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Top Trends in Sterile Manufacturing Technology

8/30/2022 4:41:21 PM

Sterile manufacturing refers to the method of producing medications in which the drug product, container, and closure are meticulously sterilized before be…

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How IoT Sensors are Transforming All Sectors of Economy

8/30/2022 4:35:25 PM

In recent years, IoT sensors have become the go-to standard when it comes to increasing production up-time and efficiency in the manufacturing industry. Re…

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How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

8/30/2022 4:22:36 PM

In today's competitive business world, every business owner faces a constant struggle to stand out from their competition. There are multiple checkpoints a…

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6 Online Advertising Tips for IT Businesses

8/30/2022 4:10:30 PM

There are two primary ways to grow your IT business. The first option is to grow organically through content, networking, and referrals. The second option …

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8/30/2022 3:45:38 PM

BILDIT Finds Development "Suite" Spot to Build Consumer Loyalty and Increase Conversions by 25% with Easy, Affordable and Secure Native M-Commerce App

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Salesforce Announces Salesforce Easy for Simplified Sales, Service and Marketing

8/30/2022 2:46:13 PM

CRM giant Salesforce introduced Salesforce Easy, a simplified offering for sales, service, and marketing to help customers drive fast return on investment …

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Bringing Rural Communities Together Through Connectivity

8/30/2022 1:59:53 PM

Cloud-edge architectures will provide the large-scale implementation of new network infrastructure that will be critical for future development un underser…

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RingCentral Selected by Big Ass Fans to Empower its Hybrid Workforce

8/30/2022 1:49:29 PM

Big Ass Fans selected RingCentral to support its remote workforce strategy and ensure employees have the unified communications tools to remain productive.

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Machine Identities Surge in Nation-state Cyber Attacks

8/30/2022 1:43:41 PM

Venafi researched the methods used by nation-state threat actors and revealed the use of machine identities is growing in state-sponsored cyberattacks.

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Cape Cod Properties Meet Guests' Tech Needs Through Comcast

8/30/2022 1:37:16 PM

The Pelham House Resort expanded its technology infrastructure with the help of Comcast Business's advanced technology solutions.

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Dogesoft Launches Super App with Zoom

8/29/2022 6:02:07 PM

Dogesoft teamed up with Zoom to launch Navalink, a super app built to upgrade operational efficiency, employee experience and stakeholder engagement at lar…

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Meta0 Leveraging Polygon Ecosystem for Web3 Expansion

8/29/2022 5:51:00 PM

Through a partnership with Polygon, Meta0 will provide game developers with the advantages of the Polygon platform.

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Malwarebytes, Revelstoke Automate Priority Vulnerabilities with Integrated Solutions

8/29/2022 5:42:24 PM

Malwarebytes is integrating with Revelstoke to help customers better automate and address priority vulnerabilities with the greatest potential impact to th…

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Milesight LoRaWAN Gateways Interoperable with Senet

8/29/2022 3:56:57 PM

Milesight and Senet announced a partnership to qualify Milesight LoRaWAN gateways and sensor-enabled end devices for operation on the Senet network.

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All You Need To Know About Airdrop Crypto

8/29/2022 2:57:46 PM

Airdrops represent one of the little rewards for keeping a cryptocurrency wallet in the realm of crypto gaming. It's similar to getting a sense of when new…

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Why your business needs a residential proxy

8/29/2022 2:44:46 PM

The term VPN may seem very familiar to the eye or you might have heard it at some point during a conversation online. But, VPNs and the means associated wi…

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Choosing the Right Name for Your Business in 2022

8/29/2022 2:29:29 PM

Sandro Botticelli was once Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, Mark Twain was Samuel Langhorne Clemens, and Jackie Chan was Chan Kong-sang. The decisi…

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Web3.0 Projects

8/29/2022 2:24:23 PM

We live in a digital world. Every day we receive the news about new devices. Digitalization makes our life easier. This applies not only to work but also t…

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How To Find The Best Business VPN For Your Company

8/29/2022 2:16:00 PM

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that helps to improve your online privacy and security by creating a private network from a public internet co…

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Business Text Messaging is Booming - 6 Reasons Why

8/29/2022 2:07:22 PM

According to a survey by SimpleTexting, the number of businesses using text messaging marketing has jumped 27% from 2021 to 2022. Moreover, in 2022, more t…

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How Has Blockchain Technology Revolutionized the Estate Planning Process?

8/29/2022 1:56:19 PM

Are you looking to plan your estate as you prepare for the future? Blockchain technology can help you write, store, and update your will.

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AIOps: The Way, The Truth, and the Light For Distributed Enterprise Networks

8/29/2022 1:55:14 PM

The AIOps model goes beyond traditional network monitoring capabilities in the core and brings that intelligence all the way to the edge.

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Trustifi Suppresses Conniving Brand Imposter Phishing Attack

8/29/2022 11:21:14 AM

Trustifi detected and shut down a hostile brand impersonation phishing attack on a cloud technology provider in the IT market that services close to 100,00…

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Teltech Chooses Betacom for 5G Upgrade of its Dallas Warehouse

8/29/2022 10:59:07 AM

Betacom will automate Teltech's 200,000 sf warehouse in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, using the deployment to showcase its warehouse automation and Ind…

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Nextech AR Using LiDAR for Metaverse Spatial Mapping

8/29/2022 10:51:24 AM

LiDAR generates a much denser point cloud than video technology, enabling the creation of an extremely accurate model of the environment scanned.

