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Roman Sledziejowski: Savant Strategies Competitive Edge and Future Plans

9/16/2022 2:06:00 PM

Roman Sledziejowski is the co-founder and current Vice-Chairman of Savant Strategies, an international management consulting firm that provides management …

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Senet, CalChip Simplify Global LoRaWAN IoT Deployment

9/16/2022 1:49:01 PM

Senet will partner with CalChip Connect to support the LoRaWAN solution demand globally.

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MSP360 Integrates Predictive Cybersecurity

9/16/2022 1:40:03 PM

MSP360 fully integrated with Deep Instinct to implement a deep learning cybersecurity framework.

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Contribution Margins are Being Hit Hard by Inflation and Recession - Here's What You Can Do

9/16/2022 11:29:00 AM

Costs are skyrocketing in nearly every sector as inflation continues its march upward. Inflation is the highest many of us have experienced in our lifetime…

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Smart Eye AI Driver Monitoring Technology Keeps Roadways Safer

9/16/2022 10:17:08 AM

Smart Eye, one company that develops AI-based Driver Monitoring software, is installed in over a million vehicles on the road today.

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Happy Employees, Happy Customers

9/16/2022 9:38:07 AM

The right contact center solution can increase employee satisfaction, also driving customer experience and satisfaction.

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Skimpflation is Harming the Customer Experience

9/16/2022 9:09:08 AM

To reduce spending, customers are cutting ties with companies that don't live up to digital customer experience expecatations.

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Kore Looks to Simplify IoT Deployment in Ericsson Ecosystem

9/16/2022 8:53:57 AM

Kore entered an agreement with Ericsson to join the Ericsson IoT Accelerator ecosystem to reduce the complexities that come with IoT deployment.

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Carbyne Investment Accelerates 911 Infrastructure Modernization

9/15/2022 4:23:14 PM

Carbyne raised $56 million in Series C funding to accelerate the digital transformation of mission-critical operations and government service centers prima…

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Ubilite Optimizes Chip for Ultra-Low Power IoT Markets

9/15/2022 4:17:34 PM

Ubilite released its UBI206 platform based on the UBI206 SoC that specifically targets ultra-low power wireless applications.

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New Text Request Features Ease Customer Connection Via Text Messaging

9/15/2022 12:54:49 PM

Text Request released new features to help business users better connect with their customers and other contacts.

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AI-Driven CX Driving Strong Results for Verint

9/15/2022 12:45:37 PM

Verint, which produces a popular AI-driven cloud platform, has reported strong financial results for the previous quarter and half-year.

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Eutelsat Connects Satellites to Actility's LoRaWAN Hub for Global IoT Connectivity

9/15/2022 12:34:46 PM

Eutelsat and Actility, through a partnership, will integrate terrestrial and satellite LoRaWAN IoT connectivity and merge IoT data into a single platform.

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Barry Callebaut Bolsters Customer Experience with Vonage

9/15/2022 12:23:19 PM

Barry Callebaut selected the Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce solution to help optimize customer communications and enhance its operations.

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The Importance of a Good Translation Technology

9/15/2022 11:13:54 AM

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, more businesses than ever are finding ways to cater to international clientele, partner with businesses from …

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3 Ways to Elevate Your GMB Profile and Stand Out from the Crowd

9/15/2022 10:55:22 AM

The internet has changed the world in some pretty substantial ways. Over the last two decades, everything from finding a cooking recipe to getting directio…

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Gaming Super-Agent Ophir Lupu Joins Brian Sheth's Haveli Investments

9/15/2022 10:42:37 AM

Ophir Lupu recently moved to Haveli Investments, a gaming-focused private equity fund headed by philanthropist Brian Sheth. He will play a pivotal role at …

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How the Use of AI will Improve Clinical Trials

9/15/2022 10:37:52 AM

AI is everywhere today. Here, we look at its impact on clinical trials. It's a fascinating read, so don't miss it.

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6 Tips to Help With Working Capital Management

9/15/2022 10:06:26 AM

When you're running a business - especially one that produces goods - you have to keep a close eye on your money. There is a constant flow of money into an…

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August Records Highest Robocall Tally Since 2021

9/14/2022 5:11:27 PM

Americans received close to 4.5 billion robocalls in August, a 17.4% increase from July on a monthly and daily basis.

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IT Employees Don't Understand Their Place in Organizational Structure

9/14/2022 3:23:42 PM

Info-Tech's "Redesign Your IT Organizational Structure" revealed that understanding the drivers, context and strategies are key for successful IT organizat…

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NaaS Market to Surge Beyond $80 Billion

9/14/2022 12:18:55 PM

The NaaS market was valued at $6.67 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a 32.9% CAGR from 2022 to 2030, hitting $81.82 billion.

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Appgate Accelerates Zero Trust Adoption

9/14/2022 9:47:35 AM

Appgate launched its Technology Alliance Partnership program to help organizations unlock improved performance from cybersecurity investments and accelerat…

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Core Business Functions Survive Outages with Zoom Phone Hybrid Solution

9/14/2022 9:25:00 AM

Zoom launched a new hybrid survivability solution for Zoom Phone, Zoom Phone Local Survivability.

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Identiv NFC-tagged Scarves Customize FC Cologne Fan Experience

9/13/2022 4:50:03 PM

Identiv collaborated with collectID to deliver the NFC-enabled immersive fan experience for 1. FC Köln fans during the "Innovation Game."

