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Things To Know About How AI Provides Emotional Support

5/23/2023 3:12:36 PM

Have you ever heard of artificial intelligence (AI) that can recognize emotions? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly advanced in recent years, branchi…

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What Does a Web Server Mean?

5/23/2023 2:53:34 PM

A web server, which is both software and hardware, utilizes HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and other protocols to respond to client requests made over …

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8 Ways to Use Salesforce Sales Funnels for Business Growth

5/23/2023 2:48:27 PM

When it comes to growing a business, faster is better and thanks to automated sales and marketing tools, this is easier than ever before, with Salesforce b…

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Michelle Kam Discusses How Technology Has Impacted Real Estate Selling

5/23/2023 2:42:40 PM

The real estate industry has undergone a massive transformation in recent years. Thanks to technological advances, buying and selling homes has become more…

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Anwar Khan Auctions Explains How Technology Impacts Running A Successful Business

5/23/2023 2:39:34 PM

Technology has had a significant impact on the way businesses are run and managed today. Not so long ago, doing business meant keeping a lot of paperwork, …

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NextPlane's Affordable Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling Solution for UCaaS and Service Providers

5/23/2023 12:31:50 PM

NextPlane's Affordable Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling Solution for UCaaS and Service Providers

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Jasper Everywhere: Jasper AI is Now in the Google Cloud Marketplace

5/23/2023 12:03:52 PM

Jasper AI's partnership with Google has taken its next logical step via the Jasper Chrome Extension for personalized and accessible user experiences.

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Messagepoint Harnesses AI to Transform Customer Communications

5/23/2023 11:34:52 AM

Messagepoint announced the availability of AI-powered content generation to support the optimization of customer communications.

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Krista Software Measures Americans' Awareness and Impressions of AI Technology

5/23/2023 10:28:19 AM

AI integration company Krista Software recently announced the results of its 2023 AI Trust Survey of adults from across the U.S. to gauge their current kno…

Read More Launches YellowG Platform to Propel Enterprise Conversations

5/23/2023 10:25:23 AM has launched its new YellowG enterprise solution for improving customers' and employees' experiences via automated workflows.

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Maximizing Mobile Marketing: Strategies For Reaching On-The-Go Consumers

5/23/2023 9:13:20 AM

In a world where consumers are always on-the-go and smartphones have become inseparable companions, effective mobile marketing is now more critical than ev…

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How Argentinian institutions promote regulated crypto investments

5/23/2023 9:04:23 AM

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins that can be used for transactional purposes. As the crypto market expanded and more users were interested in blockchain …

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Revolutionizing Data Security for Large Language Models

5/22/2023 9:30:13 PM

As companies increasingly turn to AI to enhance decision-making, productivity, and customer experiences, concerns about privacy and data security are of pa…

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The Marketing Conundrum: Budget Constraints and the Rise of Generative AI

5/22/2023 9:02:26 PM

The rise of innovative marketing tools and technologies, particularly generative AI, might provide a cost-effective solution for marketers struggling to ma…

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ServiceNow and NVIDIA Redefine Enterprise IT with Generative AI

5/22/2023 6:21:30 PM

ServiceNow and NVIDIA have joined forces to unleash the potential of generative AI within enterprise IT.

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BeeKeeperAI's Patented Collaboration Platform Drives Healthcare AI Advancements on Protected Data

5/22/2023 6:03:37 PM

BeeKeeperAI announced the commercial release of its patented, zero-trust collaboration platform to accelerate healthcare AI development on protected inform…

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Precisely Launches RapidCX Solution for Customer Communications in Regulated Markets

5/22/2023 5:20:30 PM

Precisely announced the launch of its EngageOne RapidCX, which it's calling an "innovation in customer communications management," or CCM.

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Exploring the Benefits of Cloud Security Solutions

5/22/2023 4:26:20 PM

Cloud security solutions are becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses to protect their data and stay secure. From monitoring threats to safeg…

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Global Employees Believe AI Can Help Them Enrich Their Jobs

5/22/2023 4:20:16 PM

A new survey commissioned by automation software company UiPath found that nearly 60 percent of respondents believe that automation can address burnout and…

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Securing APIs: New Research Highlights APIs as an Extreme Attack Vector

5/22/2023 4:17:47 PM

Unified API Protection (UAP) provider Cequence Security has released new research in a report on APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), how they're bei…

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The Science Behind Medical Lab Branding

5/22/2023 3:26:40 PM

Every company has a brand, whether they're intentional about it or not. For some, this is as simple as a logo and a slogan, while for others, this gets as …

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Dell Powers Commitment to Storage Software Innovations

5/22/2023 2:39:40 PM

Dell's commitment to software development has resulted in more storage portfolio advancements by way of PowerStore, Dell's intelligent all-flash data stora…

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Proven SEO Strategies for Rank Even in an AI World

5/22/2023 2:21:32 PM

It makes no difference whether you are just getting started in the digital world or putting a conventional company online. When it comes to increasing your…

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Evolution and Innovation in Mobile Apps

5/22/2023 2:13:16 PM

Mobile apps are evolving at a blistering pace. Since the concept was first introduced, each online industry knew where it's headed. There's an app for lite…

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Tech Innovation and Cyber Security Behind Slots

5/22/2023 2:04:59 PM

Technology has revolutionized the gambling industry, with slot machines being at the forefront of innovation. Over the years, slot machines have evolved fr…

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T-Mobile Shatters Barriers with Uplink Speeds in 5G Advancement

5/22/2023 11:28:06 AM

Partnering with Nokia and Qualcomm Technologies, T-Mobile reached uplink speeds surpassing 200 Mbps in a 5G data call.

