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Full Cloud Telecom Takes a Giant Step Forward with First Commercial Implementation of Evenstar 4G RRU

6/28/2021 11:04:13 AM

As migration to the cloud continues at a rapid pace enhanced by the onset of Covid-19, network software providers have been innovating to transform the way…

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Bringing together Cloud, 5G, and Edge, VoltDB Announces Enhanced Integrations with New Release

6/28/2021 10:43:46 AM

Mobile World Congress 2021 has a distinct "5G for Enterprise" focus. Today, VoltDB, provider of an enterprise-grade data platform built to enable fast-data…

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Vodafone Business Taps Oracle to Extend IoT and Industrial IoT Supporting New Services and Business Models

6/28/2021 10:31:40 AM

Vodafone Business, ranked a leader in managed IoT connectivity services by Gartner, supports more than 120 million connections across five continents, powe…

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Enhancing The Capture, photoSENS Partners with Qualcomm for Multi-dimensional Applications

6/28/2021 10:26:55 AM

With seemingly limitless applications enabled, Qualcomm and photoSENS are demonstrating advanced 5G capabilities at Mobile World Congress this week in Barc…

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Eclipse Foundation Report Calls for Common Frameworks and Standards

6/28/2021 10:18:51 AM

As the exceptional benefits of IoT and edge computing solutions continue to spur their rapid adoption within the industrial and Enterprise sectors, it has …

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With the Growth of SD-WAN Approaches, New Security Vulnerabilities Are Also Growing

6/28/2021 10:14:38 AM

After experiencing slower growth in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dell'Oro Group said earlier this year that the SD-WAN market is expected to accel…

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How Close Are Central Banks To Issuing CBDC In 2021?

6/25/2021 2:39:33 PM

Back in 2019, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) released a report from which it followed that 80% of all central banks are engaged in research o…

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How To Become A Successful YouTube Vlogger

6/25/2021 2:36:03 PM

A successful blog or vlog takes care, effort, maintenance, work, and time. If you are ready for difficulties and continuous improvement, let's figure out h…

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How to Choose the Right Tech for Your Small Business

6/25/2021 2:22:10 PM

There have been many technological innovations in recent years, and a high proportion of them are made for small businesses. Anything that can make the wor…

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The Five Best Practices for Implementing Company Awards and How Your Company Can Reward Employees Creatively

6/25/2021 2:10:38 PM

Not every workplace understands the value of employee awards. Frequently, employees are left wondering whether their hard work and contributions to the com…

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Best FREE Sports Streaming Apps in 2021

6/25/2021 2:02:07 PM

Sports fans hate to miss out on their much-awaited tournaments. Thankfully, today's technology allows us to be not be glued to our televisions and still be…

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Best Football Betting Apps for 2021 - Betting on Football on Mobile Apps

6/25/2021 1:55:26 PM

Betting on football match outcomes, the number of goals scored, the timings of outcomes, and other players' moves on the field to win copious amounts is th…

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5 Ways Technology Can Enhance the Performance of Your Business

6/25/2021 1:46:10 PM

Today modern technology has become an indispensable part of every business and how they work online or offline. Also, as technology is constantly evolving,…

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Digital Lessons From Online Casinos for Businesses

6/25/2021 1:43:29 PM

Online casinos in this digital age are at the forefront of success. Not only do they attract a global audience to their platforms, but also the online gamb…

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How To Optimize Your Online Presence

6/25/2021 1:40:40 PM

Today every business, regardless if it has an online store or it operates as a brick-and-mortar store, needs to develop a valuable online brand. Thanks to …

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4 Tech Innovations That Will Redefine the Business Sector

6/25/2021 1:37:51 PM

It is true that the change is constant, especially with the tech innovations. The technology is constantly evolving, and there are numerous tech advancemen…

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Latest Technologies in the Online Casino Industry

6/25/2021 1:36:23 PM

Online casinos today have become ideal gaming platforms for many users across the globe. Also, the online gambling industry is rapidly evolving thanks to n…

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The Benefits of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies for Businesses

6/25/2021 1:34:07 PM

Thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has become associated with the success of cryptocurrency. In fact, the price of Bitcoin has e…

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The Popularity of Mobile Devices in the Gaming Sector

6/25/2021 1:32:11 PM

One of the most influential technologies in the gaming sector is mobile technology. Not only are people using their mobile devices on a daily basis, but th…

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Essential Technologies of Online Casinos

6/25/2021 1:29:09 PM

Online casinos utilize advanced technologies in order to create a safe and fair gaming environment while providing a seamless gaming experience to their us…

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The Future of the Gaming Sector

6/25/2021 1:26:55 PM

The gaming sector is rapidly expanding and amassing a great number of gamers. It's actually one of the most successful industries, and it has proven to be …

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Impact of Mobile Devices on Modern Entertainment

6/25/2021 1:24:26 PM

We can't deny that mobile devices have become a driving force that prompted the digitalization of many different business sectors, and smartphones have cer…

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The Impact Mobile Gaming of Online Casinos

6/25/2021 1:18:57 PM

Mobile gaming is one of the most substantial aspects of the gaming sector. In fact, it has millions of players around the world, and its profit continues t…

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Rise of Mobile Gaming

6/25/2021 1:16:09 PM

The mobile gaming industry is one of the best performing sectors worldwide, and it has billions of players, while the number is consistently increasing. Th…

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6 Disruptive Technologies in 2021

