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IoT and Real Estate Footprints: How AVUITY's VuAI Sensors Help Maximize Investments

4/28/2023 11:46:16 AM

AVUITY, provider of workplace technology and space utilization solutions, announced the launch of its newest line of sensors: VuAI. These, per AVUITY, will…

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VMware Launches Cross-Cloud Managed Services Ahead of Multi-Cloud Era

4/28/2023 8:26:11 AM

VMware announced VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, a set of prescriptive offers with enhanced partner and customer benefits that enable highly skilled p…

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HoduSoft Receives 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award

4/28/2023 8:00:16 AM

HoduSoft announced that TMC has named HoduCC Contact Center as a 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner.

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IoT Building Blocks: How Renesas is Accelerating IoT Prototyping

4/27/2023 5:54:02 PM

Renesas Electronics Corporation's Quick-Connect Studio for hardware and software development is available now to improve processes for engineers.

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Halfords Enhances Customer Experience with Juniper

4/27/2023 3:07:26 PM

Halfords is investing in its digital transformation efforts, and Juniper's AI-driven wired and wireless access solutions are an integral part of that.

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Investing in Cybersecurity: Why Hiring Experts May Be Your Best Business Decision

4/27/2023 2:43:47 PM

As we hurtle towards technologies that are opening doors for advanced cybersecurity threats, the question of how to protect oneself and one's business from…

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Cloud Print Software: What Is It and What Does It Do?

4/27/2023 2:34:28 PM

Cloud print software is an exciting new technology quickly becoming essential for businesses, schools, and other organizations. It allows users to print do…

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Tools that help connect your Salesforce to LinkedIn and save your team time

4/27/2023 2:22:17 PM

In today's business world, LinkedIn has become an essential tool for professionals to connect and network with potential clients and partners. Salesforce, …

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What are the Benefits of Setting SBTs?

4/27/2023 2:15:36 PM

Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) business targets is becoming increasingly popular among companies that want to d…

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CFD Trading Guide for Newcomers

4/27/2023 2:04:26 PM

Trading enthusiasts who use CFDs (contracts for difference) benefit from several built-in advantages. Not only do they avoid the risk of direct asset owner…

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How to Implement CRM Successfully

4/27/2023 1:55:23 PM

Any business that wants to build long-lasting relationships with their customers, should include the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CR…

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5G, 6G, and the FCC: Discussing New Standards for the Future

4/27/2023 12:46:19 PM

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced a new rulemaking design to explore 6G.

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AVI Systems Expands Velocity Meeting Rooms to Meet Hybrid Optimization Specifications

4/27/2023 12:44:28 PM

AVI Systems introduced its new Velocity meeting space systems designed to meet Microsoft Teams Rooms hybrid optimization specifications.

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Kubiya Gives DevOps Teams a Sigh of Relief with Generative AI Engine

4/27/2023 11:30:04 AM

Kubiya, an AI tool designed for DevOps professionals, introduced an AI-assistant for engineering platforms and knowledge management.

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GrammarlyGO: A New Generative AI Tool for Grammarly Users

4/27/2023 11:17:37 AM

Grammarly has joined the artificial intelligence race with its newest AI-powered writing assistant, GrammarlyGO.

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Hands-On Hybrid Work Solutions at NWN Carousel's Customer Innovation & Experience Center

4/27/2023 11:15:54 AM

NWN Carousel, a prominent cloud communications service provider (CCSP), recently unveiled its Sacramento-based Customer Innovation & Experience Center.

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Sports and Entertainment Become More Immersive via 5G and T-Mobile Accelerator Program

4/27/2023 9:42:26 AM

T-Mobile selected nine companies worldwide to participate in this year's T-Mobile Accelerator program to drive innovation in sports and entertainment.

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2600Hz Receives 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award

4/27/2023 9:08:55 AM

2600Hz announced that TMC has named KAZOO as a 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner.