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How to Manage a Digital Transformation Without Jeopardizing Business Operations

5/22/2023 11:26:54 AM

With the right strategy and blueprint, companies can begin their digital transformation journey in a way that minimizes or eliminates conflicting demands a…

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Salesforce Opens Doorway to Conversational AI for Work with Slack GPT

5/22/2023 11:24:29 AM

Slack GPT delivers the ability to use generative AI app integrations, different language models and the power to tap into secure customer data insight.

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Fewer Noodles, More NaaS: Silicon Valley's Ramen Debuts RamenSN

5/22/2023 10:31:24 AM

Ramen Inc has announced the general availability of its NaaS (Network-as-a-Service) solution, RamenSN.

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Verida and Polygon ID Bring Zero-Knowledge Credentials to the Forefront

5/21/2023 11:50:27 PM

Verida launches a mobile crypto wallet supporting zero-knowledge credentials issued through Polygon ID.

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ManageEngine's New ADSelfService Plus Feature Ensures Authorized Access Despite Connectivity Issues

5/19/2023 5:05:22 PM

ManageEngine's identity security solution, ADSelfService Plus, and its offline MFA for Windows feature plays a crucial role in hardening endpoint security …

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Improving Both Your Work and Play

5/19/2023 4:23:38 PM

Working hard and playing hard is an ethos that many of us can relate to, and balancing work and life is key towards our success and happiness.

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Xoxoday and Workato: A Partnership to Transform Rewards and Recognition Programs

5/19/2023 2:56:47 PM

Xoxoday and Workato recently partnered to transform how organizations' rewards and recognitions programs operate for the betterment of customers and employ…

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Unlocking the Power of Conversation: Moveworks and Carahsoft Redefine Public Sector Employee Support

5/19/2023 1:59:48 PM

Moveworks entered a partnership with Carahsoft, a technology solutions aggregator and provider that specializes in delivering trusted IT solutions to the g…

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Edgecore Wedges in Simple and Effective Network Security Solution

5/19/2023 1:52:16 PM

WedgeCND is a cloud-managed security service designed to provide comprehensive security protection and is available as an add-on for Edgecore's WiFi 6 seri…

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Winners of 2023 MSP Today Product of the Year Awards Announced

5/19/2023 1:52:02 PM

TMC announced the winners of the 2023 MSP Today Product of the Year Awards, presented by TMC's MSP Today.

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Cloud Securities on Cloud Nine: Check Point Announces Azure Virtual WAN Integration

5/19/2023 1:11:48 PM

Renowned cybersecurity company and global cyber solutions provider Check Point Software Technologies has officially integrated Next-Generation Cloud Firewa…

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Smart Marketing, with ChatGPT: Utilizing GPT-4's New Web Browsing Feature

5/18/2023 4:48:25 PM

OpenAI has moved into an early access public testing phase for its ChatGPT web browsing feature.

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Businesses Embrace Low-Code Platforms and Citizen Development to Drive Innovation

5/18/2023 4:29:13 PM

A WEBCON study revealed that a majority of CIOs surveyed said low-code applications were either very important or mission-critical for their organizations.

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CommBox Leverages ChatGPT for New Autonomous Conversation Capabilities

5/18/2023 4:20:35 PM

SaaS-based autonomous customer communications platform provider CommBox recently announced the first in a series of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven cap…

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Five9 Partners with German Managed Services Provider WTG

5/18/2023 4:09:26 PM

Cloud call center solutions provider Five9 recently announced a partnership with German managed services provider WTG.

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Malwarebytes Enhances MSP Platform with Mobile Security, Boosting Profitability and Growth for Partners

5/18/2023 3:45:40 PM

Malwarebytes has announced the launch of Malwarebytes Mobile Security for OneView, focused on helping MSPs to safeguard Chromebooks and mobile devices from…

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Building Loyalty through Superior CX: A Look at 8x8's XCaaS Enhancements

5/18/2023 3:43:51 PM

With customer loyalty at an all-time low, 8x8 has announced enhancements to its XCaaS platform to help businesses drive better CX and improve retention and…

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Riding the Cybersecurity Wave:The Rise of CSaaS

5/18/2023 3:12:43 PM

With cyber attacks and the cost of breaches continuing to rise, businesses must embrace MSPs as partners that can help deliver effective cyber security sol…

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For Retail and Beyond: ServiceNow Acquires G2K to Transform Workflows

5/18/2023 1:50:32 PM

With its recent announcement, ServiceNow plans to add G2K's smart IoT technology to its Now Platform, thus enabling businesses to intelligently action digi…

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CSaaS Market Provides Opportunities for Innovation and Growth

5/18/2023 12:02:22 PM

The CSaaS market size is expected to reach $56.6 billion by 2033, up from $14.1 billion in 2022, growing at an annual CAGR of 13.8% from 2023 to 2033, acco…

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An Answer to Labor Shortages? Adaptive Robotics, from Flexiv and Cardinal Machine Company

5/18/2023 11:54:54 AM

Flexiv and Cardinal Machine Company have partnered to unlock automation capabilities via adaptive robotics solutions.

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