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Building a Caring Culture: Carsten Thiel on Generalized Reciprocity in the Workplace

9/27/2022 2:31:50 PM

Every worker in a company is going to have their own objectives for their role, personal goals that they hope to reach, and an agenda they have set for the…

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All You Should Know About Backdoor Attacks

9/27/2022 2:24:32 PM

A backdoor attack is similar to what burglary is to your home or apartment. Supposing a criminal wants to steal your stereo system, they can't go through w…

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Your Best Tech Companion for the Best Time on the Fields

9/27/2022 2:20:40 PM

What's your most crucial sporting gear? For field sports, it must be your bat, racket, or fishing rod. Now you are thinking of how to get ready for your up…

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Reasons why link building is considered a crucial element for reputation management of your brand

9/27/2022 1:53:17 PM

Brand reputation is something that can't be built overnight. It requires consistency and the willingness to devote time and attention to the right factors.…

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Logos and its importance in building a top-of-the-mind brand recall

9/27/2022 1:50:51 PM

In this world overflowing with competition, it is essential to pique your audience's attention and find a place in their heart to survive in the long run. …

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How To Read Finance Charts

9/27/2022 1:40:50 PM

Anyone who wants to understand finance must know how to read finance charts. These charts provide a visual representation of data that can be difficult to …

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The Essentials of SEO: How To Make Your Website More Search Engine-friendly

9/27/2022 1:38:07 PM

There's no doubt that businesses should invest in search engine optimization (SEO), particularly as so much of the world moves online. The definition of SE…

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How to Customize Netsuite for Your Business

9/27/2022 1:35:14 PM

Netsuite is a powerful, flexible CRM tool that can be customized to fit the needs of any business. Keep reading to learn how to customize Netsuite for your…

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5G Networking Speeds Meet High Throughput Computing With Persistent Survivability

9/27/2022 1:24:31 PM

Pente Survivable Edge makes private LTE/5G private networks extremely robust and IoT and Industrial IoT solutions easier to deploy and manage.

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CrowdStrike Intros Partner Progam, Adds Elite Tier for Business Growth

9/27/2022 10:08:57 AM

The CrowdStrike Powered Service Provider Program (CPSP) includes value-added solution bundles and is adding an elite tier to incentivize MSPs.

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T IoT Reinforces ICE Cobotics' Floor Cleaning Fleet

9/27/2022 9:30:49 AM

ICE Cobotics chose T IoT from T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom as its exclusive IoT connectivity solution worldwide to help customers more easily manage fleet…

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Escalating Ransomware Diminishes Organizations' Confidence

9/26/2022 5:09:34 PM

SpyCloud revealed in its "2022 Ransomware Defense Report" that 90% of organizations were affected by ransomware in some capacity over the past 12 months.

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Sinch and Zapier Expand Partnership for Better Business Messaging

9/26/2022 4:57:48 PM

Sinch's offerings like MessageMedia, ClickSend and SimpleText aloow businesses to interact over WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

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Ikue Platform Utilizes Customer Data to Increase Telecom Revenues

9/26/2022 3:28:23 PM

Ikue launched a program to help solve revenue challenges in the telecoms market - its Customer Data Platform.

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T-Mobile Joins Fight Against Wildfires with Pano AI

9/26/2022 2:41:17 PM

-Mobile has announced a new partnership with Pano AI and Portland General Electric for 5G-connected cameras that use AI to detect wildfires.

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Dell Expert Network Signs on as a Platinum Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

9/26/2022 2:30:05 PM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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Sangoma's AstriCon 2023 to be Collocated with ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale

9/26/2022 2:23:20 PM

Sangoma's AstriCon 2023 Conference will be collocated with TMC's ITEXPO, part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW, February 14-17, 2023, at the Broward County Convention…

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A Desire for Better CX is Driving Customers to Pivot from Retail Giants

9/26/2022 1:41:14 PM

Customers have stopped seeing price as their biggest decision-making factor and are looking for businesses that deliver the best customer experience.

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Juniper Connects UMass Amherst Students for Better Engagement

9/26/2022 1:30:28 PM

UMass Amherst switched to Juniper's AI-driven wireless network to optimize the digital experience for students, teachers, staff and guests.

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Jtendo Enriches iBASIS 360 Security for Telcos

9/26/2022 1:21:31 PM

Communications solutions provider for operators iBASIS integrated the multi-protocol signaling firewall of telecom security expert jtendo to its managed cl…

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SIXAI Deploys AI-powered Mobile Robot System Worldwide

9/26/2022 1:14:01 PM

SIXAI, the parent company of MAESTRO developer 634AI, released plans for worldwide deployment of the AI-powered mobile robot system within the next few yea…

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Samsung Offers 5G RAN Solutions to Comcast's 5G Connectivity Efforts

9/23/2022 5:54:52 PM

Samsung will deliver 5G RAN solutions to enhance 5G connectivity for Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile customers in Comcast service areas.

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Martello Adds AudioCodes SBC Reporting to Experience Monitoring

9/23/2022 5:47:30 PM

Martello's Vantage DX V3.7 brings enterprise IT and UC teams end-to-end visibility into a user's call path with the addition of AudioCodes SBC monitoring.

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ISG, cyberconIQ Address Human Error Cyber Security Risk

9/23/2022 5:39:28 PM

ISG formed a partnership with cybersecurity platform cyberconIQ to address the human side of cybersecurity.

