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Preventing Stored XSS in Web and Mobile Applications

8/18/2022 12:01:16 PM

Hackers have made web and mobile applications a major target for attacks because of their huge user base and points of vulnerability. As more cybersecurity…

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How has Scuba Diving Evolved with Technology?

8/18/2022 12:00:00 PM

Scuba diving has evolved dramatically over the years. The sport has evolved to the point where it is now available to a wide range of people, from the days…

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How to Ensure Security for Your Electric Mountain Bike - A Complete Guide

8/18/2022 11:57:07 AM

Electric mountain bikes are a lot more expensive than traditional bikes. Therefore, it is reasonable to have concerns regarding the bike's security.

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Facial Recognition Makes its Way to Dronedek Mailboxes

8/18/2022 11:45:09 AM

Dronedek announced a partnership with facial recognition provider Scylla to bring facial recognition to its mailboxes.

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How to Innovate Faster with Low Code BPM

8/18/2022 11:28:28 AM

Selecting the right BPM tool to allow for greater efficiency and innovation in your business also includes the way it's built and managed.

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6 Things You Need to do to Run Your Business Effectively

8/18/2022 11:26:47 AM

Running a business can be tough, especially if you're just getting started. There are so many things to do and so much that needs to be taken care of in or…

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The Importance of Business Writing for Your Brand

8/18/2022 11:20:43 AM

Business writing is about getting a clear and targeted message out to your audience. Most people think it's just about marketing, but your audience can be …

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3 Ways Businesses Are Lowering Shipping Costs

8/18/2022 11:16:00 AM

For many businesses, shipping rates can be their undoing. You have a great product that could sell fantastically well, but it costs too much to ship to cus…

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Senso Kiakuama Shares The Importance Of Investing In African Tech Startups In 2022

8/18/2022 11:10:30 AM

It's no secret that Africa is home to some of the world's most innovative and fastest-growing tech startups. With a booming population and an ever-growing …

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Employee Engagement is a Top Initiative for Call Center Leadership

8/18/2022 10:55:39 AM

90 percent of contact center leaders say improving the employee experience is a top priority for 2022-2023.

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3D Hologram Rental Company Adding Pizzazz to Dry Trade Shows and Corporate Events

8/18/2022 10:46:49 AM

3D Hologram Rentals offers short term installation for a show or weekend event, as well as longer-term rentals for complete marketing campaigns, employee t…

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Enterprises Looking to SAP Ecosystem to Support Sustainability Initiatives

8/18/2022 10:37:02 AM

U.S. enterprises are turning to SAP ecosystem partners for enterprise resource planning, or ERP, solutions to reach their goals and improve sustainability.

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Telispire Integrates Splitit Installment Platform for MVNO Customers

8/18/2022 10:30:48 AM

Telispire announced it will integrate Splitit's Installments-as-a-Service platform into its Phoenix back office and billing system.

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Why Some Tech Companies Thrive During Tough Market Conditions

8/17/2022 5:22:05 PM

Overall, the Managed Services sector is continuing to grow at a steady pace, boosted by remote work, the need for new IT skills, the lack of talent availab…

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XDR Gains Attention Amid Security Operations Challenges

8/17/2022 5:12:35 PM

Trellix released findings from its "SOC Modernization and the Role of XDR" report and examined the state of security operations amid a challenging landscap…

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Tata Communications Transforms Customer Engagement

8/17/2022 5:04:22 PM

Tata Communications enhanced its InstaCC platform with digital features to transform customer engagement of enterprises.

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ATSG Boosts Managed Services with Vology

8/17/2022 4:52:13 PM

ATSG announced its acquisition of Vology as it looks forward to 2023 to focus on the growth and enhancement of the ATSG market reach and brand.

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Easing Supply Chain Woes

8/17/2022 2:23:29 PM

Real-time IoT-enabled inventory tracking can transform supply chain operations even in the most difficult circumstances by providing the data-driven insigh…

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Communication Platforms Interoperate with Lifesize Connect Plus+

8/17/2022 1:53:08 PM

Lifesize announced a new interoperability feature that will provide seamless multivendor meetings connectivity to Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Zoom.

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Pax8 Picks Up Umbrellar, Continues Global Expansion Plans as Cloud Marketplaces Grow

8/17/2022 1:37:03 PM

One of the largest and fastest-growing cloud marketplace providers, Pax8, has recently extended the reach of services provided globally through the acquisi…

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The Many Ways of Adding Voice to Microsoft Teams

8/17/2022 11:23:33 AM

Voice communications is a critical part of business operations. The importance of telephony in a consumer's buying journey brings the conversation to Micro…

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Security Protocols Every Business Should Have In Place

8/17/2022 10:50:00 AM

Along with these eight business cybersecurity protocols, business owners should consider registering for a cybersecurity course. Keyword: cybersecurity c…

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Benefits of Cloud Computing

8/17/2022 10:36:47 AM

Most people may be familiar in some way with a certain cloud that is around us at all times. It is discreet and unnoticable in nature and has so many benef…

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PGA Tour Enhances Fan Experience

8/17/2022 10:35:48 AM

The PGA Tour and Qualtrics announced a new multi-year relationship that will designate Qualtrics as the official experience insights provider of the PGA To…

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Crash Avoidance Technology and Car Accident Injury Claims

8/17/2022 10:22:59 AM

Automakers develop new technology to make the driving experience more enjoyable and safer every day. These technologies come in many forms, but crash avoid…

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How long should you follow a trend in forex and when might that trend reverse?

