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What does an IT support team do?

8/15/2022 10:16:39 AM

Most IT support teams are tasked with day-to-day troubleshooting. This ranges from fixing machines and networks to physically maintaining them by changing …

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The Best Methods To Increase The Brand Awareness Of Your Business

8/15/2022 10:04:25 AM

Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of any business. If people don't know about your company, they won't be able to buy your products or s…

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How Online Poker Suppliers Excel With Customer Service

8/15/2022 9:55:25 AM

Customer service is vital in every industry around the globe. Whether you work in retail, technology or manufacturing, you'll encounter customers with quib…

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Freddie Marshall Carson Shares Everything You Need To Know About Spatial Audio

8/15/2022 9:50:58 AM

Do you want to create an immersive audio experience for your listeners? If so, then you need to know about spatial audio. Spatial audio is a technique that…

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Cloud Native Networks: Future-proof IT Solutions for the Telecom Business

8/15/2022 9:46:35 AM

The cloud native architecture provides means for the full network cloudification. That should be an important part of any business strategy that is suppose…

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Top 7 Tips for Making Open-Source Software More Secure

8/15/2022 9:42:25 AM

In the wake of high-profile security threats, companies and governments are increasingly turning to open-source software as one of the ways to avoid securi…

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How Machine Learning Can Improve Your Google Search Campaigns

8/15/2022 9:35:19 AM

Writing ads was a tedious task that most people found too difficult to overcome before AI became more popular. When you just have a few hundred characters …

Read More, VMware Deliver Virtualized Cyber Security

8/12/2022 3:08:13 PM, partnering with VMware, announced it is launching the VMware implementation of its Fido 3 technology.

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MiaRec's Speech Analytics Solution Available on the Five9 CX Marketplace

8/12/2022 11:59:01 AM

MiaRec recently announced that its flagship solution is available on the Five9 CX Marketplace, making it easy for businesses to integrate MiaRec's Speech A…

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Customer Experience Platform Enhanced through Reputation Updates

8/12/2022 11:54:41 AM

Five major updates for Reputation's social publishing and social listening tools will enable marketers to more efficiently manage social channels in one lo…

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Syxsense New Zero Trust Module Enables Endpoint Control

8/12/2022 11:37:57 AM

Syxsense announced a new module that will enable endpoint compliance with Zero Trust Network Access policies.

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DDoS Attacks Use Emerging Techniques; Telecom Industry Seeing Largest Attacks

8/12/2022 11:25:46 AM

Lumen mitigated a 1.06 TBps DDoS attack that was part of a larger campaign targeting a single victim and revealed emerging attacket techniques.

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6 Work-Related Expenses to Reimburse Your Employees For

8/12/2022 11:10:52 AM

Employers are responsible for ensuring their employees are taken care of. That means paying them a fair wage and providing benefits like health insurance a…

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Genesys Invests in Cloud Customer Experience Capabilities for Brazil Businesses

8/12/2022 11:08:22 AM

Genesys is building on its more than 20-year history supporting Brazil and announced new capabilities for the Genesys Cloud CX platform in Brazil.

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How Can Modern Smartphones Be Improved: Five Ideas

8/12/2022 11:05:54 AM

It is hard to believe that a modern smartphone is more powerful than all NASA computers of the 70s of the last century. But this is the truth. The paramete…

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Virtual Reality: A Blessing for Physical and Mental Wellbeing

8/12/2022 10:56:34 AM

For a long time, the virtual reality (VR) industry has been seen as a gimmick or the purview of gamers and nerds. However, VR is making waves in the medica…

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Security for Playing Online Casino Games on Your Mobile

8/12/2022 10:34:41 AM

Technology has transformed how humans perceive and do things. One of the sectors that technology has dramatically improved is the online gaming sector. For…

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Winter Is Coming - Keep Up With the Latest Entertainment Trends

8/12/2022 10:28:32 AM

As we head into the winter of 2022, there are a few digital entertainment trends to look out for. For one, augmented reality is going to continue to be pop…

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How to Expedite an EB5 Investment

8/12/2022 10:24:07 AM

If you're looking to invest in the EB5 program, then expediting an EB5 investment is a great way to move things along quickly in your favor. However, exped…

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6 Ways Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) Reduces Identity Access Risk

8/12/2022 10:19:56 AM

Organizations are constantly adding their enterprise resources to cloud accounts and sometimes deleting older ones. In striving for a sharper competitive e…

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Video Conferencing Simplified with Unify Meeting

8/11/2022 4:05:34 PM

Mimo Monitors launched its first video conferencing software, Unify Meeting, eliminating common video conferencing pain points.

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Cybereason App Provides Anytime Access to Security Operations Center

8/11/2022 3:50:31 PM

Cybereason launched the Cybereason Managed Detection and Response mobile app that will allow defenders access to a security operations center at their fing…

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Automation Solutions Company UiPath Acquires NLP Company Re:infer

8/11/2022 3:08:11 PM

Enterprise automation software company UiPath has acquired Re:infer, a London-based natural language processing (NLP) company for unstructured documents an…

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New Verint Integration Consolidates Recorded Zoom Interactions with Customer Data

8/11/2022 3:00:46 PM

Verint introduced native integration as part of the Verint Cloud Platform for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone interactions with Verint Engagement Data Managem…

Read More, VMware Devlier Virtualized Cyber Security

8/11/2022 2:51:39 PM, partnering with VMware, announced it is launching the VMware implementation of its Fido 3 technology.

