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Komutel Reveals Voice Recording Solution Now Avaya Compliant

9/9/2021 12:35:55 PM

Avaya UCaaS customers can now utilize Komutel's Komlog voice recording solution, adding a new resource for gathering critical customer and business metadat…

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Smart Cities Challenge Gets Proposed Re-START

9/9/2021 12:29:29 PM

Technological advancement is political party agnostic. Innovation isn't republican nor democrat, it is American. In 2015, the Department of Transportation …

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Vonage Looks to Support Small Businesses with Future-Proof Cloud Solutions

9/9/2021 11:43:20 AM

Vonage has developed a line of cloud-based communications solutions specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses to support growing hybrid wo…

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ISG Report Highlights IoT Interest Despite 5G Concerns

9/9/2021 11:37:30 AM

The 2021 ISG Provider Lens Internet of Things - Services and Solutions Report for the U.S. noted growing curiosity in leveraging 5G for enterprise IoT cont…

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Rocket Lab Lands Multi-Launch Deal

9/9/2021 10:55:55 AM

Rocket Lab announced a Multi-Launch deal to deploy the entire satellite constellation for Kineis. The project includes 25 IoT satellites launched via five …

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CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Winners of the 2021 Contact Center Technology Award

9/9/2021 10:21:04 AM

TMC today announced the winners of their 16th Annual Contact Center Technology Award, presented by its premier publication, CUSTOMER magazine.

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Plivo Survey Finds Back to School Shoppers Favor Retail Communications Most

9/8/2021 2:53:31 PM

A new survey from Plivo finds that back to school shoppers are more likely to opt in to direct messaging marketing campaigns.

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Talkdesk Report Finds Low AI Adoption Levels for Retail Contact Centers

9/8/2021 2:26:33 PM

A new research report by CX leader Talkdesk has found that only a small portion of retail contact centers are taking advantage of AI-powered solutions.

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CX Startup ClooTrack Snags $4 Million in New Funding

9/8/2021 2:14:02 PM

Customer experience analytics startup ClooTrack has received $4 million in new financial support from investors during a Series-A funding round.

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How Technology is Changing the Future of Fashion

9/8/2021 1:44:23 PM

After a busy fashion month, where the most prominent fashion brands were innovating on how to present their collections, it was time to discuss fashion and…

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LetYouKnow, Inc. is changing the automotive industry optics and increasing profit maximization for dealers

9/8/2021 12:55:34 PM

For new car dealers, getting customers includes navigating several steps in the sales funnel. Dealers must invest significant portions of their budgets int…

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How to Promote Your Business Online for Free

9/8/2021 12:26:20 PM

Money vs. strategy… When promoting your business online, it can be difficult to know where to focus your attention, which areas are worth investing in, and…

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8 Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid

9/8/2021 12:19:40 PM

Ranking for your company website is essential; the higher you rank, the more potential sales you'll be able to make. If you're trying to attract local cust…

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The impact of technology on forex trading - before and after

9/8/2021 12:14:30 PM

We know forex as a booming industry that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. This global marketplace where national currencies are exchanged…

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Should Your Company Commit to Remote Work During the Pandemic?

9/8/2021 12:07:53 PM

Technology has allowed for a rapid change in the way we work and interact with one another. Remote work has become more and more prevalent in the 21st cent…

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7 Local Marketing Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

9/8/2021 11:58:24 AM

There's so much potential for local marketing online that it's important to take advantage of it as soon as you can. There are other local businesses out t…

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4 Ways To Improve Your Internet Connection

9/8/2021 10:06:35 AM

We all despise that buffering icon. And it always seems to happen at the most exciting moments of a show or movie; right when it starts to get good. Let's …

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TMC Labs Announces Unified Communications Innovation Award Winners for 2021

9/8/2021 9:28:38 AM

TMC announced the recipients of the 2021 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award.

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TMC Labs UC Innovation Winners Enable Future of Work

9/8/2021 9:25:04 AM

Winners of TMC Labs UC Innovation Awards help companies be more productive and efficient in remote and hybrid work environments.

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Connecticut Among First States to Allow Digital Drivers Licenses

9/7/2021 3:20:08 PM

Government officials of Connecticut recently announced new plans to allow digital drivers licenses at the start of next year.

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Toku Secures $5 Million in Series A

9/7/2021 3:04:50 PM

Cloud communications company Toku recently announced it has received $5 million in new funding to support growth initiatives and product development.

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El Salvador Struggles with Technical Issues as Crypto Joins Economy

9/7/2021 2:59:07 PM

South American country El Salvador became the first country to officially adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tender, but has encountered a number of technical…

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Driving Digital Transformation with Effective Application Delivery and Security

9/7/2021 1:26:18 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of digital resiliency in the modern era. With employees working from home, and a shift online for consumer…

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Combatting Covid in the Classroom

9/7/2021 1:17:02 PM

Educational institutions and teachers themselves have come under pressure this year, as the pandemic has pushed them to pivot and adapt to a digital-only w…

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4 Ransomware Trends that Companies Should be Aware Of

9/7/2021 1:09:21 PM

This year has turned out to be one of the worst years for ransomware. Why? Because that's where the big money is. Large potential return on investment make…

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How technology has advanced online casinos

9/7/2021 12:22:27 PM

Online casinos have grown significantly over the last decade, not just in terms of revenue and market size, but also in the quality of services that they o…

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Survey Finds Call Center Agents Concerned About Future of Automation

9/3/2021 1:04:02 PM

Artificial intelligence still has a long way to go before becoming capable of fully taking over human contact center responsibilities, but human agents hav…

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IQVIA Enhances Medical Contact Center with AI Support

9/3/2021 12:58:49 PM

IQVIA announced it will be enhancing its medical contact center services with artificially intelligent virtual agents.

