2022 Teleworking Excellence

Prove Your Solutions Support the Needs of Today's Distributed Workforce

TMCnet’s 2022 Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award

Coronavirus Pandemic Underscores Need for Reliable Remote Work Solutions

There are few applications of modern technology that embody the need for business continuity in any situation, like the seemingly never-ending COVID-19 pandemic, than teleworking. 

Without the right teleworking tools, employees are unable to work productively as their companies cope with this rapidly escalating situation, posing a very real risk to their businesses. Even as vaccines help to end the current pandemic, many companies around the world have announced they will continue to allow teleworking for the foreseeable future.

By implementing effective remote working technologies, and enabling access to the same resources employees have in the office, business leaders can feel confident their workforces are able to function normally, despite the worldwide spread of the newest coronavirus.

This is part of a wider business trend to accommodate a changing, multi-generational and multi-dimensional workforce, where employees are embracing flexible work arrangements more than ever.  In addition to enabling them to remain productive during unforeseen circumstances, workers say the quality of life improvements to quality of life are an important factor, and most feel increased loyalty to employers who offer flexible work arrangements.  In fact, more than 80% of the U.S. workforce would like an opportunity to work remotely at least part of the time.  Millennials, in particular, are willing to trade other workplace benefits for teleworking options.   It’s a clear trend, considering last year, 62% of employees worked remotely in some capacity, and comes with a host of benefits to both employers and workers. 

  • Built-in contingency for emergency scenarios
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Cost benefits to employers and employees
  • Environmental impact
  • Better work-life balance/quality of life
  • Accommodating a diverse, decentralized workforce
  • Increased talent pool for employers

In order to make teleworking arrangements productive, companies need to adopt the right tools.  They need to ensure their workforces have the applications and services to do their jobs, and they need to ensure access to them.  The Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award recognizes solutions and products that enable businesses to effectively implement teleworking strategies while improving business results, including among others: 

  • UCaaS/VoIP
  • CCaaS
  • SD-WAN
  • Audio/video Conferencing and collaboration
  • Messaging
  • Screen/document sharing
  • DaaS/VDI/Remote desktop
  • SaaS applications
  • Security services/applications
  • Cloud back-up and storage
  • Session border controllers
  • Project management solutions
  • And others
This is a solution-level award, so multiple nominations from the same company are accepted. Winners will be named in relevant technology categories.

The application process is simple and takes just a few minutes. Describe your solution and make the case for why it should be included among the industry's best. You'll also be asked to upload product literature as supporting documentation. Our editors and judges will review all materials, as well as conduct an independent review of the solution's history and reviews.

Early Bird Application Deadline: Friday, April 8 - $799 application fee
Final Deadline: Last chance - Monday, April 25 - $999 application fee.

Winners to be announced at the end of May 2022.

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