2019 INTERNET TELEPHONY Blockchain Leadership

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2019 Blockchain Leadership Awards

Blockchain technology has been projected to disrupt nearly every vertical market thanks to its ability to leverage the immutability of distributed ledgers to build security and transparency into nearly any transaction.  The Blockchain has the potential to significantly reduce the time required for transactions and inject trust and integrity into the data businesses share for various processes.

There are countless blockchain projects already in live environments, and many more in development stages with new applications across businesses markets emerging constantly.  Some will succeed, while other may not, but they are all a sign of the innovation blockchain is driving.

If you’re part of the blockchain ecosystem, you deserve to be recognized for your efforts in helping guide the success of this exciting and exploding market.  That's why INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine in conjunction with The Blockchain Event conference have launched the Blockchain Leadership Awards.

Whether you are an underlying platform supporting blockchain projects or have developed a blockchain application that is in a production environment, this is your chance to be part of a distinguished list of blockchain innovators and leaders.

The value of becoming an Award-winning solutions provider:

  • Your company / product featured in press release announcing winners.
  • Winners receive award press kit - including press release template - to inform clients, prospects, and media  of your achievement.
  • Winner granted unlimited license to award logos for use on all marketing and sales collateral - including annual reports, trade show booth, brochures and sell sheets, website, business cards, etc.
  • By receiving validation from a respected source like INTERNET TELEPHONY, winners are instantly viewed as an industry leader.
Your application should focus on the product/solution that demonstrates your market leadership.

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Early Bird Deadline: April 29 - $599 processing fee

Final Deadline: May 31 - $699 processing fee

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You may have noticed there is a nominal fee associated with this application form. It serves two purposes:

  • It ensures only applicants who are serious apply.
  • It offsets some of the costs associated with the evaluation of each application.