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Yeastar Announces Date for UC Launch Event

9/3/2021 12:54:51 PM

China-based PBX and unified communications solutions provider Yeastar has revealed the official date for the company's 2021 launch event.

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Tips for Successfully Onboarding Call Center Agents

9/3/2021 12:02:25 PM

The call center industry has one of the highest rates of worker turnover. By properly onboarding new agents, call centers can reduce churn and ensure agent…

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Why Are Major Console Gaming Companies Turning to the Mobile Market?

9/3/2021 11:56:27 AM

Is it wise for console gaming companies to diversify their assets by attempting to enter the mobile market? Read on to discover if this is a smart move for…

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Surge In Ransomware Attacks Prompts FBI Warning

9/3/2021 11:42:17 AM

In response to the massive rise in ransomware attacks, the FBI has released a special warning to businesses and citizens to ensure safe online and network …

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Odesso's No-Code Cloud Orchestration Platform Solves Automation Growing Pains

9/3/2021 11:36:55 AM

Mission-critical operations rely on a coordinated, reliable, scalable, and secure flow of work. Odesso was born in the cloud with a mission to accelerate d…

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How Businesses Can Survive The Chip Shortage

9/3/2021 11:27:25 AM

While the pandemic toilet-paper shortage may be memorable, the chip famine that started late last year is a shortage with more far-reaching consequences. G…

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Businesses Continue Using Technology To Advance

9/3/2021 11:17:56 AM

Over the years, more and more businesses have started using technology to thrive. They're using technology to reach more customers, deliver products faster…

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AI and Automation Increase Customer Satisfaction and Call Center Performance

9/3/2021 10:15:20 AM

A new report from conversational AI company Avaamo shows that customers prefer AI and automation. The technologies result in improved customer satisfaction…

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A Holistic Customer Service Strategy Begins with Digital Transformation

9/3/2021 10:10:35 AM

Customers are demanding improved and more personalized service and interactions. Businesses that want to succeed need to begin their digital transformation…

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Why Businesses Should Hire A Hacker In The Era Of Cyberthreats

9/2/2021 4:41:24 PM

The recent data breaches and information security attacks have global organizations on a red alert. The sudden switch to remote work has added to the cyber…

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Five tips for back-office support outsourcing

9/2/2021 4:26:10 PM

Several back office support tasks like record maintenance, clearances, accounting, and IT services can be time-consuming and stop you from focusing on more…

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4 Examples of Merging Gaming & Digital Health

9/2/2021 4:12:36 PM

Technological advancements have led to an improvement in major sectors of the economy in Poland and around the world. Digital health and gaming are among t…

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Traditional Endoscopy or Capsule Cams?

9/2/2021 4:07:07 PM

Capsule endoscopy cameras are used to see the insides of your small intestine, while endoscopies are long tubes with cameras inserted through the mouth or …

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Crypto Staking: How Effective Is Proof-Of-Stake System For Ethereum

9/2/2021 4:01:23 PM

As crypto becomes more and more popular, the major crypto ecosystems are taking pride in advancing their functionality and as they do this, the more opport…

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Flexential Cloud Fabric Launches to Provide Secure, On-demand Connectivity

9/2/2021 3:51:30 PM

Data center colocation and cloud solutions provider Flexential has announced the release of an all-new, on-demand connectivity platform that makes it possi…

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Making a Difference One Call at a Time: Tips to Starting a Crisis Call Center Hotline

9/2/2021 3:44:12 PM

Now more than ever, people are reaching out for help and support amid a slew of challenges in their lives. In fact, suicide hotlines in the US saw an 890% …

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Ohio 911 Call Center Agent Saves Life of Choking Coworker

9/2/2021 3:41:32 PM

People who work in emergency services call centers are familiar with assisting in saving lives, but in some cases, it happens literally. In Trumbull County…

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TCN Releases Online Guide for Managing Call Center Agents

9/2/2021 3:37:30 PM

Managing call center agents isn't the same job it was 20 years ago. Today, agents are more likely to be geographically dispersed (from home or remote offic…

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Aptum Introduces New Tiers For Managed Azure Cloud Services

9/2/2021 3:30:00 PM

Aptum has revealed three unique service tiers for Managed Azure Cloud Services, allowing customers to take a customized approach to meet their cloud goals.

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9/2/2021 3:00:03 PM has reported major leaps in success over the course of 2021, further cementing the company as a major player in the service mesh management market.

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Heritage Global Partners Joins ViciNFT For NFT Services

9/2/2021 2:52:41 PM

Heritage Global Partners has formed a new relationship with ViciNFT to support the growing demand for non-fungible token management services.

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NICE, Cloud 9 Extend Partnership for Cloud Compliance Suite Integration

9/2/2021 2:49:21 PM

NICE and Cloud9 are working together again to integrate Cloud9's voice trading platform with NICE's cloud compliance suite.

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