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Square Inc. Starts Search for 300 New Call Center Employees

10/11/2021 4:02:36 PM

Payment processing company Square is hoping to bring 250 new employees on board to boost contact center operations.

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Square Inc. Starts Search for 300 New Call Center Employees

10/11/2021 3:41:39 PM

Payment processing company Square is hoping to bring 250 new employees on board to boost contact center operations.

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How Our Habits Have Changed Due to the Pandemic

10/11/2021 2:57:06 PM

The pandemic changed so much of our lives and may of what we had previously clung to regarding specific routines and patterns has changed - possibly foreve…

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PhoneSuite Direct Scores New Deal with Curator Collection

10/11/2021 2:54:28 PM

Curator Hotel & Resort Collection has picked PhoneSuite direct as its hosted PBX and on-premise PBX provider.

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AudioCodes, Telco Team for Edge-Focused Business Routing Solution

10/11/2021 2:48:16 PM

AudioCodes and Telco announced the release of a jointly created solution designed to simplify the management of communications channels.

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How Blockchain Can Curb Illegal Cannabis Sales

10/11/2021 2:46:54 PM

Why California Regulators Should Consider Blockchain for Cannabis Tracing

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Ribbon Delivers Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Services to Operators, Extending their SBC Offering with Professional Services

10/11/2021 12:48:24 PM

Today, digital communication has become indispensable. The facts are that digital methods of communication are faster, more versatile, practical, and strea…

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TMC and 420MSP Announce CannaTech Expo 2022

10/11/2021 11:12:21 AM

TMC and 420MSP today announced the launch of CannaTech Expo, being held February 8-11, 2022 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center…

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Tips to Protect Enterprise Networks and Resources Against Mozi

10/11/2021 9:57:15 AM

Mozi is a DDoS-focused botnet that utilizes a large set of Remote Code Executions (RCEs) to leverage CVEs in IoT devices for infection. These IoT devices i…

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InspereX Turns to Avaya for Cloud Communications Overhaul

10/8/2021 5:41:51 PM

InspereX is now utilizing the Avaya Cloud Office suite to provide customers and employees with more reliable, functional business communications.

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New Report Uncovers Current State of Latin American Telecom Industry

10/8/2021 5:37:27 PM

Frost & Sullivan released the results of a survey that analyzes the current state of technological adoption among Latin American businesses.

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Percona Unveils Kubernetes Operator and Expanded Services

10/8/2021 5:28:33 PM

Open source software/service company Percona has announced the release of Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL, as well as additional managed services to sup…

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All Eyes on Thankful as AI Platform Raises $12M in Series A Funding

10/8/2021 4:49:36 PM

Venice, Calif-based Thankful, an AI customer service platform that takes services to the next level, is quickly gaining attention as it just announced $12M…

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WidePoint Buys IT Authorities

10/8/2021 4:44:09 PM

Trusted mobility management solutions provider WidePoint has announced the acquisition of Tampa-based IT Authorities.

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CalTech Receives SOC 2 Type 2 Audit Certification

10/8/2021 4:26:23 PM

CalTech is stepping up its efforts to provide top level managed services for clients by adding to its certifications. Most recently, it announced the succe…

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HealthTechZone Announced Recipients of the 2021 TeleHealth Awards

10/8/2021 3:57:02 PM

TMC announced today the winners of the 2021 Telehealth Awards, presented by their HealthTechZone news site.

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INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine Announces Winners of 2021 Hosted VoIP Excellence Awards

10/8/2021 3:41:17 PM

TMC today announced the recipients of the 2021 Hosted VoIP Excellence Awards, presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

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CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Recipients of the 2021 Customer Experience Innovation Awards

10/8/2021 3:35:19 PM

TMC announced today the winners of 2021 Customer Experience Innovation Awards, presented by TMC's CUSTOMER magazine.

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TMC Announces Recipients of the 2021 Cloud Computing Excellence Awards

10/8/2021 3:21:52 PM

TMC today announced the winners of the 2021 Cloud Computing Excellence Award.

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How Technology Has Changed Business

10/8/2021 2:45:12 PM

You can't understate the impact of technology on the modern world. The office from 60 years ago doesn't even look the same as before thanks to how far tech…

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6 Essential Tips You Should Know Before Trading and Investing in Penny Stocks

10/8/2021 2:35:54 PM

Trading penny stocks can help you gain quick returns by investing minimal capital. However, penny stocks trading isn't without risks, and you'll need to…

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Bank of England Makes Case for Heightened Cloud Regulation

10/8/2021 1:33:53 PM

The Bank of England recently released an official statement that argues that new rules should be written to protect public cloud customers.

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New Cybersecurity Solution Tackles Undetected Malware

10/8/2021 12:03:47 PM

Preavailion has announced the release of Omega, a new cybersecurity solution that analyzes metadata to discover hidden malicious programming.

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Versa Names Kumar Lalit First Chief Financial Officer to Support Further Expansion

10/8/2021 10:33:09 AM

Versa Networks named its first Chief Financial Officer, Lalit Kumar. Kumar joins executive leadership with a 20-year track record of success, and is well-e…

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TMC Launches Earth Intelligence World Expo in Partnership with Space IT Bridge

10/8/2021 7:45:00 AM

TMC and Space IT Bridge, today announced the launch of Earth Intelligence World Expo being held February 8-11, 2022 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward …

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Investment Firm L4 Acquires Clear Rate Communications

10/7/2021 4:45:40 PM

Clear Rate Communications has been officially acquired by investment firm, L4, LLC.

