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Seagate Reduces Operational Costs with AI-Driven Juniper Solution

1/9/2023 5:02:54 PM

Seagate selected Juniper for its full stack AI-driven enterprise portfolio that encompasses SD-WAN, Wi-Fi and wired access switching.

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Prezi Video for Zoom Launches for Engaging Video Presentation Experiences

1/9/2023 4:58:20 PM

As part of their ongoing team-up, Prezi and Zoom Video Communications launched Prezi Video for Zoom as part of Zoom's curated Essential Apps to lend users …

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Aviatrix Extends to Edge with Equinix

1/9/2023 4:54:22 PM

Aviatrix will deliver Aviatrix Edge software across at least 25 of Equinix's global IBX data centers.

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HCLTech Keeps 5G Innovation Wheel Going with Intel and Mavenir

1/9/2023 4:50:12 PM

HCLTech, Intel and Mavenir are in a collaboration to develop and provide scalable private 5G network solutions for communication service providers and broa…

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FBI Working with India's CBI and Interpol to Stem Indian Call Center Scams

1/9/2023 4:45:38 PM

The FBI is stepping up its efforts to stem the scams by appointing a permanent representative at the U.S. embassy in New Delhi.

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As the Internet Continues to Expand Exponentially, So Do Web Borne Cyber Attacks in Asia

1/9/2023 3:21:22 PM

4 of 5 SE Asia countries recorded more phishing emails during the first six months of 2022 compared to their total number of incidents in 2021.

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Opti-Harvest Taps Veea to Power Agricultural Intelligence Solutions in Vineyards and Fields

1/9/2023 3:13:50 PM

Edge connectivity company Veea has teamed with agriculture tech innovator Opti-Harvest to help farmers maximize yield, optimize land, and labor resources, …

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IONOS Signs on as a Silver Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

1/9/2023 1:21:11 PM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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Cloudbet innovates again with revolutionary reward program

1/9/2023 1:18:30 PM

When it comes to innovation in betting, it's hard to look beyond the early crypto casinos for an example of forward thinking. Among those names, perhaps th…

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[HED] Lear Capital Answers: What Role Can - or Should - Currency Play in Economic Expansion Efforts?

1/9/2023 1:14:02 PM

In the U.S., currency production practices have been a key part of the federal government's attempts to grow the economy - at times, with mixed results, ac…

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Smart Ways To Ensure Your Safety When Behind The Wheel

1/9/2023 1:04:54 PM

Whether you have a smart car that lets drivers pay right from their dash or an old vehicle that lacks the swanky features, you should know how to keep your…

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Steam Trap Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

1/9/2023 12:58:19 PM

Steam trap maintenance is essential to the efficiency of your plant. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about steam trap m…

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3 Issues That Hinder EHR Interoperability and How to Solve Them

1/9/2023 12:52:34 PM

Although EHR solutions have been in the spotlight for over a decade, they are still riddled with some persistent interoperability issues. The importance of…

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Virtual Events: The Latest Tech Trend For Small And Large Businesses

1/9/2023 12:39:32 PM

For years, businesses have used digital tools like Video conferencing software, live-streaming, social media, instant messaging, and other visual and audio…

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Is DSIP An Antioxidant Peptide?

1/9/2023 10:17:01 AM

One synthetic peptide that controls several bodily processes and keeps things running smoothly inside is delta sleep-inducing peptide or DSIP. As its name …

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Robocalls See Slight Dip in 2022

1/6/2023 5:49:14 PM

U.S. consumers are the recipients of around 50.3 billion robocalls in 2022, less than the 50.5 billion total robocalls received in 2021.

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Wear an IronVest in Fight Against Cyberattacks

1/6/2023 5:39:45 PM

IronVest provides 360-degree protection for employees inside and outside of the workplace.

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Prodoscore Supports Growth with PSG Investment

1/6/2023 5:39:25 PM

Prodoscore is supporting the growth of its performance data visualization solution through a strategic growth investment led by PSG.

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Trend Micro Establishes CTOne, Focusing on 5G Network and Security Advances

1/6/2023 5:34:24 PM

Trend Micro Incorporated has established CTOne, a new subsidiary focused on the advancement of 5G network security.

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Applied Tech and Platte River Networks Merge to Form MSP Superpower

1/6/2023 5:29:06 PM

Applied Tech and Platte River Networks announced that they plan to merge into what they're calling an "MSP superpower."

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IntelePeer Reassures CPaaS Security with Certification

1/6/2023 5:27:45 PM

CPaaS provider IntelePeer is among those that are recognized with SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

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Cisco Chooses Emtrain as Its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative Partner

1/6/2023 5:24:36 PM

Cisco recently announced that it retained e-learning solutions provider Emtrain to serve as Cisco's exclusive diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) trainin…

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Protect AI Accelerates MLSecOps

1/6/2023 5:22:50 PM

Protect AI secured $13.5 million in seed funding and released its first product, NB Defense, to protect MLSecOps, for free.

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Smart Lock Provider Kaadas Announces its Expansion into the North American Market

1/6/2023 5:06:55 PM

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, security and smart lock solutions provider Kaadas announced that it is expanding operations to North…

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ZIRO and Dubber Turn Calls into AI Notes on Teams

1/6/2023 12:39:32 PM

ZIRO enters into a Foundation Partner agreement with conversational intelligence and unified recording platform Dubber.

