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Fortify Client Relationships and Boost Sales with Sproutt's Generative AI Enhancement

5/31/2023 8:31:20 AM

Sproutt, the life insurance company, unveiled a groundbreaking AI engine exclusive to select groups, enhancing its SmartLife platform with generative AI te…

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Laird Connectivity Sensors and Iridium Edge Solar: A Partnership for Asset Ecosystems in IoT

5/30/2023 5:01:53 PM

Iridium Communications and Laird Connectivity are integrating respective technologies to enable longer-term IoT asset tracking, monitoring and management c…

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Keeper Security Streamlines Multi-Cloud Password Rotation

5/30/2023 4:38:55 PM

KeeperPAM's capabilities continue to grow with the launch of password rotation, a new feature that allows organizations to securely rotate service accounts…

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A New Series of Versatile LoRaWAN Modules from Laird Connectivity

5/30/2023 2:44:33 PM

Laird Connectivity revealed its RM126x series of LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) modules for customers looking for uncomplicated ways to improve LoR…

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Ransomware Tactics Exposed: Veeam Uncovers Focus on Backup Storage

5/30/2023 2:04:20 PM

Veeam revealed in its 2023 Ransomware Trends Report that nearly one in seven organizations will witness the compromise of almost all their data.

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Prepare for Impact: AI Will Revolutionize Every Organization, Application, and Service

5/30/2023 12:08:09 PM

The opportunity cost in not embracing AI is very real because of the ways AI improves productivity and quality and reduces cost at an unprecedented rate.

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Francis Rakus Explains How To Use Updated Technologies in Your Business

5/30/2023 12:04:14 PM

In this day and age, businesses have no choice but to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology. As tech grows more sophisticated, so must the…

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4 Reasons Your Business Will Benefit from Conversational AI

5/30/2023 11:50:09 AM

Are you currently using a traditional chatbot on your website or your company's internal support system? Or, maybe you've been avoiding using a chatbot alt…

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AI-powered Adoption Rate Among Fortune 500 Reaches Triple-Digit Growth

5/30/2023 11:46:50 AM

The Fortune 500 is making strides to enhance candidate experiences by implementing AI technology and automation.

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Novel Social Engineering Attacks Exploding in Growth: New Report from Darktrace

5/30/2023 11:46:42 AM

Social engineering attacks pose an increasingly serious threat to organizations as an entry point for the majority of the cyber attacks, Generative AI is p…

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Streamlined IoT Device Management from Laird Connectivity

5/30/2023 11:41:36 AM

Wireless connectivity simplifier Laird Connectivity announced its latest leap forward for effectively managing IoT devices via the Canvas Device Manager.

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IoT Evolution Announces Winners of 2023 Asset Tracking Awards

5/30/2023 11:31:33 AM

The IoT Evolution Asset Tracking award honors excellence in innovation utilizing IoT technologies to automate the asset tracking functions to increase effi…

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Five Healthcare Contact Center TrendsThat Are Improving Patient Outcomes While Addressing Rising Costs

5/30/2023 10:46:16 AM

Lessons learned during the pandemic have driven new appreciation of the value of IT and data management in healthcare, driving improved outcomes and cost e…

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CNC Machining and 3-D Printing: Combined Approach for Improved Manufacturing

5/30/2023 10:41:55 AM

3D printing has revolutionized manufacturing and prototyping in several areas. However, can it replace modern manufacturing techniques like CNC milling and…

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How Virtual Reality Is Helping Those in Palliative Care

5/30/2023 10:29:43 AM

According to the World Health Organization, around 56.8 million people need palliative care every year - and 25.7 million of that number are in their last …

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Vodafone and RingCentral Power Hybrid Work Collaboration

5/30/2023 10:23:43 AM

Vodafone Portugal and RingCentral have brought forth their One Net TeamCollaboration with RingCentral, an integrated communications solution.

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The Next Generation of Conversational AI, Courtesy of Character.AI and Google Cloud

5/30/2023 10:16:00 AM

Full stack conversational AI platform Character.AI partnered with Google Cloud. The former will tap the latter's cloud infrastructure to build and train mo…

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UJET Furthers Integration with Microsoft Teams for Better First-Call Resolution

5/30/2023 9:40:33 AM

Contact center platform company UJET recently announced its latest contact center integration with Microsoft Teams so first-contact customer interactions a…

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Cyara Integrates OpenAI's GPT-3 to Accelerate Chatbot Development

5/30/2023 9:26:58 AM

Customer experience assurance company Cyara has integrated ChatGPT into its processes in order to better train its customer-facing and customer-serving AI.

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GlobalPlatform Leads the Way in Automotive Security

5/28/2023 4:44:02 PM

GlobalPlatform launched a comprehensive initiative to address automotive security challenges and foster collaboration within the industry.

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Rejuvenate the Pulse of Employee Engagement and Proactive Action with Qualtrics

5/26/2023 4:38:43 PM

Qualtrics, known for its experience management solutions, introduced advanced features in Qualtrics Pulse, its platform for frequent employee feedback.

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Revolution at the Grid Edge: A Pioneering Approach to Energy Management

5/26/2023 4:31:31 PM

GridX and Sense announced a partnership that will translate smart meter data into meaningful benefits for customers and utility grid operators.

