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Global Growth Trends of Casino Gaming Industry

7/15/2021 2:48:44 PM

Running with the pandemic situation, it is very much essential to investigate the future growth potential of the state's wagering taxes and along with the …

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The Best Added Features Of Enterprise Password Management Tools For 2021

7/15/2021 2:37:36 PM

While you may know the major functionality of password management tools in general, you may not be privy to some of the game-changing features that have ma…

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Paranoid About Prying Eyes? SmartEye's Biometric-Based File Sharing Security Software Can Help

7/15/2021 2:31:22 PM

2020 undeniably brought about many unprecedented challenges. Due to the global pandemic, political unrest, and raging wildfires, other less-tangible events…

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Why should you outsource IT projects to Central Europe?

7/15/2021 2:21:00 PM

Keeping a business running isn't simple in modern times. Even if your company isn't specializing in IT, chances are you will still have some minor or major…

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The Challenges Of Digital Transformation On The Plant Floor

7/15/2021 2:16:48 PM

The digitization of processes that drives competition in today's global markets is nowhere more evident than on the plant floor. Across the world, the t…

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Velodyne Joins Nvidia Metropolis Project

7/15/2021 2:01:56 PM

This week, Nvidia announced Velodyne Lidar is joining the Nvidia Metropolis program with the Velodyne Intelligent Infrastructure Solution (IIS) for traffic…

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Customers' Patience for COVID-Related Call Center Waits Is Wearing Thin

7/15/2021 10:08:13 AM

"Due to COVID-19, wait times may be long." Customers understood…16 months ago. If you're still using this as an excuse for poor customer service today, h…

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Telesystem Announces Voxnet Acquisition

7/14/2021 4:35:32 PM

Today, Telesystem announced the acquisition of Voxnet, further supplementing its suite of managed solutions.

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Kyndryl Reveals New Operating Models and Key Leaders as Company Departs from IBM

7/14/2021 3:17:22 PM

As Kyndryl prepares to go public, the company has unveiled its core business model, as well as an updated list of executive leaders for global operations.

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enVista Finalizes Acquisition of HCM Systems

7/14/2021 2:13:49 PM

After maintaining a long-term business partnership for many years, enVista has announced the acquisition of HCM Systems.

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Are We Moving Fast Enough to Secure Organizations from Security Breaches Growing in Size, Scope, and Cost?

7/14/2021 11:28:03 AM

A recent SANS survey sent shockwaves through the cybersecurity world, even as reports of massive phishing scams and ransomware attacks flooded the media, m…

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The Latest Easy Target for Bad Actors May Be Online Video Collaboration Tools

7/14/2021 10:41:21 AM

Growing attacks on collaboration platforms organizations were forced to use when work-from-home mandates were put in place around the world during the pand…

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LitLingo Offers AI-Driven Language Analysis for Business Communications

7/14/2021 10:33:27 AM

It's a regular occurrence: a company with a carefully crafted customer-facing policy slips up with one bad email that miscommunicates, offends and even put…

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Cloud Adoption Creating Identity Management Headaches in Healthcare

7/14/2021 10:28:27 AM

Healthcare organizations are moving to the cloud, and often more than one cloud for many reasons. First, this environment enables them to maximize the bene…

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Latent AI Latest Booz Allen Investment

7/13/2021 4:43:17 PM

Booz Allen Hamilton announced new investment in Latent AI, Inc., a provider of software tools offering adaptive AI and ML at the edge.

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CARROLL's M. Patrick Carroll Readies Launch of Seventh Multifamily Investment Fund

7/13/2021 4:31:06 PM

Leading Atlanta-based real estate investment firm CARROLL is building the framework for its seventh multifamily investment fund. Helmed by Founder and CEO …

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ActivTrak Coach Aims to Manage Productivity from Anywhere

7/13/2021 1:16:13 PM

ActivTrak has released a new coaching solution to help business leaders accurately assess employee performance from virtually any location.

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ProConnect with WebEx Offers Collaboration Enhancements for Hybrid Economy

7/13/2021 1:04:45 PM

Business communications solutions provider Consolidated Communications has announced the release of ProConnect with Webex, a new suite of tools integrated …

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Peerless Completes Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Certification

7/13/2021 11:51:39 AM

Peerless Network completed SIP trunk interop cetification with the Alcatel Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise, adding another PBX partner.

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Why Your Computer Needs File Management

7/13/2021 11:49:54 AM

The files within your PC are a lot like the appliances in your house: the more you use them, the more they need attention--such as cleaning, wiping, and or…

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Tips on Maximizing Facebook for Your Business

7/13/2021 11:29:14 AM

Your ideal customers spend the majority of their time on their phones. A significant number of your potential customers are on social media platforms. Thes…

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The Impact of AI and Data Annotation on the Future of Agriculture.

7/13/2021 11:16:51 AM

The impact of Technology on various sectors of the economy cannot be understated. Certain factors such as unprecedented surges in population growth and …

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How to Make Your Company Stand Out Online in 2021

7/13/2021 11:07:15 AM

Online presence is becoming more important for businesses day by day. The internet has become a space for advertising, brand recognition, client interactio…

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Viber Forms Partnership with Sri Lanka's Dialog Axiata

7/13/2021 10:41:38 AM

Rakuten Viber, or simply Viber, is a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application owned by Japanese multinational company Rakute…

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How AI Is Shaping the Future of Medicine and Reducing the Risk of Health Hazards?