8/17/2022 10:13:57 AM

In the world of FX trading, you will often hear the phrase 'the trend is your friend'. This can sometimes seem like one of those glib sayings which does no…

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Weave Signs on as a Platinum Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

8/16/2022 4:23:43 PM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs, where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow their mana…

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Wildix Signs on as a Platinum Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

8/16/2022 4:20:53 PM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs., where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow their man…

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Pax8 Picks Up Umbreller, Continues Global Expansion Plans as Cloud Marketplaces Grow

8/16/2022 4:15:29 PM

One of the largest and fastest-growing cloud marketplace providers, Pax8, has recently extended the reach of services provided globally through the acquisi…

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Deepfence Open-Source Platform Visualizes Cloud-native Threat Landscape

8/16/2022 4:05:09 PM

Deepfence announced the 1.4 release of ThreatMapper to enable organizations to find and rank potential threats.

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CrowdStrike Uncovers Advanced Attacks with Falcon

8/16/2022 4:01:03 PM

Cyber security company CrowdStrike is leveraging powerful AI techniques fileless attack prevention at scale and enhanced visibility for stealthy cloud intr…

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Disability Support Services Provider Scope Transforms Call Management with NICE CXone

8/16/2022 12:37:35 PM

NICE inContact CXone is a cloud-based contact center platform that manages customer interactions across multiple communication channels.

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Telinta Brings in Hurricane Electric for Global Connectivity

8/16/2022 12:14:44 PM

Telinta announced it added Hurricane Electric's global IPv6 network to connect its cloud-based TeliCore Softswitch and Billing platform.

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Sharp Brings Digital Workplace Together with Hybrid Meetings

8/16/2022 12:09:28 PM

Sharp's new mobile-first meeting solution is integrated with popular collaboration platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and GoToConnect

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Gen Z Wants Same Day Pay

8/16/2022 11:49:09 AM

The overwhelming majority ot Gen Z workers would be more interested in jobs that paid the same day as the work was done.

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NetSecurity Enables Forensics Investigation through ThreatResponder

8/16/2022 10:46:16 AM

NetSecurity developed ThreatResponder to help organizations conduct remote forensics investigation, eliminating travel costs and delays.

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Hyperscale Data Analytics is the Future but Brings Concerns

8/16/2022 10:35:58 AM

Ocient released a report and revealed the goal of understanding the top opportunities, challenges and concerns associated with the rise of hyperscale data …

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CallCabinet Celebrates 10 Years of Call Recording

8/15/2022 5:20:19 PM

Call recording continues to play an increasingly important role in all types of communications and is transforming the way enterprises operate.

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Private 5G and the Reality of Enterprise Wireless

8/15/2022 5:00:22 PM

As leading vendors prioritize private 5G networks, popularity will only increase and deployments will likely overtake LTE private networks by 2026.

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etherFAX Brings Secure Document Delivery to Microsoft Teams

8/15/2022 2:48:31 PM

etherFAX has announced an enhanced integration with Microsoft Teams with its DirectFax Messenger.

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Expereo Furthers SD-WAN/SASE Expansion with Acquisition

8/15/2022 2:40:51 PM

Expereo announced the acquisition of Breeze Networks to fuel Expereo's growth trajectory and further enhance its SD-WAN/SASE practice.

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A2P Messaging to Continue Global Upward Trend

8/15/2022 2:33:10 PM

According to Grand View Research, the use of A2P messaging is expected to keep growing globally and will reach $96.73B by 2030.

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Spirent Launches Wi-Fi DeviceTesting Service

8/15/2022 2:19:17 PM

Spirent is launching a new "Send Us Your Device" test-as-a-service option for Wi-Fi customers.

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Cymulate Gives Advanced Analytics with Platform Expansion

8/15/2022 2:11:34 PM

Cymulate announced the expansion of its Extended Security Posture Management Platform to include advanced insights and analytics capabilities.

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CloudIT Capitalizes on SASE Growth Through Versa Partnership

8/15/2022 1:56:35 PM

MSP cloudIT LLC will offer SASE vendor Versa Networks solutions after announcing they are a Versa ACE Partner.

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Concentric AI Reveals Solution to Protect Sensitive Data

8/15/2022 1:47:26 PM

Concentric AI launched new capabilities to protect sensitive data shared as text or attachments across business messaging platforms.

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Kyndryl, Five9 Personalize Contact Center Experience

8/15/2022 1:42:22 PM

Kyndryl is collaborating with Five9 on cloud-based contact center solutions that deliver personalized experiences to customers and employees.

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Tech Sector Must Learn to Modernize Hiring Practices

8/15/2022 1:35:18 PM

Tech companies are hiring more remote workers, but they need to expand their practices to gain access to a rich talent pool.

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DevOps Talent Market in Dach: Alternate Ways to Hiring Locally

8/15/2022 11:10:03 AM

There are a lot of modern tech companies that still fail right now. It is not only because of the more intense competition. It can also be because they are…

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Technology for Smart Homes: All That You Need to Know

8/15/2022 10:24:42 AM

The thermostat was the catalyst for the development of home automation, which is now one of the most important markets in the technology world. Since it wa…

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