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The Relationship Between Blockchain & Casinos

3/22/2021 11:01:32 AM

Over the last couple of years, blockchain has become the hottest topic in financial circles. The entire world has been echoing with the buzzwords, such as …

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NWN Awarded State Agency Contracts for Commonwealth of Massachusetts

3/22/2021 10:46:21 AM

Cloud Communications Service Provider (CCSP) NWN Corporation has announced the company was recently awarded two contracts by the Commonwealth of Massachuse…

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What Are the Most Popular Voltage Solar Panels of 2021?

3/22/2021 10:43:45 AM

Nowadays, a lot of people are allured by the perspective to save both nature and their own money. These two so different things can be saved by the same ac…

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Beginners guide to understand ins and outs of stock trading

3/22/2021 10:38:16 AM

The world of trading and investing is very exciting yet overwhelming at the same time. The market is so deep and wide and one has to understand all the ins…

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3 Things that make the Bitcoin digital currency Top Notch

3/22/2021 10:36:06 AM

The world is progressing day by day. Every new day is Bringing new revolutions in all the fields. Marketing, trading and finance departments have evolved t…

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Inflow Communications Buys Denver-based PeakView

3/22/2021 10:35:34 AM

Looking to strengthen expansion into the advisory and technical services market, Inflow Communications, a provider of strategic advisory, consulting, and m…

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8 Tips Of Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

3/22/2021 10:18:24 AM

Smartphones are no longer luxury items but necessities. Your mobile phone today serves more than calling and texting. Whenever you want to search for an it…

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Comm100 Now Fully Integrated with Cisco Contact Center Solutions

3/22/2021 10:16:05 AM

Comm100 has announced it is now successfully integrated within Cisco Contact Center Solutions.

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RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater Reviews: How Good is this Wi-Fi Extender?

3/22/2021 10:14:31 AM

How Good is your internet connection in these times? Read this RangeXTD USB WiFi Repeater Review to understand everything about this Wi-Fi which can be use…

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4 Things to Look for With Cloud Storage Services

3/22/2021 10:09:18 AM

When you are looking for the right tools and services to aid your business success, you need to ensure you conduct proper research. The quality and suitabi…

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VR in Aid of Medical Training

3/22/2021 10:05:21 AM

Over the last few years, virtual reality has started to build and become more practical technology. Initially, it was a great gaming tool, but the possibil…

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Do You Have a Marketing Strategy That Makes Sense for Your Brand?

3/22/2021 9:54:35 AM

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to general business management, marketing can make or break any kind of business campaign. When it comes to…

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Survey Reveals Diminishing Tolerance for Slow Customer Service During Pandemic

3/19/2021 4:17:47 PM

New research reveals that dependence on automated call centers can cause negative customer perceptions of businesses.

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VOZIQ Wins 2021 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award

3/19/2021 1:58:13 PM

VOZIQ, a leading provider of Cloud-based actionable AI software for Predictive Customer Retention to recurring revenue businesses, announced today that TMC…

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BT Group Announces Deployment of NICE Solutions

3/19/2021 1:58:00 PM

British telecom provider BT will now be utilizing NICE contact center solutions for business clients.

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New Survey Reveals Customer Service Frustrations in Asia-Pacific Region

3/19/2021 12:10:56 PM

A survey created by Uniphore points out that customers are increasingly dissatisfied with call center delays brought on by the pandemic.

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Veryx Receives 2021 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award

3/19/2021 11:09:38 AM

Veryx Technologies ( ) announced TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Veryx Cloudmon as a recipient of a 2021 INTERNET TELEP…

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Call Centers and User Monitoring Software: 3 Key Benefits

3/18/2021 5:46:00 PM

As a call center, managing employees and keeping your business running profitably can be stressful. This is made even more challenging when, like many call…

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5G & Wireless IoT Overcome Common Connected Factory Challenges

3/18/2021 5:32:37 PM

The IoT is no longer a pipe dream. We are well beyond doodling on cocktail napkins; instead, innovation is crafting a connected world. These billions of co…

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Online Social Gaming Is Taking Over: Technology Behind It

3/18/2021 5:29:56 PM

Online social games typically refer to games that allow virtual social interaction between people. Although many people first think of social media games, …

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How to Get an Online Casino License in 2021

3/18/2021 5:25:29 PM

One of the side-effects of the ongoing pandemic is a surge in demand for online gambling. Travel restrictions, occupancy limits, and health concerns have f…

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University of Phoenix Commits to Student and Alumni Success with Career Services for Life

3/18/2021 5:16:03 PM

University of Phoenix announced a new commitment to career services for its graduates that reinforces and emphasizes its long-standing focus on career expl…

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A Shared Online Spreadsheet Can Help Your Business Do More

3/18/2021 5:11:34 PM

There are a lot of ways to make your business better, and many of them involve strong collaboration between employees. The easier it is for people to work …

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How Amateur Investors Should Respond to a Surge in the Stock Market

3/18/2021 5:06:58 PM

Amateur investors need to look at their personal tolerance for risk and their time horizon, as well as the quality of their portfolios, no matter whether t…

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6 Ways To Slash Anxiety in 2021

3/18/2021 5:02:45 PM

Thanks to all we've learned from last year, more and more companies are taking a proactive approach to slash anxiety. If your healthcare practice is see…

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The Mental Health Advantages of Telemedicine for College Students