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UJET Names Yosh.AI Certified Delivery Partner

8/29/2022 8:35:37 AM

Smart companies are going beyond "omnichannel" customer experiences and focusing more on the blending of contact center channels.

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With Sights on Continued Growth, Nextiva Adds Extensive Leadership Experience

8/27/2022 7:15:57 AM

Nextiva announced Alan Black and Robert "Bob" Beauchamp were appointed to the company's board of directors.

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Voice Automation Tops Call Center To-Do Lists

8/26/2022 4:56:44 PM

While automation is being leveraged across channels, the value proposition of voice-based automation makes it a high priority in contact centers.

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Zitara Accelerates Battery Safety through Funding

8/26/2022 4:45:16 PM

Zitara's funding will accelerate adoption of their software with a near-term focus on state monitoring and safety problems.

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5G Enabling Healthcare Digital Transformation

8/26/2022 3:32:41 PM

The global 5G in healthcare market size is expected to reach $454.7 billion by 2030.

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Innovative Headset Tech from Shokz Boosts Workplace Productivity

8/26/2022 12:14:10 PM

A new open-ear headset from Shokz is taking business communication to the next level with patented bone conduction technology.

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Observe.AI Launches Reporting & Analytics Solution for Call Centers

8/26/2022 11:47:58 AM

Contact center leaders need actionable, data-driven feedback on important issues, such as what's driving CSAT and NPS scores

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Tips for Getting into a Customer Service Job

8/26/2022 11:47:31 AM

If you want to get into a career that is diverse and interesting, enables you to help other people, and allows you to work in a variety of industries, cust…

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UJET Enables Brands to Improve Virtual Agent Interactions

8/26/2022 11:43:54 AM

UJET's AI-modeled Interaction Design for Virtual Agents will help companies identify common customer needs

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Top 5 technologies that are running the world in 2022

8/26/2022 11:41:09 AM

It's hard to predict exactly what role technologies will play in our lives in the long-distance future, but it's safe to say that they will continue to bec…

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How Can Businesses Benefit from Solar Panel Installation?

8/26/2022 11:33:16 AM

Solar power is one of the most adopted renewable energy sources globally. In 2020, Australia accounted for approximately 2.8% of the global solar energy co…

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What Are Symptoms of Gambling Addiction?

8/26/2022 11:28:23 AM

If you feel like you can't stop playing or thinking about gambling, you may have a problem with gambling addiction. Gambling addicts experience withdrawal …

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Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Gambling

8/26/2022 11:25:27 AM

There are many implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the gambling industry, and this article will discuss some of these impacts. AI can be used t…

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How Crypto Casinos Use Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technology

8/26/2022 11:22:59 AM

To stay ahead of the competition, online casinos are incorporating Blockchain technology and Cloud computing into their operations. This way, they can offe…

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The Kraft Group Turns to Dell to Enhance Gillette Stadium Fan Experience

8/26/2022 10:32:27 AM

The Kraft Group engaged with Dell to assist in building a consistent platform that spans across all its businesses.

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The Kraft Group Turns to Dell to Enhance Gilette Stadium Fan Experience

8/26/2022 10:32:26 AM

The Kraft Group engaged with Dell to assist in building a consistent platform that spans across all its businesses.

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Kensington Adds Pro Audio Solutions for Professional Video Conferencing

8/26/2022 9:32:21 AM

Kensington's new audio devices make it easier for remote, hybrid, and office workers to collaborate using their choice of platforms.

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Customers Dissatisfied with Returning Products to Social Channels

8/25/2022 5:11:41 PM

The experience of returning online purchases makes most shoppers unlikely to buy again on social channels.

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Wondershare Filmora Full Review: A Remarkable Video Editing Software

8/25/2022 4:44:18 PM

Aiming to achieve a wide base of viewers? A content creator always put all their ideas to create something unique without turning in any guide, if they hav…

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Improved Risk Assessment Ensures Business Success When the Unexpected Occurs

8/25/2022 4:22:52 PM

Info-Tech Research Group published a new research blueprint designed to assist organizations in building adaptive resiliency into their strategic plans.

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White Label vs. Branded at MSP Expo

8/25/2022 3:12:52 PM

What do MSPs needs to know as they expand their service portfolios and have to decide between branded and white-label solutions?

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SIP Forum, ATIS Mitigate Unwanted Calls with New Message Standard

8/25/2022 2:32:33 PM

The SIP Forum and ATIS released a new standard, the Robocall Call Blocking Notification, to help mitigate unwanted robocalling.

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Higher Education Institutions Place Security Trust with BIO-key

8/25/2022 2:20:32 PM

The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith selected to move their current BIO-key on-premises deployment to the PortalGuard IDaaS cloud solution.

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AIOps Redefines Hybrid Multi-Cloud Monitoring and Management

8/25/2022 11:53:57 AM

By leveraging AI and machine learning, DevOps teams will gain proactive insights and operational visibility of their cloud inventory, utilization and consu…

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Tuya Takes IoT Initiative Against Climate Change

8/25/2022 11:05:08 AM

IoT development platform service provider Tuya is taking on its own approach in the sustainability initiative.

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