7/13/2021 10:05:51 AM

The advancement of technology and the development of new structures have led to the evolution of healthcare operations. These advancements are not only …

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5 Ways to Build Your Twitch Presence

7/13/2021 9:49:18 AM

Twitch is an Amazon-owned live-streaming platformed catered to a unique form of entertainment - video game streams. In June 2021, the platform saw an a…

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4 Tips for Building a Potentially Disruptive Tech Idea

7/13/2021 9:39:34 AM

The tech industry is undergoing constant change. Innovations are introduced each year and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve upon every n…

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How AI Transforms The Call Centers And Bringing Them To The Next Level

7/13/2021 9:34:14 AM

The Call centers market is estimated to reach a revised size of $496 billion by 2027. For the next 7-year period, it will rise to 5.9% CAGR. However, moder…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Know Your IP

7/13/2021 9:29:18 AM

Your IP address has a lot of information stored in it. If you're unaware of what yours is and find yourself Googling 'what is my IP?' at random hours, you …

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How NFTs are Changing Collectibles

7/13/2021 9:22:08 AM

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are minted pieces of digital files that are unique and owned by a private person. NFTs can be anything-a photo, a video, an a…

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Technology Driving The Rise Of Online Games

7/13/2021 9:17:23 AM

If you transported poker gamers from the past decade to the present day, they would be astounded by the changes in the gaming industry. The majority of the…

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DIDWW Joins M247 for Global Telephony Expansion

7/12/2021 3:35:38 PM

DIDWW and M247 have announced a new partnership to offer telephony solutions to customers in new territories across the world.

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NovaBACKUP: A Cloud Backup Pioneer's Transformation

7/12/2021 10:33:41 AM

NovaBACKUP re-engineered its pioneering cloud backup solution specifically to meet the flexibility, transparency, and pricing needs MSPs demand.

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The Role of Ultra-Fast Broadband in the American Economic Recovery

7/12/2021 10:14:45 AM

With many rural areas within the U.S lacking access to consistent, high-speed broadband, for decades, the private and public sectors have been struggling t…

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Why Partners are Key to Infoblox Cloud Go-to-Market

7/12/2021 10:01:46 AM

In what has been an extraordinary year for Infoblox and our partners, much is changing as we enter the post-pandemic era where companies will retain their …

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Beanfield Metroconnect Partners With Cisco for Virtual Collaboration Tool

7/12/2021 9:52:56 AM

Telecommunications company Beanfield Metroconnect has announced a new partnership with Cisco for a new cloud-based all-in-one collaboration experience - Ho…

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Nirvanix Delivers Innovative and Scalable VoIP Phone Solutions for Businesses

7/12/2021 9:48:56 AM

Businesses across the globe are transforming digitally today as work from home initiatives have quickly become the norm. For years - even before the Corona…

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LG Electronics Expands Cloud-based Call Centers to 11 New Countries

7/9/2021 5:40:33 PM

Improvements to customer service are important for any business, after all, the customer is the lifeblood of the company and having great experiences is wh…

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Kerlink Names CyRIC Official Distributor in Cyprus

7/9/2021 3:20:59 PM

French IoT solutions provider Kerlink named IoT end-to end network and solutions provider CyRIC its official distributor in Cyprus, building on a track rec…

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What is Software Localisation and why is it important for you

7/9/2021 2:47:45 PM

Software localisation is more than simply translating text and words. It is a process of adapting software to the demands of your intended target groups. T…

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Top 7 Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing

7/9/2021 2:12:30 PM

Data entry has always been a time-consuming and potentially challenging process in any organization. On the other hand, with many businesses continuously g…

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AT&T Underpins Edge Portfolio with Google Cloud Pairing

7/9/2021 1:24:45 PM

AT&T announced an extended partnership with Google Cloud to empower businesses with improved edge connections as well as edge computing capabilities, and u…

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It's the Perfect Time to Automate your Business Now. Here's Why

7/9/2021 12:08:28 PM

The structure of businesses worldwide has faced a tremendous amount of change over the centuries. In fact, it has witnessed the most change within the 21st…

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6 Innovations In Industrial Cleaning That Are Worth A Try

7/9/2021 12:02:35 PM

Like many industries moving towards more to technology innovation solutions, the once labor-intensive cleaning industry is also changing. Some changes have…

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How to Manage an Online Healthcare Degree

7/9/2021 11:54:27 AM

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular. It makes sense - with more students having access to the internet as well as universities' desire to reac…

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Should Your New Website be a Single Page Application?

7/9/2021 11:50:21 AM

Website and development are constantly evolving. The latest trend to emerge in terms of website development is the Single Page Application (SPA). They are …

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As Drones Evolve and Scale, GE and Microdrones Combine Forces

7/9/2021 11:38:12 AM

Recently, GE and Microdrones announced that they have entered into a worldwide licensing partnership, where together, they unite in releasing the GE indust…

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75 Percent of European Contact Center Executives Don't Understand AI

7/8/2021 5:06:39 PM

Companies once spent a lot of time pursuing what they believed to be effective customer service. The phrase "customer service," however, recalls a piecemea…

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APAC Study Found an Expansion of Enterprise AI Implementation in 2020

7/8/2021 4:56:31 PM

A recent IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Dataiku regarding AI maturity in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region found that the global COVID-19 pandemic did nothing to …

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How will new technologies impact the slots industry?

7/8/2021 4:10:54 PM

The advancements of technology is an incredible concept when giving it some thought. Rewind just 20 years and game controllers had to be used while sitting…

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