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Eliminate Online Boredom with These Engaging Entertainment Options

4/4/2022 5:49:14 PM

One great thing about the internet is that it is impossible to experience boredom. It provides vast options and activities; you can visit a website and end…

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How Real-Time Actions Have Become an Essential Component of Business Management

4/4/2022 5:43:15 PM

With the digitalisation of the world and the rise of the internet, it seems as though even the smallest of actions are rigorously scrutinised and planned o…

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Fortifying Branch Office Security with SASE

4/4/2022 5:05:24 PM

SASE and SD-WAN enable IT leaders to create a more robust, reliable, and trusted network infrastructure to operate efficiently and safely, and best serve u…

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Disrupt-X Announces Smart IoT Gas Metering Solution through Intel Ignite Shield

4/4/2022 3:24:42 PM

UAE company Disrupt-X has announced a new IoT Gas Metering Solution. The offering is available through the Intel Ignite Shield group of solutions and provi…

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Disney Customers Complain About Long Waits for Customer Service

4/4/2022 3:15:09 PM

An increasing number of Disney World customers are complaining about hours-long hold times and unskilled customer service representatives fielding their ca…

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Smarsh Adds Financial Industry Compliance Updates

4/4/2022 3:06:08 PM

Portland, Oregon-based Smarsh, which provides a solution called Capture for Zoom, recently announced new capabilities to help organizations remain complian…

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Playvox to Debut Capacity Planner Module of Workforce Engagement Management Solution

4/4/2022 2:57:04 PM

Workforce management solutions provider Playvox recently announced it is launching its new Capacity Planner solution this week at the Society for Workforce…

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The Best Ways to Resell SEO Services

4/1/2022 5:16:37 PM

Many agencies will want to offer specialized SEO services to their clients but will not have the resources, time, or expertise to do so. In these situation…

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What is web application architecture? And How does it work?

4/1/2022 5:02:40 PM

The internet is no longer about static web pages and longer loading times. After some time, the internet has shifted toward dynamic client commitment as we…

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Anette Bronder: European Companies Need Rapid Digital Transformation

4/1/2022 4:57:07 PM

Covid-19 and the Ukraine conflict are still ravaging Europe. These issues bring to mind the future and, more importantly, rebuilding economies in the wake …

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Mining City Reviews How to Mine Bitcoin

4/1/2022 4:51:35 PM

If you've ever found yourself curious about Bitcoin mining and how it works, you're not alone. Bitcoin mining is an exciting field but, unfortunately, it c…

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A Breakdown of the Video Production Process

4/1/2022 4:42:10 PM

As a rule, most companies do not have their own production, so the creation of a video is entrusted to professional studios specializing in this. The produ…

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Choosing a Software Testing Company: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

4/1/2022 4:36:48 PM

Today's rapidly changing customer needs impose specific software requirements that development companies must meet. A software company's success depends on…

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How Tech Advanced Are iGaming Providers in 2022?

4/1/2022 4:26:06 PM

The iGaming industry has witnessed major technological advancements over the past decade. As technological innovations continue to take center stage across…

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Seeing Through Emergency Call Center Staffing Issues

4/1/2022 3:53:09 PM

Staffing shortages and limited labor pools are just some of the critical issues plaguing industries and markets across the globe since the start of the pan…

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Thai Government Agency to Adopt AI

4/1/2022 3:49:56 PM

Artificial Intelligence is in place within governments and municipalities across the globe to speed up automation and digital transformations as well as re…

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Canceled Flight, Poor Customer Communications Plague Allegiant Air

4/1/2022 3:44:14 PM

Affordably billed Allegiant Air, which operates scheduled and charter flights, is enraging customers by canceling hundreds of flights and then being unreac…

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LG Electronics Confirms Future in Blockchain and Crypto

4/1/2022 3:35:27 PM

Some of the latest blockchain-related tech innovations being developed for the market include things like NFT-capable smart TVs, home appliances and even m…

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Datto Holds Virtual Event on SaaS for MSPs

4/1/2022 3:23:37 PM

Datto Holding Corp. is a provider of security and cloud-based software solutions designed for delivery through the managed service provider (MSP), channel …

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OceanTech Signs on as a Silver Sponsor for MSP Expo 2022, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

4/1/2022 7:45:00 AM

TMC today announced that OceanTech has signed on a Silver sponsor for MSP Expo, the #TECHSUPERSHOW, being held June 21-24, 2022 at the Greater Fort Lauderd…

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PathSolutions Awarded the 2022 TMCnet Remote Work Pioneer Award

4/1/2022 7:30:00 AM

PathSolutions RemoteView, a remote troubleshooting tool, has been named as a 2022 TMCnet Remote Work Pioneer Award winner, as presented by TMCnet. The awar…

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Victoria Gerrard Discusses How Sustainable Technology Can Make Your Tech More Earth-Friendly

3/31/2022 4:56:06 PM

Sustainable technology is becoming more and more important as we become increasingly aware of our technology's impact on the environment. Many people don't…

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Responsible Parenting: How To Track Your Kid's Location

3/31/2022 4:44:44 PM

As a responsible parent, you want to make sure that your kid is always safe. One way to do this is by tracking their location. There are many phone apps th…

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How Athletes Are Using Technology To Improve Performance

3/31/2022 4:40:15 PM

It is no secret that elite athletes will go to great lengths to get an extra edge on the competition, with some even bending the rules or outright breaking…

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A Lot of Plastic Is Impossible to Recycle But New Technologies Could Change That

3/31/2022 4:21:48 PM

Since the first factories began fabricating polyester from petroleum in the 50s, we have generated approximately 9.1 billion of plastic. According to resea…

