This page has moved to the new and improved RSS Feeds page. TMC's Keymail Service Usage Instructions
TMCnet Keymail

Welcome to TMC's new keymail service. Are you interested in receiving the latest headlines and articles on a particular topic? Simply fill in your e-mail address and one or more keywords and updates will be e-mailed to you daily.

In addition, after entering your desired keywords, you will receive your very own personalized RSS channel URLs based on those keywords to use right away in your favorite news aggregator. Your news aggregator will monitor's site for newly published pages containing your keywords and will notify you as the pages are posted online.

Search terms are case-insensitive.

If you want your term to be searched as a whole phrase, please enclose in double-quotes, otherwise documents matching any of the terms will be returned.

For example, entering the search term "video IP telephony routers" (note the double-quotes) will search for documents containing the exact entire phrase: video IP telephony routers -- NOT the individual words contained within.
If you omit the double-quotes, documents containing video or IP or telephony or routers will be matched.

To search on those terms individually and receive separate keymail alerts and RSS channels, you can enter them in separate keyword fields.

Please contact Laura Guevin with questions.