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MoneyGram Partners with Stellar for Crypto Conversion Program

10/7/2021 4:41:28 PM

MoneyGram and Stellar Development Foundation are teaming up to offer crypto customers a new resource for converting digital assets into fiat currency.

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Building a Flexible, Data-Driven Patient Satisfaction Strategy

10/7/2021 3:46:19 PM

While healthcare might not seem at first glance to be a very customer-driven industry, in reality, patients ARE customers, and they expect the same kind of…

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Cut the Complexity of IIoT Connectivity with Sensata

10/7/2021 2:50:01 PM

Sensata Technologies announced the general availability of Industrial Wireless Systems, promising digital transformation ease via scalable, pocket-friendly…

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IDC Survey Reveals New Demands in Increasingly Competitive MSP Space

10/7/2021 2:02:55 PM

IDC revealed the results of a new survey which analyzes the new demands managed services, offering MSPs key information to maintain a competitive edge in a…

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Next Level Connectivity at Retail is Contextual, Personalized and Entertaining With Digital Shopping Carts

10/7/2021 1:40:36 PM

Today, with the adoption of IoT, the retail industry has become more customer-centric, and the primary aim is to enhance the customer experience to its gre…

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Tucson Police Chief Calls for Better Co-Response for 911 Call Centers

10/7/2021 1:35:40 PM

Emergency 911 call centers handle a variety of emergencies, but increasingly, they're called on to handle mental health crises. Some municipalities have fl…

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The Flaws of a Freemium Mindset: Increased Transparency Needed

10/7/2021 12:11:26 PM

The freemium model, as well as digital culture as a whole, has made many customers somewhat numb to the fact that many large organizations hold huge oceans…

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Education for All Requires Broadband for All: Best and Highest Purpose for the Infrastructure Bill?

10/7/2021 10:53:49 AM

Today's classrooms are digital classrooms first, whether in place or extended through e-learning platforms and are being fed by information and content rep…

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Veea and iFree Introduce TROLLEE IoT and AI Powered Interactive Shopping Cart

10/7/2021 10:50:25 AM

In recent years, we've seen a drastic increase in smart technology aimed at making our lives easier. These innovations focus on improving our physical heal…

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Small Is The New Big: Faster, Smarter Connectivity and Compute at the Edge

10/7/2021 10:46:00 AM

In recent years, we've seen a drastic increase in smart technology aimed at making our lives easier. These innovations focus on improving our physical heal…

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CompTIA Expands Reach with New UK Organization

10/7/2021 10:22:21 AM

CompTIA will now offer UK-based organizations memberships for CompTIA ISAO, offering critical resources for maintaining proper cybersecurity standards as o…

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Check Point Research Finds 40% Rise In Cybercrime, with Little Evidence of Slowing Down

10/7/2021 10:19:19 AM

A new report from CheckPoint Research highlights and analyzes the recent rise in cybercrime across the globe.

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How COVID-19 has impacted trust in HR, and what HR can do to improve it

10/7/2021 9:51:54 AM

When facing a crisis, like COVID-19, it's important for employees to be able to trust their HR teams. Thankfully, almost a third (32%) of respondents to a …

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Top 10 Event Press Release Distribution Services

10/7/2021 9:33:35 AM

Nobody plans an event purely for their own satisfaction or enjoyment. Most event hosts want to attract as much publicity and as many guests as possible, an…

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3 Ways to Improve the Page Speed of a Business Website

10/7/2021 9:13:19 AM

Is your business website's page speed slow or does it often freeze or crash? Then you should read on to understand the causes of slow website page speed…

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Can We Really Trust T-Mobile?

10/6/2021 3:52:30 PM

Recently T-Mobile confirmed nearly 48 million current, former, and prospective customers were compromised in a massive data breach. While only confirmed a …

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McAfee Enterprise and FireEye Merge After STG Buyout

10/6/2021 2:07:33 PM

Following its buyout of McAfee Enterprise and FireEye Products, Symphony Technology Group (STG) has announced the companies will merge. The move stands to …

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Five9 Looks to the Future After Rejection of Purchase by Zoom

10/6/2021 2:03:18 PM

Call center company Five9 recently reiterated its positive future as a standalone company in the wake of the collapse of a purchase deal by videoconference…

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Can Blockchain Change the Very Fabric of Society?

10/6/2021 1:57:00 PM

The Crypto Commoners movement believes blockchain has the potential to transform a highly competitive society into a more equitable, cooperative one. The l…

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Major U.S. Cities Investigating Blockchain for Variety of Uses

10/6/2021 1:50:11 PM

A number of U.S. cities are researching the use of blockchain for everything from traffic management to improving verification, validation and auditing pro…

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Mohamed Ahmed J Al Thani Describes How Qatar is Encouraging Innovation and Modernizing its Economy

10/6/2021 12:04:01 PM

The nation of Qatar is working toward diversifying its economy and shifting from its prior dependence on the oil and gas industry to a knowledge-based mode…

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Busting Five Myths About Using a VPN

10/6/2021 11:57:55 AM

Virtual private networks - or VPNs for short - have been around since 1996 when a Microsoft employee developed the Peer-to-Peer Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP).…

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How Much Longer Can Industries Rely on Oil?

10/6/2021 11:55:56 AM

Climate change is once again in the news this week, with continued M25 protests triggering multiple arrests, sustained tailbacks and even criticism from UK…

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7 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Digital Footprint

10/6/2021 11:10:06 AM

These days, many people have turned to the Internet as their primary resource for information. Unfortunately, the internet does not only distribute informa…

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