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Leveraging Generative AI for Health Literacy

5/26/2023 3:07:39 PM

DhatGPT is the latest buzzword in tech; how can it be leveraged to improve healthcare outcomes and create a more efficienct and cost-effective healthcare s…

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An AI Chief of Staff: Automated Work Assistant Xembly has been Equipped with VoicePrint

5/26/2023 3:03:42 PM

Xembly's VoicePrint tags meeting participants automatically to create more precise and accurate follow-up notes, among many other helpful work features.

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CyberLink and MediaTek Unite for Enhanced Facial Recognition Performance

5/26/2023 2:07:30 PM

CyberLink announced that its FaceMe engine has been integrated with MediaTek's Genio 700 next-gen smart IoT platform, increasing AI performance.

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Synthace and OpenAI's ChatGPT Revolutionize Biology Experiments

5/26/2023 12:18:52 PM

Synthace successfully integrated its platform with OpenAI's ChatGPT, bringing the power of generative AI to biology experiments.

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Volvo Group's EV Safety App with AR Technology for First Responders

5/26/2023 12:14:48 PM

Volvo Group has developed and launched its augmented reality (AR) safety app for electric trucks and like electric vehicles (EVs), specifically for real-ti…

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Does Your Bank Need an Updated Loan Origination System?

5/26/2023 11:47:06 AM

Banks need an updated loan origination system to reduce the processing turnaround time, increase the accuracy of data entered, generate real-time reports, …

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OneMain Financial Hit with $4.25 Million Fine Over Cybersecurity Failures: A Reminder of Industry-wide Risks

5/26/2023 11:45:14 AM

OneMain Financial Hit with $4.25 Million Fine Over Cybersecurity Failures: A Reminder of Industry-wide Risks

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Benefits from Using Artificial Intelligence in the Sports World

5/26/2023 11:40:03 AM

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various industries, and the sporting world is no exception. The integration of AI technologies in sports br…

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Artificial Intelligence in Online Casino Gaming

5/26/2023 11:36:26 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly transformed various industries, and the online casino gaming sector is no exception. With the advent of AI t…

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The Future of Technology in Healthcare

5/26/2023 11:29:25 AM

With advances in technology, the landscape of healthcare and wellness is changing rapidly. From early detection and prevention to personalized treatments a…

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Platform9 Unveils Cost-Effective Solution for Legacy Virtual Machines

5/26/2023 10:19:13 AM

Platform9 recently released its products, Platform9 KubeVirt and Platform9 Managed Kubernetes, to address the most pressing budget, staffing and operationa…

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Telco Transformation: Brightspeed and Alianza's UCaaS Partnership

5/25/2023 7:32:19 PM

Brightspeed and Alianza have launched a partnership to deliver a suite of next-generation voice and unified communications (UCaaS) services to previously u…

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Eliminating Peak Billing and Enhancing Efficiency: New Relic Unveils Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

5/25/2023 5:10:21 PM

New Relic unveiled an integrated and comprehensive solution for infrastructure monitoring and application performance management.

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Grammarly Unveils Expanded Product Vision to Transform the AI-Connected Enterprise

5/25/2023 5:01:23 PM

Grammarly is introducing an ambitious product vision aimed at shaping the AI-connected enterprise of the future.

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The Retail Game Changer: KORE's Retail Fixed Wireless Solution

5/25/2023 4:56:11 PM

KORE has developed a retail solution that leverages 5G-based Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) delivering a unified platform to manage connectivity and billing a…

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Recognition of Growth in IoT: Global Telecom Recognized with Award by ACG

5/25/2023 2:58:11 PM

The Association for Corporate Growth has awarded IoT connectivity provider Global Telecom with its "Top Startup" award this year.

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Semitech Semiconductor Dual-Mode Communication Platform Receives G3-PLC Hybrid Certification

5/25/2023 2:39:11 PM

Semitech Semiconductor, a provider of high-performance IoT/IIoT products, received official certification from the G3-Alliance on its SM2400 PLC+RF dual-mo…

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Juniper and ServiceNow Enable Seamless End-to-End Automation

5/25/2023 12:06:05 PM

Juniper and ServiceNow partnership eliminates multi-layer, multivendor solutions and boost network deployment and operational efficiencies while reducing c…

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Exploits, Botnets, and Malware Surge in Q1 2023

5/25/2023 11:29:21 AM

A new report from Nuspire that looks at the current digital threats landscape shows no slowing down, at the present moment.

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Quiq Aims to Eliminate the Mindless Chatbot with Its Conversational Customer Experience Solution

5/25/2023 11:18:41 AM

Customer messaging platform company Quiq recently announced the release of Conversational Customer Experience (CCX), its next generation of conversational …

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Speech-to-Speech Translation: How Orion's Frontline AI Removes Language Barriers for Workforces in Need

5/25/2023 11:16:16 AM

Orion Labs released its Speech-to-Speech (S2ST) solution for varied frontline enterprises to connect deskless workforces, regardless of their native langua…

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Prepared Businesses Outmaneuver Ransomware Resurgence

5/25/2023 12:21:05 AM

In its Corvus Risk Insights Index, a compilation of industry trends and data analysis, Corvus found that 2022 witnessed a notable decline in ransomware inc…

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Five9's Bracket Challenge Highlights Shifting Contact Center Priorities

5/24/2023 6:08:59 PM

Businesses in general are placing higher value on employee experience, which is also translating into a focus on contact center agent experience.

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Defending the Cloud: Wasabi and Opti9 Tag Team Against Cyber Threats

5/24/2023 5:54:40 PM

Wasabi and Opti9 have partnered to natively integrate comprehensive disaster recovery services and AI-powered ransomware detection into their systems to pr…

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