3/18/2021 4:58:51 PM

Technology has changed lives for the better. One example of that is the way therapists, counselors, and other mental health care providers offer services t…

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5 Tips To Protect Your Business From Hacking

3/18/2021 4:50:25 PM

The internet has done exactly what its meaning stands for-it has interconnected the world. With interconnectedness, people from all walks of life from any …

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In Another Burst of Tech Innovation Driven by COVID-19, Livestock Drug Producer Keeps Plants Open Using IoT and LoRaWAN

3/18/2021 4:42:35 PM

While we are seeing encouraging signs of the COVID-19 global health crisis starting to slow, we are not out of the woods yet. While the economy in the U.S.…

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In It for the Long Haul, Ribbon Upgrades Cinia's Network Covering Finland and Northern Europe

3/18/2021 4:28:20 PM

Aiming for fast, resilient, high-capacity service capabilities, Cinia, a provider of secure high-availability data network, cybersecurity, and software sol…

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Alorica and Talkdesk form Strategic Partnership for CX Solutions

3/18/2021 2:25:22 PM

Alorica and Talkdesk are combining resources to deliver a complete and scalable CX package for clients.

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Barracuda Networks Expands Offering to Include Barracuda CloudGen Access for MSPs

3/18/2021 2:06:22 PM

Barracuda Networks, which provides security, networking and storage products based on network appliances and cloud services, recently announced the expansi…

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RabbitRun Reveals New CEO

3/18/2021 1:39:05 PM

RabbitRun Technologies named Eric Hernaez Chief Executive Officer. In Hernaez the innovative SD-WAN product provider gains an industry veteran with a track…

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Securing the Perimeter: The Urgency of Protecting Digital Borders

3/18/2021 12:54:23 PM

We are on the road to Zero Trust security, with an architecture broadly understood to have the potential to fundamentally change the effectiveness of prote…

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Metaswitch Announces Completion of North London Headquarters

3/18/2021 12:37:47 PM

Metaswitch has completed the development of its new headquarters in the company's hometown of Enfield.

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UNC Children's Hospital Partners with CarolinaLink to Expand Telemedicine to Rural Areas

3/18/2021 12:07:20 PM

During the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the world's business and personal lives have gone virtual. Education, healthcare, employment, shopping and entertainm…

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How to Track Work-From-Home Employee Performance

3/17/2021 3:50:51 PM

Without clear insight into the operational efficiency of your remote teams, you risk making the same mistakes repeatedly. That's why you need to track cust…

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Eyal Gutentag on Lessons Learned: Team Leadership After COVID

3/17/2021 3:45:41 PM

The onset of the COVID 19 pandemic in early 2020 was a tragedy that caused chaos throughout the world. Thousands lost their lives. Businesses, schools and …

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Daily Habits and Rituals of Highly Successful People

3/17/2021 3:41:19 PM

Talent, aptitude, and circumstances all play a role in the recipe of success, but the secret ingredient that so many people miss is consistency. Showing…

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How to Grow a Small Business into a Market Leader

3/17/2021 3:35:34 PM

Between March 2019 and March 2020, there were 804,398 businesses created in the US, with a steady increase over time. If you were one of the owners, this a…

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How To Eliminate Spam Emails

3/17/2021 3:03:46 PM

Do you often get inundated by a flood of unwanted emails? Well, you are not alone. Ninety-four percent of all the malware today is actually circulated thro…

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Forex trading signals

3/17/2021 2:57:51 PM

The Forex market, also known as the foreign exchange market, involves trading different currencies. It is one of the most popular ways investors can enhanc…

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Everything to know about top forex online trading platforms

3/17/2021 2:53:56 PM

Forex or foreign exchange trading involves currency exchanges at a global level. Since this is a decentralized market, there is no single controlling or re…

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Nine Features That Makes A Commercial Lending Software Exceptional

3/17/2021 2:47:10 PM

Majority of the business organizations need additional funds to run their business. While most of them raise money from private investors, there are some b…

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SaaS Development Company: How SaaS Products Are Developed?

3/17/2021 2:44:27 PM

Most business organizations and startups are going after SaaS applications to develop and expand their business. It is a cost-effective approach that he…

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BarxBuddy Reviews: Is it Safe to Use?

3/17/2021 2:30:43 PM

BarxBuddy is a modern solution to common canine behavioral problems. The device emits an ultrasonic high pitch frequency noise that immediately gets the at…

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Transitioning to Remote Work: A Guide for Organizations

3/17/2021 2:22:54 PM

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of employees have transitioned to remote work as companies comply with government-issued health pro…

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5 E-Commerce Trends You Need to Follow This Year

3/17/2021 2:20:03 PM

The e-commerce industry continues to evolve, and as businesses migrate online in order to hedge the pandemic's economic effects, we will be seeing an influ…

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FirstComm Extends Service Agreement with IDI Billing Solutions

3/17/2021 12:40:43 PM

FirstComm and IDI Billing have agreed to extend a partnership to provide customers with Billing as a Service for business activities.

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Fonative Advances A2P Messaging Compliance

3/17/2021 12:31:02 PM

The Compliant Communications company, Fonative, announced the adoption of The Campaign Registry's sanctioned messaging environment that supports ten-digit …

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Aisera Unveils Conversational AI Solution for Customer Service

3/16/2021 5:20:39 PM

AI provider Aisera has announced a new solution to provide intelligent automation for customer support.

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