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5G and the Connected Home Experience: Challenges, Expectations and the Importance of Visibility

5/2/2023 3:36:30 PM

Amir Kotler, co-founder and CEO of Veego, provided insights regarding 5G and what he described as the Connected Home experience, along with challenges bein…

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MSSPs Can Overcome Unique Business Challenges with ManageEngine's Log360 Cloud MSSP Edition

5/2/2023 12:49:51 PM

ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho, launched the MSSP edition of its cloud-based-SIEM solution, Log360 Cloud.

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With New Era of Customer Experience, Airship Makes Innovations to App Experience Platform

5/2/2023 12:32:09 PM

Airship made major innovations to its App Experience Platform, including the App Experience Editor, Airship Journeys, Airship Mail and Airship Coupons.

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Nebulon Advances Zero-Trust Security With New Initiatives for Enterprise Protection

5/2/2023 10:36:50 AM

Nebulon, provider of cloud-managed and zero-trust solutions, recently announced its latest cyber-resilience offerings.

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Precisely Collaborates with Customers Worldwide to Foster Trust in ESG Reporting

5/2/2023 8:59:36 AM

Precisely partnered with customers worldwide to build trust in data for effective ESG reporting processes.

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More Than Half of Executives Seek to Protect Customer Care from Cost-Cutting

5/1/2023 5:04:32 PM

Research by Information Services Group (ISG) found that a majority of executives worldwide consider customer experience a top strategic priority that is of…

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MSP Employees Most Likely to Seek out Video and Audio Help to Remain Current

5/1/2023 5:02:39 PM

According to a new study commissioned by professional services automation company Syncro entitled, "MSP Resources & Communities 2023 Report," MSPs are most…

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With the Integration of Zendesk Support, AgentAssist from Elevates Contact Center Efficiency

5/1/2023 5:00:33 PM

Enterprise conversational AI platform and solutions provider recently announced the integration of its conversational AgentAssist with Zendesk Supp…

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What Web Design Trends Can Businesses Employ in 2023 from 2022?

5/1/2023 3:49:06 PM

Web design is an ever-evolving field, with new trends and techniques emerging each year. As we look ahead to 2023, businesses must stay ahead of the curve …

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5 Essential Ways to Secure Your Startup's Online Presence: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

5/1/2023 3:40:20 PM

As a growing startup, you will, sooner or later, face threats online, so it is always a good idea to prevent any potential issues. Taking proactive measure…

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Achieve Cyber Resilience through the Hillstone Approach

5/1/2023 3:00:49 PM

Hillstone announced a new approach for helping customers achieve cyber resilience with integrative cybersecurity solutions that address the gaps in securit…

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SentinelOne Harnesses Power of Generative AI to Safeguard Enterprises

5/1/2023 2:48:21 PM

Where bad actors look to abuse generative AI, SentinelOne looks to use the same technology to defeat those bad actors with a threat-hunting platform.

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Somfy's New Smart Home Products Benefit from Zigbee 3.0 Technology

5/1/2023 12:08:05 PM

Somfy, a manufacturer of motorization solutions from smart homes, will be launching a new Zigbee 3.0-integrated line of technologies.

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AMRs and Optimized IIoT: Enhanced Warehouse Fulfillment Workflows via Ivanti Wavelink and Zebra Technologies

5/1/2023 12:05:23 PM

Ivanti Wavelink and Zebra Technologies Corporation recently partnered to integrate autonomous mobile robots (or AMRs) in warehouse and manufacturing facili…

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ESentire Gains Deep Instinct Trait Against Unknown and Zero-Day Attacks

5/1/2023 12:03:31 PM

Deep Instinct and eSentire are in a partnership to equip eSentire customers with a solution that detects and responds to unknown and zero-day attacks in re…

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The Challenges CISOs Face, and What They Need to Succeed in 2023

5/1/2023 11:54:22 AM

Cybersecurity company Trellix recently revealed its "The Mind of the CISO" research, offering key insights into the challenges faced by global Chief Inform…

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What You Need to Know About New York Data Security Guidelines on Consumer Personal Information Protection

4/29/2023 12:55:08 PM

What You Need to Know About New York Data Security Guidelines on Consumer Personal Information Protection

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Protect Sensitive Data and Stop API Abuse with Traceable AI's Zero Trust API Access

4/28/2023 4:48:23 PM

In a world where cyberattacks are more sophisticated, traditional security methods may no longer be enough. That's where the likes of Zero Trust and API se…

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Is IT Complete 2.0 from Kaseya the Next Generation Platform for IT Professionals?

4/28/2023 12:55:47 PM

Kaseya developed and unveiled the evolution of a purpose-built platform for the multi-functional IT professional: IT Complete 2.0.

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Twilio Flex: Refining Digital Engagement and Contact Center Value

4/28/2023 11:48:08 AM

Twilio has launched its Twilio Flex platform for improved customer-facing interactions, as well as internal data-driven operations that make engagements wi…

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IoT and Real Estate Footprints: How AVUITY's VuAI Sensors Help Maximize Investments

4/28/2023 11:46:16 AM

AVUITY, provider of workplace technology and space utilization solutions, announced the launch of its newest line of sensors: VuAI. These, per AVUITY, will…

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VMware Launches Cross-Cloud Managed Services Ahead of Multi-Cloud Era

4/28/2023 8:26:11 AM

VMware announced VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, a set of prescriptive offers with enhanced partner and customer benefits that enable highly skilled p…

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HoduSoft Receives 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award

4/28/2023 8:00:16 AM

HoduSoft announced that TMC has named HoduCC Contact Center as a 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner.

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IoT Building Blocks: How Renesas is Accelerating IoT Prototyping

4/27/2023 5:54:02 PM

Renesas Electronics Corporation's Quick-Connect Studio for hardware and software development is available now to improve processes for engineers.

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Halfords Enhances Customer Experience with Juniper

4/27/2023 3:07:26 PM

Halfords is investing in its digital transformation efforts, and Juniper's AI-driven wired and wireless access solutions are an integral part of that.

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Investing in Cybersecurity: Why Hiring Experts May Be Your Best Business Decision

4/27/2023 2:43:47 PM

As we hurtle towards technologies that are opening doors for advanced cybersecurity threats, the question of how to protect oneself and one's business from…

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Cloud Print Software: What Is It and What Does It Do?

4/27/2023 2:34:28 PM

Cloud print software is an exciting new technology quickly becoming essential for businesses, schools, and other organizations. It allows users to print do…

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Tools that help connect your Salesforce to LinkedIn and save your team time

4/27/2023 2:22:17 PM

In today's business world, LinkedIn has become an essential tool for professionals to connect and network with potential clients and partners. Salesforce, …

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What are the Benefits of Setting SBTs?

4/27/2023 2:15:36 PM

Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) business targets is becoming increasingly popular among companies that want to d…

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CFD Trading Guide for Newcomers

4/27/2023 2:04:26 PM

Trading enthusiasts who use CFDs (contracts for difference) benefit from several built-in advantages. Not only do they avoid the risk of direct asset owner…

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How to Implement CRM Successfully

4/27/2023 1:55:23 PM

Any business that wants to build long-lasting relationships with their customers, should include the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CR…

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5G, 6G, and the FCC: Discussing New Standards for the Future

4/27/2023 12:46:19 PM

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced a new rulemaking design to explore 6G.

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AVI Systems Expands Velocity Meeting Rooms to Meet Hybrid Optimization Specifications

4/27/2023 12:44:28 PM

AVI Systems introduced its new Velocity meeting space systems designed to meet Microsoft Teams Rooms hybrid optimization specifications.

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