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Maximizing recovery by using bodybuilding supplements

1/19/2023 10:32:03 AM

Gaining muscle mass and achieving your bodybuilding goals isn't only about rigorous workouts and nutritious diets. It is also about a process that people o…

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The Benefits of Implementing a Master Data Management Platform

1/19/2023 9:55:31 AM

A master data management (MDM) platform is invaluable for any business. By centralizing data into one cohesive system, companies can improve their operatio…

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A Leap in Connectivity: Aeris Acquires Technologies from Ericsson to Support Cellular IoT

1/18/2023 5:22:34 PM

After signing a recent agreement, Aeris has acquired Ericsson's IoT Accelerator and Connected Vehicle Cloud businesses to connect more than 100 million IoT…

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Moby Answers Blockchain-based Payment System Skepticism

1/18/2023 5:10:53 PM

Moby, powered by MobileCoin, allows customers to take advantage of a simpler way to self-custody funds and pay privately.

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Study Finds Many Companies Are Missing a Good Outbound Strategy

1/18/2023 4:54:38 PM

A new study by Forrester Consulting found that respondents' top business goals include a focus on improving the customer experience and that outbound commu…

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Mobeus Innovates New VR Genre

1/18/2023 4:45:27 PM

Mobeus and Oblon collaborated on a portfolio of patent applications for a new genre of VR that does not require any additional hardware such as AR glasses …

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Human Firewall: ThriveDX Brings Human-Factory Security to Europe

1/18/2023 3:52:36 PM

ThriveDX is in a partnership with Exclusive Networks to deliver human-factor security solutions to Exclusive Networks' ecosystem.

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DecisionPoint Moves into Managed Services Market with Vision

1/18/2023 3:40:18 PM

DecisionPoint taps into the managed services market with a managed services portal for mobility applications in the enterprise market, Vision.

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Motivosity Signs on as a Platinum Sponsor for the Future of Work Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

1/18/2023 3:29:02 PM

Through interactive sessions, quality keynotes, exciting networking experiences and a recently expanded exhibit floor, Future of Work Expo connects busines…

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Konecto Joins IoT Evolution Expo 2023 as a Silver Sponsor

1/18/2023 3:23:05 PM

IoT Evolution is the leading event for education on the technologies, solutions and impact that the IoT will have on the enterprise, smart cities, healthca…

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Barracuda Signs on as a Silver Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

1/18/2023 3:12:48 PM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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A Technology that Cares: Libelium's Focus on Sustainable IoT Advancements

1/18/2023 1:17:29 PM

Ahead of IoT Evolution Expo 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we had the opportunity to speak with the Commercial Chief Officer of Libelium about news in I…

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More Doctors Visits from Home? Americans Prefer Telehealth Services

1/17/2023 5:54:57 PM

More than 90% of Americans used telehealth services in the last year, and nine in ten enjoyed their experience, according to an Independa study.

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The Whats and Hows of SmartSense by Digi's IoT Sensing-as-a-Service Open Platform

1/17/2023 3:22:43 PM

Part of Digi International, SmartSense has announced the launch of its Sensing-as-a-Service open platform strategy for improving IoT solutions.

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Datagate and Intuit Remove Telecom Billing and Accounting Headache for MSPs

1/17/2023 2:57:54 PM

Datagate plus QuickBooks Online is a great package for MSPs looking for an easy way to sell and invoice telecom services.

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Tricky Lawns, Begone: AI-Powered LawnMeister Lawn Care Robot Debuted by Heisenberg Robotics

1/17/2023 2:43:33 PM

Shenzhen company Heisenberg Robotics revealed their new LawnMeister robot with safe and optimal features for smarter lawn care.

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TD SYNNEX Better Understands Technology Ecosystem Trends

1/17/2023 2:09:48 PM

TD SYNNEX has gained better insight on the future of the global IT ecosystem based on a range of topics.

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Exploring the Docker Security Benchmark and Its Recommendation

1/17/2023 1:09:42 PM

The first thing that pops up in our minds when we talk about containerization is Docker. The concept of containers eases the development and delivery of…

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How Randomizers Are Used in Our Daily Lives

1/17/2023 12:59:22 PM

You might never have given randomizers much thought, but they're more common in day-to-day life than you might think. Here are some of their common uses.

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Harnessing the Power of Automation with RPA in Online Casinos

1/17/2023 12:10:43 PM

Online solitaire is a game that is gaining popularity in online casinos. is one of the most prominent platforms where you can play Solita…

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An Incident Response Process for Zero Day Attacks

1/17/2023 12:03:03 PM

A zero-day vulnerability is a previously unknown vulnerability in a computer system or application that can be exploited by attackers. These vulnerabilitie…

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What Is an SBOM and Why Is It Critical for Software Compliance

1/17/2023 11:54:17 AM

An SBOM, or software bill of materials, is a list of all the components and dependencies that make up a piece of software. This can include things like lib…

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Cyber Crime and Fraud: Protecting Your Business

1/17/2023 10:35:24 AM

As technology evolves and advances, so does the risk of cybercrime and fraud. Experts like Carlos Urbaneja in Miami, FL, say cybercrime is a serious threat…

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Web3 More Accessible with Easy Wallet

1/17/2023 10:10:47 AM

Easy is a new approach to wallet design, with a focus on user experience, safety and fun.