6/25/2021 1:13:00 PM

Modern digital technologies are constantly evolving, and every sector is accustomed to the constant flood of innovations. In 2021, there are many technolog…

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How Mobile Technology Impacted the Entertainment Sector

6/25/2021 1:08:53 PM

Today most people spend more time on mobile devices than on a computer or in front of a TV. Actually, on average, one person spends 155 minutes per day on …

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6 Great VR Applications

6/25/2021 1:06:21 PM

Thanks to the rapid progress over the years of VR technology, it has finally taken off in 2021, even though it was created in the 90s. Actually, VR technol…

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The Power of Mobile Apps for Day-To-Day Health

6/25/2021 1:02:20 PM

Mobile apps are intertwined with our daily lives because they help us learn a different language, stay in touch with our friends, and there are even apps t…

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Advantages of Different Wearables

6/25/2021 12:58:31 PM

Recently we have witnessed a surge in the popularity of wearable smart devices, which are also known as wearables. Even though we mainly associate wearable…

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Modern Technological Trends in the Health Care Sector

6/25/2021 12:53:01 PM

Technological innovations offer a lot of advancements in the healthcare field, especially as we are looking for more personalized and effective treatments.…

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5 Great Customer Service Strategies To Help You Improve the Customer Experience

6/25/2021 12:50:06 PM

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of every customer experience, and it definitely can make or break the relationship between the busine…

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Technologies That Enhance the Customer Experience on Online Casinos

6/25/2021 12:45:24 PM

Online casinos have become some of the most attractive platforms for gambling. Not only can you play your favorite casino games on your mobile and desktop …

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Crucial Aspects of Modern Customer Support

6/25/2021 12:42:28 PM

As the technology progressed, customer support has gone from strength to strength because companies were able to deliver high-quality, and in a lot of case…

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Cloud Computing Trends

6/25/2021 12:35:47 PM

Cloud computing became the main innovation that businesses relied on to enhance their performance, scalability and optimize their costs. Cloud computing…

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The Effect of Cloud Computing on the Gaming Industry

6/25/2021 12:32:47 PM

The gaming industry is one of the sectors that largely benefited from modern tech innovations and managed to scale their audience to over 2 billion players…

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IoT Evolution Announces Best of Show Award Winners at IoT Evolution Expo 2021

6/25/2021 12:29:04 PM

TMC and Crossfire Media recently announced the Best of Show Winners from IoT Evolution Expo 2021, held June 22 to 25, 2021 at the Miami Beach Convention Ce…

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Advantages of Cloud Computing for Online Casinos

6/25/2021 12:28:08 PM

Cloud computing is one of the latest innovations that has proved to be extremely useful for numerous sectors. More specifically, it has found a lot of appl…

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Unified Office Expands MSP Offerings With Total Connect Now Automotive Performance Suite

6/25/2021 11:01:27 AM

With the automotive industry continuing to expand and innovate at a rapid rate, managed service providers specialized in the area have been attempting to d…

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FBI Report Finds 300% Rise in Cybercrime Due To Pandemic

6/25/2021 10:09:10 AM

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to accelerate digitally at a rate which it hadn't ever done so before. And as organizations across all industries tr…

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The Future of Work is Hybrid, but How? Navigating the Complexities

6/25/2021 9:52:51 AM

As businesses start to open and people have started to put their masks aside, the debate on the work schedule continues, with whether the hybrid work model…

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An MSP's Guide to Coming Back Post-Pandemic and Thriving in the Next New Normal

6/25/2021 9:39:39 AM

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to rollout across the nation, and companies begin to consider the rationality behind returning their workforce to offices or …

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A Vision for Productivity Gains through Document Automation

6/25/2021 9:25:27 AM

As businesses constantly seek to traverse the challenging landscape while increasing their efficiency, saving valuable resources such as time and money. Mo…

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Security Experts Gather at ITEXPO to Explore SOAR

6/25/2021 9:14:32 AM

Living in a time where technological aspects like artificial Intelligence are advancing, cautionary measures must be put in place to avoid cyber threats an…

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Mobile Innovators to Represent Israel's Vibrant Tech Industry Gather at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Next Week

6/25/2021 8:55:26 AM

As the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona approaches, the excitement around the event has heightened substantially. The event, which saw over 109,000 atten…

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2021 ITEXPO Idea Showcase-Presenters and Winners

6/25/2021 8:32:14 AM

Day 2 ITEXPO ended with the 2021 Idea Showcase, where tech startup leaders are judged to determine the best presentation for their ideas.

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Unlocking New Revenue Streams With 5G Networks

6/24/2021 6:38:52 PM

After years of planning and implementing infrastructure upgrades, the time for 5G has finally arrived. Tech experts have speculated for years that 5G would…

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10 Benefits of Big Data in the Telecom Industry.

6/24/2021 3:30:19 PM

Telecom and telephone communications are a necessity these days, with large corporations mostly fighting on the Indian sales chart in order to deliver the …

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How the Internet and Online Gambling Are Changing

6/24/2021 3:06:00 PM

The gambling industry, like other industries, has continued to evolve. It has come from a humble beginning decades ago, where you could only play in a land…

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Video Games and Online Gambling Are Changing the Future

6/24/2021 3:03:45 PM

While physical casinos have been around for a long time, online casinos have become popular relatively recently. With the advent of the internet and the ad…

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Machine Learning and the Gambling Experience

6/24/2021 3:01:26 PM

Online casino gaming has become one of the most popular and fastest-growing industries in the world. By providing players a wide range of gaming options an…

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