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Vyopta Receives 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award

4/27/2023 9:04:23 AM

Vyopta announced that TMC has named User Insights - Vyopta Digital Collaboration Experience Platform as a 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year A…

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ISSABEL, LLC Receives 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award

4/27/2023 8:45:00 AM

ISSABEL, LLC announced that TMC has named Issabel Unified Communication Platform as a 2023 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner.

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DefensX Closes Growth Funding from Revo Capital; Will Scale Zero Trust Solution for MSPs

4/27/2023 8:15:50 AM

DefensX and Revo Capital shared that the largest VC in Turkey and the region has funded DefensX's growth strategy as DefensX it market presence and provide…

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Pax8 Continues Cyber Security Expansion, Adds Malwarebytes to Its Cloud Marketplace

4/27/2023 7:51:57 AM

Pax8 announced the continued expansion of its array of cybersecurity vendor offerings, adding Malwarebytes to the security solutions available to MSPs.

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Digital Twins and Industrial IoT: Litmus is Creating Logical Extensions to the Future

4/26/2023 6:25:37 PM

Litmus, an industrial edge data platform that works with Microsoft, HPE, Dell, Intel and Google Cloud, has announced the availability of its digital twins …

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CallMiner Adds Integration with Zoom for Better Analysis of Videoconference Intelligence

4/26/2023 1:54:44 PM

Conversation intelligence company CallMiner announced a new integration with Zoom Meetings.

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IntelePeer Adds ChatGPT to Its Communications Automation Platform

4/26/2023 1:49:47 PM

IntelePeer announced that SmartAgent will leverage ChatGPT and eventually other generative AI technologies along with its suite of built-in solutions.

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An AI Team-Up: Snorkel AI and Microsoft Offer More to Azure Customers

4/26/2023 1:45:31 PM

Data-centric AI development company Snorkel AI officially partnered with Microsoft and is integrating Microsoft Azure AI services. Snorkel AI has also join…

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When Edge-to-Edge Quality Matters, End-to-End Network Observability is Mission Critical

4/26/2023 1:39:26 PM

Observability allows MSPs to understand what is happening across their environments and systems in real time, all the time.

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Startek's Zenarate Integration Bridges the CX Gap with AI-powered Coaching

4/26/2023 12:49:53 PM

Startek, a customer experience solutions provider, integrated Zenarate as part of Startek AI Coach into its Startek Agent AI platform to help develop confi…

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Protecting Sensitive Data: NEXTGEN Group Philippines, Stellar Cyber Partner to Mitigate Risks

4/26/2023 11:23:47 AM

NEXTGEN Group Philippines and Stellar Cyber, through a strategic partnership, aim to provide cybersecurity solutions for businesses in the Philippines and …

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Everynet Partners with AWS to Provide LoRaWAN Connectivity for Simplified IoT Deployments

4/26/2023 10:41:01 AM

LoRaWAN provider Everynet and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have officially partnered to offer more robust and accessible LoRaWAN connectivity.

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Unlocking the Potential: Using QR Codes, NFC, and Bluetooth Beacon in Custom Keychains

4/26/2023 10:29:00 AM

Technology has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives, and the way we interact with and purchase products is no exception. In recent years, busine…

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How to get a crypto license in Poland as quickly as possible?

4/26/2023 10:21:48 AM

How long does it take to obtain a permit in Poland? What requirements must a crypto organization meet? Some tips on how to get a work permit as soon as pos…

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How to Keep Your IoT Devices Secured

4/26/2023 10:16:52 AM

Businesses with IoT devices must be extra cautious about securing their data from unanticipated hacking attacks. People have a great misconception that sin…

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Comtech Secures Multiple Orders for Flexible High-Speed Modem

4/26/2023 10:04:55 AM

Comtech secured multiple orders for its high-speed software-defined modems, the CDM-780, from satellite operators and the U.S. Department of Defense.

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