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Vbrick Ramps Up Enterprise Content Delivery Network Capabilities

1/6/2023 11:29:11 AM

Ramp and Vbrick's combined eCDN technologies create a solution that delivers live and on-demand video needed to handle video traffic spikes.

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Edgecore Networks Intros EPS200 Series

1/6/2023 11:15:41 AM

Edgecore Networks introduces a new, high-performance solution: the EPS200 Series.

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Research Shows Third-Party Workers Put Enterprise Security at Risk

1/6/2023 10:42:27 AM

Security solutions remain a salient point for businesses to address, as Talon Cyber Security noted in its recently published 2022 Third-Party Risk Report.

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Visual Self-Service Company Zappix Announces Two New Customers

1/6/2023 10:17:03 AM

Zappix offers visual self-service solutions to improve customer service and engagement experiences.

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HoduSoft Debuts Omnichannel Contact Center Solution for the Insurance Industry

1/6/2023 10:01:39 AM

India-based communications solutions provider HoduSoft has announced an omnichannel contact center tailored for the insurance industry and improved custome…

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Watershed and Novata Collab on ESG Data Solution for Private Markets

1/6/2023 9:40:54 AM

Watershed is in a strategic partnership with Novata to help more investors start the journey to decarbonize their portfolios, particularly the private mark…

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Qualtrics Adds More Automated Personalization Capabilities to Experience Management Platform

1/5/2023 5:27:28 PM

Qualtrics announced new XM Platform innovations that aim to offer organizations with better capabilities for automated personalization.

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NICE Provides On-Demand Access to CX Data and AI

1/5/2023 5:22:06 PM

NICE brings the power of its purpose-built CX AI to the developer community with a new solution.

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Telehealth Expansion Lets Off Accelerator in 2023

1/5/2023 5:17:42 PM

The expansion of telehealth is expected to slow in 2023 because medical centers are keener to build on the telehealth systems they have in place, according…

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Aptiv PLC Acquires Wind River Systems to Enhance Software-Defined Vehicles

1/5/2023 5:10:01 PM

Dublin-based automotive technology supplier Aptiv PLC has acquired California-based cloud software and intelligent edge company Wind River Systems.

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A New Boost for Emergency Services, Following Partnership Between FocusPoint and Skylo

1/5/2023 4:57:53 PM

Crisis management and ERaaS company FocusPoint International and NTN operator Skylo partner to enhance connectivity solutions in emergency scenarios.

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Moen Smart Home Technology Dives into Lawn Care with Sprinkler and Wireless Soil Sensors

1/5/2023 4:53:01 PM

Moen, creator of smart water conservation products, announces its new Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Wireless Soil Sensors.

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XR Video Conferencing Gains Momentum from ALE and CORTEX2

1/5/2023 4:41:00 PM

Communications and cloud solutions provider Alcatel Lucent Enterprise is a participant in the CORTEX2 consortium.

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Phishing and Other Web-Borne Threats Pose Serious Risk in 2023

1/5/2023 4:26:48 PM

DefensX protects users from sophisticated cybersecurity attacks by isolating threats before reaching endpoints with zero-trust transformational application…

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The Future of Precision Agriculture Resides in Agricultural Intelligence

1/5/2023 4:00:59 PM

Veea is working with Opti-Harvest to develop a connected Agriculture Intelligence solution to monitor critical data streams for crops in the field and crea…

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Precision Agriculture is Positioned for Massive Growth in 2023

1/5/2023 3:51:55 PM

Opti-Harvest selected Veea to bring a comprehensive range of solutions to growers, after having implemented several projects over the last few years.

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Healthcare Trends 2023 - Industry Leaders Weigh In

1/5/2023 3:32:26 PM

COVID-19 has forever changed the way people approach healthcare, including patients choosing telehealth over in-person visits and avoiding hospitals whenev…

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GCH Long Block Racing Discusses How Technology Is Evolving In The Automotive Industry

1/5/2023 3:26:29 PM

The automotive industry is one of the fascinating industries to follow from a tech perspective. Why? The experts at GCH Long Block Racing in Pomona, CA, sa…

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What is ZTNA and How it Can Boost Cloud Security

1/5/2023 3:19:29 PM

ZTNA stands for Zero Trust Network Access. It is a technology that helps organizations implement a zero trust security model by providing secure access to …

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Making Kubernetes Production-Ready: Autoscaling, Service Mesh, RBAC, and More

1/5/2023 3:14:44 PM

Production-ready Kubernetes refers to a version of Kubernetes that is ready to be used in a production environment. This typically means that the Kubernete…

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The top crypto tax calculator should have these 5 qualities

1/5/2023 3:04:03 PM

A crypto tax calculator takes data from your accounts or wallets online and has wonderful features like putting your taxes into other accounts for more pro…

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How the Latest Tech is used For Improving User Experience in Online Casinos?

1/5/2023 2:59:09 PM

Online casino operations have changed dramatically over the years. Most of the transformation can be attributed to technological innovations. At first, onl…

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The Business of Aging: How Biotech Companies Are Fighting Back

1/5/2023 2:51:49 PM

We all dread the aging process, from the wrinkles and age spots to the aches and pains that come with it. But while we may not be able to stop aging comple…

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BBT.Live Signs on as a Silver Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

1/5/2023 11:13:43 AM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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Conceal Signs on as a Silver Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

1/5/2023 11:08:13 AM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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