•  Shorten your sales cycle; boost margins
  •  Maximize customer engagement
  •  Increase team morale and retention
  •  Overcome "hire-fire" cycle

Designed for direct, channel, MSP sales teams.

Selling UC, Collaboration, SD-WAN, IT, Cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT

Delivered via live webinar or video conference

Virtual Sales & Events Professional Certification is designed to provide faster, cheaper and effective ways for improved business communications. Enhanced meeting technology options are complex and getting more so as there are fewer and fewer people in one place with more and more people in customer, technical labs, research centers, working at home, co-working, mobile, auto, train, plane with fewer onsite each using often very different technology. VEP can bring technology with business processes and operations that accelerates decisions faster with more involvement and allows for more thoughtful analysis.

One attendee noted, "These classes are critical to show customers and partners leadership by leaning-in and leading from the front now and in the future."

Get ready now for the new Virtual Re-Opened Business World


  "Tom and I developed and delivered more than a dozen virtualwebinars on social media, virtual selling and marketingstrategies. Tom is an excellent course designer, developer andimportantly has great delivery and virtual presentation skills. Iwould highly recommend him for any virtual presentationsincluding investor pitch, virtual selling, virtual events/salesprofessional as well as highly technical subjects including AI. Hisbook on AI - MindMeld has been called the best business book on AI yet written. He canreally help you be the best. —- Evan Kirstel #1 Social Media in AI, Retail Tech and many other B2B markets

  "A true visionary class and without reservation the class brings RRR-real revenue results faster, cheaper, better. Tom is the most extraordinary speaker I have had the pleasure to learn from. He not only brings the subject to a level to "lift all participants" he makes learning fun for the audience." —Dan P.

  "This class content consistently delivered strategic insights as well as in-depth market, sales, channel, product and technology perceptions and actionable results -on-time and on-budget. The class has provided a visionary understanding what sales people and customers’ needs now and in 5-10 years. I strongly recommend the class for all sales, channel partner, strategic planning, vision studies, learning/educational product positioning and other areas.” —Barry A.

  "Tom Cross is exceptional, the most technically sales proficient individual I know of in the industry. Yet he has the rare ability to deliver the message in a way sales and other laymen can understand. I would recommend this class for every new or current channel partner.” —Jeff S.

 “Why Businesses Buy VoIP/UC” is certainly one of the top presentations ever given at CTA.The presentation was insightful, indepth and innovative. In addition, the presentation was lively, energetic and engaging.Tom has the great ability to take complex subjects and make them exciting and understandableMr. Cross is a very popular speaker among CTA's membership and superb communicator.” —Gary W.

  Class attendees have also commented that this program "filled in gaps from previous classes," "gained new insights" and "you cannot ever know enough as this isn't just enterprise but a very complex selling environment." For new-hires, this class can give sales management and leadership as well as HR insights into likely successful enterprise sales staff and sales compensation plan.