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Balto Lights Beacon for Agent Empowerment

1/17/2023 10:07:09 AM

Balto is empowering call center agents with Beacon, a real-time capability that benefits agents with crowd-sourced and tested real-time recommendations.

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The Future's Smarter Cities: A Look at the Industry's Projected Growth Opportunities

1/17/2023 10:02:53 AM

Market research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan published insights on the next big boom for smart cities.

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GoContact Reaches Broadvoice's North American Business Customers

1/16/2023 4:58:18 PM

Broadvoice launched the GoContact omnichannel cloud contact center solution for business customers in North America.

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ThreatLocker Expands Across the Pond

1/16/2023 4:46:59 PM

ThreatLocker, based in Florida, is taking its platform and solutions across the pond to Dublin, Ireland, with a new office and 120 jobs in a Dublin suburb,…

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Cloud-Delivered Malware Spikes in 2022

1/16/2023 4:12:08 PM

More than 400 distinct cloud applications delivered malware in 2022, according to Netskope Threat Labs.

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GetWireless Announces New IoT Partnerships and LoRaWAN Support

1/16/2023 3:53:37 PM

As a national distributor of cellular devices, GetWireless seeks to support more wireless solutions by supporting LoRaWAN technology with the help of new p…

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Acronis Signs on as a Gold Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

1/16/2023 3:12:20 PM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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Reusable N95 Masks and Workplace Hazards

1/16/2023 12:21:53 PM

Respiratory protection is of utmost importance in the workplace. Millions of people work in potentially harmful environments that contain harmful dusts, to…

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Crypto and AI: Five Pros of AI in the Crypto World

1/16/2023 12:16:00 PM

The popularity gained by cryptocurrencies in the world is unmatchable, especially in the past years. Cryptocurrency exchanges and their long-term investmen…

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What Is Application Dependency Mapping?

1/16/2023 12:09:28 PM

Application dependency mapping is the process of identifying and visualizing the relationships and dependencies between different applications and software…

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The Importance of Live Chat For Businesses

1/16/2023 11:53:17 AM

Customer support is an absolutely vital part of business, both online and offline. Getting customer care options optimized and answering any queries in an …

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Mobile is becoming the standard platform for iGaming

1/16/2023 11:45:12 AM

Not so long ago, as online casino gaming's momentum grew, commentators were talking about the need for online casinos to embrace the mobile age. Today, the…

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The technological evolution that allowed businesses to make more money, more quickly

1/16/2023 11:40:07 AM

Discover the technological advances that have led to increased profits for businesses and learn how you can apply them to your organization.

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Simplifying IoT: 1NCE Launches 1NCE OS to Make IoT Easier and More Affordable

1/16/2023 9:55:23 AM

In the pursuit of hassle-free IoT, 1NCE launched its 1NCE OS platform for the IoT software industry to simplify tech and make services more straightforward…

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Continuum and Plato Extend Active Web3 Communities in Partnership

1/16/2023 9:50:30 AM

The partnership between Continuum and Plato is focused on extending the two companies' active Web3 communities

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Chenega Systems Using Solutions from Zoom to Modernize DoD

1/13/2023 4:38:56 PM

Video conferencing provider Zoom provided commercial solutions to Chenega Systems to help it embrace flexible working and remain competitive when it comes …

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Box Enhances Salesforce Integration

1/13/2023 4:29:58 PM

New updates to Box's integration with Salesforce are released to help businesses connect teams to their content so they can work securely from anywhere.

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Kodiak and Ambarella Innovate Self-Driving Truck Safety

1/13/2023 3:54:39 PM

Kodiak will integrate Ambarella's CV2AQ AI perception system-on-chip (SoC) into its self-driving trucks for all camera data processing.

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Nextbase iQ Dash Cam, Powered by T-Mobile, Raises Onboard Intelligence

1/13/2023 3:42:30 PM

Nextbase's iQ Smart Dash Cam is the new generation of in-car security and driver assistance.

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

1/13/2023 3:09:02 PM

When selecting a health insurance plan, there are many questions that you should ask to ensure that the coverage you are purchasing is right for your indiv…

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Why unified communications (UC) technology can particularly benefit the non-profit sector

1/13/2023 2:35:48 PM

Unified communications technology is becoming increasingly popular in the business world due to its ability to keep all communications programs in one plac…

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Dell, UNN Fast-Track Brunei Modernization

1/12/2023 3:56:15 PM

Dell is in collaboration with Unified National Networks to help support Brunei and fast-track its progress of modernizing network infrastructure.

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Intelisys Recognizes Vonage with Several Awards for 2022

1/12/2023 3:53:46 PM

For 2022, Intelisys awarded cloud communications provider Vonage with its Top Overall Program Award, among other awards for individual Vonage managers.

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What Is Biopharma, and Why Is It Important?

1/12/2023 3:39:45 PM

Are you interested in working in the biopharma industry, or simply looking to better understand this important sector of health care? This article will …

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5 Marketing Freebie Ideas to Grow Your Audience

1/12/2023 3:34:28 PM

Everyone loves free goodies from companies, but pens, pencils and mugs can appear a little outdated these days. In response to that, we're presenting f…

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The TON Foundation Revolutionizes File Storage Guarantee

1/12/2023 3:33:46 PM

TON Storage is a decentralized file-sharing and data storage solution that is set up to solve a host of the issues posed by the volume of data the modern w…

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