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Destiny Solidifies UCaaS Dominance in Europe with IPVision Acquisition

9/16/2021 12:54:22 PM

Belgian UCaaS provider Destiny has announced the purchase of Danish cloud communications service provider, IPVision.

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Durham, North Carolina Takes Steps to Fill Empty Seats in 911 Call Center

9/15/2021 1:49:25 PM

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on call center staffing, as many call center managers will attest. Older workers have elected to retire rather t…

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A Move Toward Pervasive LoRaWAN Network Coverage

9/15/2021 11:46:25 AM

Earlier this year, ABI Research found that the LoRaWAN protocol is the leading license-exempt low-power wide-area (LPWA) network technology addressing IoT …

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Why is web and software development so important?

9/15/2021 10:46:36 AM

Nowadays computers are really important for everyone. Nobody can live without them anymore. Using computers and the Internet is extremely useful either in …

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Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP, discusses Injuries and Accidents involving Tesla's Autopilot

9/15/2021 10:39:56 AM

Tesla's autopilot has been in the news a lot lately, but not for its safety features. Several lawsuits have been filed against Tesla, claiming that the com…

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The World Will Change With Bitcoin

9/15/2021 10:23:15 AM

Financial freedom may increase more efficiently with digital currency than ever before. The consequences of this are profound. Millions of people could…

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Businesses with ho-hum fraud prevention tools are in for danger in 2021 - A word of caution

9/15/2021 10:13:45 AM

Going by the analysis of Barclays' business and personal banking division, fraudulent actions have been on the rise since the second half of 2020 as compar…

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How Online Casino Operators Ensure Player Security

9/15/2021 10:09:04 AM

Online casino sites today are offering players across the globe the opportunity to benefit from the excitement of their most beloved casino games from the …

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Understanding Automation Testing and What It's Used for

9/15/2021 10:04:33 AM

Automation testing is a type of software verification that is used to test the functionality and stability of a computer program. Automation testing works …

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De-fragmenting Virtual Communications

9/15/2021 9:55:23 AM

Virtual workforce management and remote engagement has skyrocketed during the pandemic - and is showing no signs of receding from the workforce.

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5 Steps To Healthcare Mobile App Development

9/15/2021 9:51:26 AM

There are several important steps in custom healthcare mobile app development. Healthcare mobile app development is an especially challenging, complex, and…

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How to Get the Most Out of Online Casinos

9/15/2021 9:47:19 AM

Millions of people all around the world enjoy the excitement of visiting an online casino. Do you count yourself among their ranks? If you do - or even if …

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Wipro Secures $44.5m Managed Services Deal with National Grid

9/14/2021 4:55:32 PM

Wipro has been selected by National Grid to provide managed services and install new cloud-based infrastructure to support green initiatives.

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IBM Adds New Features to Watson Assistant for Call Centers

9/14/2021 4:49:56 PM

Automation in the call center is critical technology for smooth operations. Most callers don't need a live agent, as their calls are routine: balance reque…

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Shifting Focus to Customer Experiences Can Ensure Long Term Business Success

9/14/2021 4:46:31 PM

Customer experiences should no longer be an afterthought for business development, as research has demonstrated the potential value of retaining a loyal cu…

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Zabu Exploit Highlights a Growing Problem for DeFi and Blockchain

9/14/2021 4:43:57 PM

DeFi app Zabu, which resides on the Avalanche blockchain, was exploited in a hack worth $3.2 million. The incident highlights the growing prevalence of DeF…

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e-Money, Algorand Integration Looks to Increase Stablecoin Usage Across Europe

9/14/2021 4:41:36 PM

e-Money and Algorand have announced an integration that will support the growing popularity of stablecoin usage across European countries.

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How the Workforce is Quickly Changing to Adapt to the World Around Us

9/14/2021 2:42:07 PM

Hybrid work - a mix of remote work and in the office work - may be the best fit for your organization to support the future of work.

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OfficeSuite UC Earns SOC 2 and HIPAA Compliance

9/14/2021 2:15:55 PM

Windstream Enterprise announced OfficeSuite UC earned SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance for the third consecutive year.

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Tartabit Eases IoT Device Makers Azure Marketplace Access

9/14/2021 1:02:25 PM

Tartabit LLC announced two new services to its integration arsenal: Marketplace Accelerator (MPA) and the Plug and Play Accelerator (PnPA). Both are availa…

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Vowel Secures $13.5 Million in Series A Investment Round

9/14/2021 11:47:54 AM

Video conferencing startup Vowel has secured $13.5 in new funding to support product development and employee growth.

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New Exhibitors Added to the 2022 #TECHSUPERSHOW

9/14/2021 11:39:10 AM

TMC today announced the newest Exhibitors who signed on to join us at the #TECHSUPERSHOW, being held February 8-11, 2022 at the Broward County Convention C…

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Fortinet, Linksys Offer Home Network Enterprise-Grade Makeover

9/14/2021 11:34:14 AM

Network security leader Fortinet and Linksys unveiled Linksys HomeWRK for Business | Secured by Fortinet, the duo's second release since Fortinet's $75 Mil…

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Dell'Oro Group Report Relays Software-Based Shift

9/13/2021 4:20:00 PM

Dell'Oro Group released its 2Q 2021 SD-WAN Report, with some predictable results, as the top six SD-WAN vendors are responsible for 70 percent market share…

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Biden Administration Expands Government Definition of Customer Experience

9/13/2021 3:35:47 PM

The Biden Administration recently included new language into the government's definition of customer experience, which hopes to foster fair treatment and p…

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500apps Corp. Introduces All in One App Suite

9/13/2021 3:31:07 PM

Companies that use software-as-a-service solution are often overburdened with keeping track of too many apps, and find that the costs of these apps adds up…

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Peraton Awarded $60 Million to Support CDC with Cloud/Data Services

9/13/2021 3:26:45 PM

Longtime CDC partner Peraton has been awarded $60 to support the organizations cloud services and digital transformation efforts.