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Collaboration Success Strategies

9/13/2022 4:41:21 PM

Do not depend on the technology to compensate for poor communications skills. The skills that work well in a face-to-face meeting should be applied to the …

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Food Tech and The Vegan Revolution

9/13/2022 4:22:03 PM

Israel is not only one of the most active venture capital investment countries in the world and home to many of the most successful tech start-ups in histo…

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Ingram Micro Solves IT Channel Complexity with Xvantage

9/13/2022 4:12:56 PM

Ingram Micro launched its digital experience platform ecosystem in the U.S. and Germany and confirmed the global go-live plan for rest of world.

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3 Industries That Are Affected by Low-Quality Tech

9/13/2022 4:06:10 PM

When an industry relies on technology that isn't up to snuff, it leads to a slew of issues. Of course, some of those problems are technical in nature. You …

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What Are the Latest Car Safety Developments and How Will They Affect Drivers

9/13/2022 4:01:16 PM

How are car costs and insurance impacted by the latest safety developments?

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7 Best Apps to Help Improve Your Budgeting and Trace Your Expenses

9/13/2022 3:56:45 PM

There are a number of apps available that can help you improve your budgeting and track your expenses. Some of these apps are designed specifically for bud…

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Five Popular Technology Trends in Millennials Generation

9/13/2022 3:50:50 PM

Millennials (also called Gen Y) have had the best of both worlds - times when technology was not easily accessible to advancements like Artificial Intellig…

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How is Big Data Analytics revolutionizing the Casino Industry?

9/13/2022 3:12:18 PM

If you prefer Hollywood, you could have seen Casino Royale or a Bollywood film like Teen Patti or a Tollywood production like Lie. The casino sequence is t…

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The Evolution of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in a Cloud-First World

9/13/2022 2:51:59 PM

MSPs can offer their clients a range of cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

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The Evolution of Business's Relationship with VPN

9/13/2022 2:44:37 PM

The term VPN may seem very familiar to the eye or you might have heard it at some point during a conversation online. But, VPNs and the means associated wi…

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Why Is Data Integration Important?

9/13/2022 2:40:34 PM

As IT professionals and business professionals often maintain, data integration is one of the most immediate processes by which any business may grow into …

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Healthcare Consultation Is Taking The Digital World Seriously

9/13/2022 2:31:37 PM

Today, healthcare professionals use the digital platform to reach out to their patients online. It is more applicable to do it now because technology has t…

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What is Financial Management?

9/13/2022 2:25:59 PM

Financial management is crucial in any organization. This article will provide an overview of financial management and some key concepts.

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3 Reasons to Buy TikTok Views for Your Company's Page

9/13/2022 2:21:46 PM

TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. Despite misconceptions, it's not just teenagers and Gen Zers who use the app. Pe…

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MFA Simplifies Private Network Deployments

9/13/2022 2:04:59 PM

The industry alliance supporting private network adoption, MFA, launched a new resource center on its website.

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Understand Cloud Application Characteristics Through VMware Aria

9/13/2022 9:52:34 AM

VMware unveiled VMware Aria, a multi-cloud management portfolio that provides a set of end-to-end solutions for managing the cost, performance and delivery…

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Mobile Business Messaging Market Set to Explode

9/13/2022 9:16:42 AM

According to Juniper Research, the mobile business messaging market will grow from $48 billion this year to to $78 billion by 2027.

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Mia Chatbot Cuts Miami Airport Inquiries in Half

9/12/2022 5:04:09 PM

The Miami International Airport cut the number of inquiries to its social channels nearly in half due to the Mia chatbot.

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The 20 MSP Continues Rapid Expansion Efforts, Scoops Up 6 MSPs

9/12/2022 4:34:01 PM

The 20 MSP has recently acquired six MSPs to continue expanding into new markets.

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Sharp NEC Display and Guise AI Partner for Solution That Sees In-Person Customers

9/12/2022 4:27:26 PM

Sharp NEC Display Solutions partnered with Guise AI to launch a computer vision solution to produce sharper audience insights and improved customer experie…

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Why AIOps Will Drive the Future of SD-WAN and the Evolution of SASE Networking

9/12/2022 4:18:59 PM

Network operations teams are adopting SD-WAN and SASE strategies and are looking at AIOps to automate more, detecting anomalies, cyberattacks, outages, and…

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BIO-key Expands Identity Solutions to Europe, Middle East

9/12/2022 4:02:32 PM

BIO-key agreed to a distribution partnership with Israel-based Multipoint in Southern and Central Europe and the Middle East.

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No-Fail Allied Telesis Network Ramps Up Leeds United Fan Experience

9/12/2022 3:55:55 PM

Leeds United FC experienced no network downtime in 15 years because of Allied Telesis and NETprotocol.

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HashCash's Blockchain-powered Prototype Delivers Accurate Demand Forecasting

9/12/2022 3:44:17 PM

Blockchain development company HashCash put forward a blockchain model proposition that will utilize decentralized data for precise demand forecasting.

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HoduSoft Signs on as a Gold Sponsor for ITEXPO 2023, the #TECHSUPERSHOW

9/12/2022 3:15:37 PM

ITEXPO is the leading event for IT professionals, C-levels and business owners, MSPs and the channel, and service providers to gather and advance their dig…

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