2021 CRM Excellence Award

22nd Annual Awards for CRM Excellence

CUSTOMER Magazine's CRM Excellence Award winners will be chosen for the 22nd time this spring on the basis of your product's or service’s ability to help extend and expand the customer relationship to become all encompassing - covering the entire enterprise and the entire lifetime of the customer.

To be considered for the CRM Excellence Award, companies must submit an essay, in case study format, that documents an installation for a client company. Include background on the client company, their problems, the reasons they chose your company’s solution, the installation process and the results, post-installation (include hard numbers, if available).

The CRM Excellence Award is the most recognized and respected achievement for the customer care/customer experience industry. Adding this logo to your About Us page gives instant credibility and stamps your firm as one to contact first when researching CRM solutions.

Award Winning Benefits

  • Winners featured in CUSTOMER magazine online, highlighting your achievement receiving one of
    the most prestigious awards in the customer experience industry
  • Winners announced via press release on TMCnet and Customer Zone360
  • Winners showcased in extensive social media campaign across all TMC, TMCnet and CUSTOMER platforms
  • Provided award marketing press kit, including unlimited license to award logos for use in all marketing and sales collateral including your website, trade show booth, business cards, annual reports, sales presentations, etc.
  • Instant recognition as an industry innovator

Apply Early to Save!

Early Bird Deadline: March 1 - $699 processing fee
Final Deadline: April 2 - $899 processing fee

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