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Fuze Announces Enhancements to Microsoft Teams Workflow Integrations

9/13/2021 3:23:39 PM

To simplify and enhance enterprise communications channels, Fuze has developed new integration enhancements for Microsoft Teams.

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InMoment Announces Finalization of Lexalytics Acquisition

9/13/2021 3:13:33 PM

Data analytics solutions provider Lexalytics has been purchased by InMoment after completing the necessary requirements for approval.

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net2phone Reveals New Phone App for Microsoft Teams

9/13/2021 3:08:08 PM

net2phone has announced a new affordable application designed for Microsoft Teams, allowing users to better manage call services through the Teams platform…

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From Driver's Licenses Proof of Vaccination to Fishing Licenses, the World is Going All-Digital

9/13/2021 1:58:14 PM

The State of Louisiana's LA Wallet app will soon allow users to upload not only digital driver's licenses and COVID-19 vaccination status, but also hunting…

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Health Benefits and Differences between CBD, Marijuana, and THC Concentrates

9/13/2021 1:49:29 PM

As the laws regarding cannabis are changing across the states and in other countries around the world, more people are starting to discover the benefits of…

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HiberHilo Impresses Shell with Satellite Tech

9/13/2021 1:48:50 PM

Hiber announced a new agreement with Shell, where the industrial IoT as-a-service startup will provide well integrity monitoring solutions around the globe…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in Solar Panels for Your Business

9/13/2021 1:44:27 PM

If you are yet to get your business on the solar power bandwagon, you're missing out. In recent years, it seems like more businesses than ever before have …

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The Technology Behind Engagement Ring Cuts

9/13/2021 1:40:18 PM

When you browse in jewelry shops or check engagement rings websites, you see some brilliant gemstones on the engagement rings. They look so shiny and brigh…

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Five Tools to Help Businesses Grow

9/13/2021 1:33:55 PM

We all know that the economy is in flux. There is a transitional period where workers are still on unemployment benefits but businesses need employees. Hir…

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AQUILES ESTE / Art and science for ambitious brands

9/13/2021 1:29:00 PM

An imaginative mindset allows the cerebrum to analyze the surroundings and the world through a unique perspective. Not having an element of creativity in t…

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Apple Must Now Allow Alternative Direct Payment Options In App Store, Judge Rules

9/10/2021 5:13:41 PM

A California judge ruled that Apple has not been proven to be a monopoly, but is participant in anti-competitive practices within the company's digital mar…

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Allied First Bank Chooses Finn AI Chatbots for Better Customer Experiences

9/10/2021 4:48:17 PM

Allied First Bancorp, a full-service bank in Oswego, Illinois which provides financial services to customers nationwide, has announced a new partnership wi…

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Enigmai to Test New WFM Business Suite in Tel-Aviv

9/10/2021 4:44:22 PM

Workforce management improvements are important in the call center. In the municipal setting this importance is even greater. Having efficient, productive …

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Servion Maintains Cisco Gold Provider Worldwide Status

9/10/2021 4:33:48 PM

Contact center and customer experience solutions provider Servion has announced the company successfully renewed its Cisco Gold Provider Worldwide Certific…

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ClearlyIP Unveils Cloud Device Manager

9/10/2021 3:54:51 PM

ClearlyIP announced Cloud Device Manager (CDM), empowering system administrators with the control to securely provision endpoint devices remotely.

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Fuze Reveals New Patent for Softphone Control Integration

9/10/2021 3:03:28 PM

Fuze has been awarded a new patent that would allow customers to manage softphone calls seamlessly through various Fuze business applications.

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Palo Alto Puts SMBs and WFH in Focus with Okyo Garde

9/10/2021 2:18:37 PM

Palo Alto Networks is a SASE flag-bearer, and today extended its portfolio with the addition of an enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution delivered via pr…

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TruSight Completes Rollout of Third-Party Risk Data Platform

9/10/2021 1:32:36 PM

Last week, third-party risk data provider TruSight announced the completion of its enhanced customer consumption project, including the creation of a new a…

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NLP Startup Cohere Snags $40 Million in Fresh Funding

9/10/2021 1:21:20 PM

Cohere, a small company focusing on natural language processing models for artificially intelligent systems, has secured $40 million in investment funds fr…

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KT Corp Acquires Singapore-based Epsilon Telecommunications

9/10/2021 1:17:21 PM

Epsilon Telecommunications revealed this week that the company has been purchased by South Korean telecom giant KT Corp.

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Call Centers Must Move Away from Cost Center Mentality to Achieve Success

9/10/2021 1:10:34 PM

Call centers have been viewed as cost centers for too long, with a strong emphasis on savings and shorter call times. This attitude has hurt agents, custom…

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Entering the Workforce as a Teen

9/10/2021 12:18:34 PM

One of many first experiences a teenager will have is getting their first job. While their focus may be on the benefits of earning their own money and expe…

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Five Serious Cybersecurity Risks That Didn't Exist Ten Years Ago

9/10/2021 12:15:24 PM

The world has changed profoundly in the past decade, bringing with it new innovations and technological breakthroughs. Google had just bought Android. Most…

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