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ePlus Adds Fortinet to Managed Security Services Portfolio

3/31/2022 3:51:52 PM

Managed security services provider ePlus amplified its portfolio with a newly announced partnership with Fortinet. The pairing extends offerings to include…

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Syniverse, Look to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation with AI

3/31/2022 2:58:39 PM

The world's most connected company and IoT Evolution Expo Platinum sponsor, Syniverse unveiled a partnership with as part of its Communications Pla…

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Chinese Telecom Operators Put Brakes on 5G Spending

3/31/2022 12:46:11 PM

Two major Chinese operators have slowed down on 5G investments and build-out after two years of growth. The companies are opting to spend more on digital t…

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Semafone Partners with Talkdesk for PCI Data Security

3/31/2022 12:38:38 PM

Semafone, a provider of PCI DSS compliance solutions for payment and PCI data security for call and contact centers, recently announced a reseller partners…

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SoftWriters & Mediprocity Team to Advance Real-Time Pharmacy Communications

3/31/2022 12:27:57 PM

To help pave the way for better pharmacy communications and provide future-ready communications capabilities, long-term care pharmacy management software p…

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Smarter Smart Buildings Driven by Simplification and Unification

3/31/2022 10:52:30 AM

A smart building uses technology, such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, building management systems, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented realit…

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Comparison Between CPA and Accountant: What a CPA Can Do That an Accountant Cant

3/30/2022 5:44:14 PM

When you search for the next top star in your company, who will handle the finance, you should choose wisely. Roles that fit that important job are CPA and…

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Types of Electronic Components

3/30/2022 5:34:59 PM

To build smart cities, it is necessary to utilize all the different types of electronic components. Modern technology has automated the electronic circuit-…

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Tips for Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Your Business

3/30/2022 5:32:23 PM

Running a business and making sure it remains profitable is difficult. Running one that's also carbon accountable can be even more challenging. Just becaus…

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Maintaining Productivity for Remote Employees

3/30/2022 5:30:37 PM

Some businesses find that they save money by having their employees work remotely. No longer needing to spend money on keeping the office running allows em…

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How Digital Badging Systems Benefit Everyone

3/30/2022 5:28:46 PM

Are you a business owner searching for top talent to join your organization? Does your company offer education and training opportunities for adults? Perha…

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Technology in Our Lives, Today and Tomorrow

3/30/2022 5:26:49 PM

The last few years or so have seen a swift evolution in the traditional workplace, with shopping trends also impacted similarly. But to say that it's all r…

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Your Small Business: Increasing Profits Post-Pandemic

3/30/2022 5:24:36 PM

The pandemic took a toll on many small businesses across the states. Through no fault of their own, small business owners watched their profit margin dwind…

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Ways that Technology and Writing Are Combined

3/30/2022 5:22:24 PM

As technology becomes integral to nearly every aspect of human life, the ways in which human skills are integrated into tech resources also spread rapidly.…

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Sustainable Technology: How to Make Your Tech More Earth-Friendly

3/30/2022 5:09:50 PM

Sustainable technology is becoming more and more important as we become increasingly aware of our technology's impact on the environment. Many people don't…

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How To Protect Your Business From Chargebacks In A Post-Pandemic Marketplace.

3/30/2022 5:07:02 PM

When Covid hit, retail stores were forced to close shop. As millions of consumers stayed home for months, their need for online shopping increased. In …

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Exploring the Advantages of IT Outsourcing Services

3/30/2022 4:37:51 PM

IT infrastructure plays an important role when it comes to a modern business setting. But unfortunately, not all the companies have access to professional …

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Kristina Antonorsi Discusses How Financial Services Can Improve With Technology

3/30/2022 4:26:59 PM

Technology has come a long way in the past few years, and it is no secret that it has had a significant impact on the financial services industry. In this …

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SK Square to Launch Crypto Token for Ifland Metaverse

3/30/2022 3:54:26 PM

SK Square, the investment arm of South Korea's SK Group, will spend $1.6 billion on semiconductors and blockchain over the next three years. The group plan…

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Safety in Business Starts with People

3/30/2022 3:18:36 PM

Safety first. It's not just a mantra or a children's supply company because it sounds cool. Rather, safety first is an important element of your day-to-day…

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Telehealth: At-Home Blood Draws - All in the Palm of Your Hand

3/30/2022 3:02:59 PM

If you need to have a blood draw but don't want to go to the doctor or hospital, you may be wondering if it's possible to do an at home blood draw. The ans…

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Ecommerce SEO Checklist: Best Practices For Ecommerce SEO Strategy

3/30/2022 2:09:16 PM

Most website traffic is derived from search engines. Search Engine Optimization-SEO is crucial for e-commerce websites. Develop a good SEO strategy to incr…

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India's Kerala Tourism Announces WhatsApp Chatbot

3/30/2022 1:18:41 PM

India's Kerala Tourism has announced a new 24x7 WhatsApp chatbot to assist tourists and travelers. The Maya chatbot is designed to give travelers access to…

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Freshworks Helps UK Travel Group Address COVID-19 Queries

3/30/2022 12:43:24 PM

Collinson Group, a UK travel experiences and insurance company, recently tapped Freshworks Inc. and its Freshdesk customer experience platform to react to …

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Virgin Media O2 Adopts VMware to Assist with 5G Rollout

3/30/2022 11:09:49 AM

Virgin Media O2 UK chose VMware to help modernize its network and enable the continued success of its 5G rollout. The company will leverage VMware Telco Cl…

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