participation in the world's newest emerging market.

Early Bird Deadline: March 10 - Save $100 - Application fee $799
Final Deadline: March 31 - $899
Winners to be announced in April 2023.

Award Marketing is Key to Your Success

Winners receive an exclusive press kit containing press release template and award logos. Utilize marketing tools to create an award marketing campaign that communicate your award winning product to all your clients, prospects and the entire industry community.

For more than 25 years, TMC, publisher of Pandemic Tech News, has been recognizing companies with industry awards. Judging is conducted by the Pandemic Tech News and TMCnet editorial teams. Our panel of judges have extensive knowledge and a stellar reputation in many areas of technology.

The Benefits of the Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards:
  • Reinforces brand awareness and positive image in your industry vertical - increasing the
    number of RFP lists on which you're included
  • Increases employee morale and provides motivation
  • Increases customer satisfaction knowing they are working with an award-winning partner