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National Science Foundation Supports CAV Technologies Development

9/23/2022 5:30:40 PM

The U.S. National Science Foundation awarded $5 million to the University of Michigan to give academic researchers and students nationwide access to a clou…

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Owl Labs, BlueJeans Give Hybrid Conferencing a 360-degree Makeover

9/23/2022 5:12:32 PM

Owl Labs and BlueJeans by Verizon will provide access to Owl Labs' meeting technology combined with BlueJeans Meetings video conferencing software licenses…

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Companies Increase IT Security Spending as Ransomware Rises

9/23/2022 11:31:06 AM

Almost two-thirds of companies increased IT security spending from 2021-22 according to GetApp's "Fourth Annual Data Security Report."

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The Desk Phone is Not Dead: Sangoma Ships One Millionth IP Phone

9/23/2022 11:17:08 AM

Sangoma, a longstanding power in the VoIP industry, and now in the UC space, shipped its 1 millionth IP desk phone to technology distributor Jenne.

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Hybrid Employers Are Increasing Activity-Based Work Space

9/23/2022 10:51:30 AM

Organizations are leaving behind the "cube farm" idea and instead moving to activity-based-working (ABW).

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Northern Data Provides HPC Cloud Resources with NVIDIA GPUs

9/23/2022 10:32:07 AM

Northern Data Cloud Services joined NVIDIA's Partner Program Network as a preferred partner.

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Blackfoot Communications Delivers Wireless WAN Options with Cradlepoint

9/23/2022 10:20:45 AM

Blackfoot Communications joined Cradlepoint's partner program to deliver wireless WAN solutions to a growing client-base of enterprise organizations and sm…

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Verint Digital-First Engagement Delivers 271% ROI

9/23/2022 10:04:07 AM

Through customer interviews and financial analysis, Forrester found that Verint customers realize a 271 percent ROI with a payback period of less than six …

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With IoT Edge Survivability, Automated Systems Run in Real Time All the Time

9/23/2022 9:51:14 AM

Enterprises are now making survivability a top priority, searching for the right edge solution that not only offers them all the technical and IoT benefits…

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Athonet Expands 5G Consortium

9/22/2022 5:30:00 PM

Athonet added new members to its consortium of partners to address the private networks market, known as the 5G Consortium.

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Discovery phase - why do you need it?

9/22/2022 4:25:17 PM

Every project manager knows that carrying out a project without any problems during the course is impossible. In other words, each member of the team invol…

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NanoVMs Is Disrupting The Marketplace With Its Unikernel Infrastructure & Leaving The Competitors Behind

9/22/2022 4:21:24 PM

Unikernels are the next big thing in the market; one can also say that it is the "new bling object" now available on the Cloud. Although the term 'unikerne…

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Software Deployment for Computer Vision Models: Step By Step

9/22/2022 4:17:03 PM

Deploying computer vision models, like other machine learning models, is often a challenge. Only a small fraction of all models developed go into productio…

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When 5G Meets the Survivable Edge

9/22/2022 4:11:26 PM

IoT edge computing solves latency issues associated with the cloud, as data is processed closer to its point of origin, as well as providing enhanced safet…

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4 Ways to Build a Healthy and Thriving Tech Culture

9/22/2022 4:11:10 PM

It's not enough to develop innovative products and creative marketing that take customers by storm. If you want to build a thriving company and put it on a…

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GameOn Brings Conversational AI Chat to Milwaukee Bucks Fans

9/22/2022 4:03:15 PM

The Milwaukee Bucks partnered with AI provider GameOn to bring a conversational AI chat experience to Bucks fans.

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Size Doesn't Matter: SMBs Risk Everything without a Effective Cyber Security

9/22/2022 10:59:34 AM

It's a dangerous misconception that smaller companies aren't a target and, therefore, don't need to focus on security. SMBs are ever more vulnerable to mas…

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Infrastructure as a Service: The Foundation of an XaaS World

9/22/2022 10:44:28 AM

Smart MSPs have completely shifted their own overall architecture built around IaaS.

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Future of Government is Rapidly Moving to the Cloud

9/22/2022 10:26:02 AM

Though government agencies are slower to move to the cloud than other businesses, the transition is inevitable.

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Free NFT Backup Service Available on KnownOrigin Marketplace

9/22/2022 9:42:39 AM

KnownOrigin partnered with ClubNFT to allow KnownOrigin users to download a backup of their NFTs to their computer.

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Fuse Enhances Tactical Edge IoT Solutions as AWS Partner

9/22/2022 9:35:21 AM

Fuse joined the Amazon Web Services Partner Network as a hardware provider.

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9/22/2022 9:02:48 AM was founded to build a new tech stack for powering calls that would provide a better customer experience and help brands drive more revenue though…

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Tips To Promote Your Business Online

9/21/2022 2:25:44 PM

Modern business is quite dynamic. Start-ups make millions overnight. Influencers are making as much money as movie stars. Cancel culture has rocked the wor…

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Modern Conference Room Ideas To Enhance Meeting Efficiency

9/21/2022 2:23:58 PM

Meetings are essential to an organization's operations. They provide a means for necessary parties to communicate, share ideas, create objectives, address …

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How Digitization In Debt Collection Is Improving Recovery Rates

9/21/2022 2:21:59 PM

Extending credit to consumers is common for financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and other businesses. It's a practical way to provide otherwise …

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The Benefits of Using Technology in Your Nonprofit

9/21/2022 2:20:14 PM

Technology is a great tool to help you raise money and awareness for your cause. It can be used to communicate with people on a large scale, in real-time, …

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