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Connected Engine Solution Provides Machine Diagnostics to Reduce Downtime and Revenue Loss

8/11/2022 2:33:12 PM

Elevat partnered with Cummins Inc. to integrate its Cummins Connected Diagnostics application with the Elevat Machine Connect IoT platform.

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Contact Centers Face Barriers to Customer Experience Excellence

8/11/2022 2:19:03 PM

Innovating the customer experience requires forward-thinking leadership that is open to exploring new experiences, technology and approaches in the contact…

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XSELL Brings Its Improved Agent Experience to the Five9 Platform

8/11/2022 2:06:54 PM

XSELL Technologies' XSELL Agent Experience powered by VoiceStream is available on the Five9 CX Marketplace.

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Ryder Improves Customer Experience Through Cloud Communications

8/11/2022 11:26:55 AM

Ryder announced it turned to RingCentral for end-to-end business communications needs at Ryder's fleet maintenance and rental locations.

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Barclays Delivers on Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

8/11/2022 11:14:18 AM

Barclays and Microsoft Corp. announced Barclays deployed Microsoft Teams as its preferred collaboration platform.

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Boeing Joins Linux Foundation ELISA Project

8/11/2022 11:06:28 AM

Marking a major milestone for the Linux Foundation's ELISA (Enabling Linux in Safety Applications) Project, Boeing has joined as a Premier member.

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Kajeet, Samsung Deploying 5G Solutions to Vertical Markets

8/11/2022 8:31:05 AM

Kajeet is collaborating with Samsung Electronics America Inc. to deploy innovative and flexible 5G-ready solutions to public service organizations.

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Potential Risks of Vaping Cannabidiol

8/10/2022 12:03:50 PM

Because of cannabidiol's (CBD) positive effects on muscle pain and mental health, many manufacturers and users have found various ways to enjoy the compoun…

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Peter Foxhoven Gives Insight into Misunderstandings with Suppliers and How to Avoid them

8/10/2022 11:51:42 AM

Suppliers play a crucial role in many businesses by providing raw materials to be turned into products for sale or manufacturing and shipping ready-made it…

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James C. Dragon Talks About Seven Commercial Real Estate Trends for 2022

8/10/2022 11:46:42 AM

Real estate is ever-changing, with ebbs and flows depending on the economy and needs of the buyers. Real estate developers such as James C. Dragon know tha…

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What's a Crypto Winter and How Can You Prepare?

8/10/2022 11:36:31 AM

If you're familiar with history or economics, you'll understand that after economic booms come recessions. They will first start to show themselves as comp…

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Fleet Complete Introduces Suite to Empower Commercial Fleet Operations

8/10/2022 9:45:52 AM

Fleet Complete introduced AT&T Fleet Complete FC Insights Solution Suite to monitor and manage all aspects of fleet mobile operations.

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Thryv Platform Now Includes Google Business Messages

8/10/2022 9:33:41 AM

To help SMBs offer messaging experiences for customers, Thryv has announced a new integration with Google's Business Messages.

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Fans Ready to Embrace Stadium Digital Future

8/10/2022 9:29:32 AM

In Oracle Food and Beverage's report, 70% of attendees would prefer to have service jobs replaced by digital solutions in the future.

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Twilio Cyber Attack: Social Engineering is Real and Really Dangerous

8/9/2022 5:55:22 PM

Phishing is commonly used by cyber criminals, as an attack that exploits an organization's last line of cyber defense - the employees

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Oil and Gas Companies at Risk of Cyber Breach

8/9/2022 5:48:01 PM

The "BreachRisk: Energy 2022" study by BreachBits ranked 59% of oil and gas companies at medium risk for a cyber breach.

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Halo Security Gives Companies View of External Risk

8/9/2022 5:28:04 PM

Vulnerability scanning and certification provider TrustedSite launched its attack surface management platform, Halo Security.

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SentinelOne, Armis Reduce Enterprise Attack Surface

8/9/2022 5:08:52 PM

SentinelOne announced a new integration with Armis to help protect organizations from modern threats and provide unified and unparalleled visibility across…

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What Benefits Blockchain can Bring to Healthcare

8/9/2022 4:36:35 PM

When people hear blockchain technology, they immediately think of cryptocurrencies. But blockchain is much more than only cryptocurrencies. It has the pote…

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How Does Digital Money Revolutionize Banking?

8/9/2022 4:32:03 PM

Digital money can change the way we see banking. It will reduce a lot of the pain points for customers and businesspeople alone.

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Security Teams Face Burnout Amid Fight Against Geopolitically Motivated Attacks

8/9/2022 3:10:06 PM

As long as security teams have more visibility of the widening attack surface, they will be better equipped to defeat the bad actors and prevent successful…

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Kubernetes Services: All You Need To Know

8/9/2022 11:44:15 AM

When creating and running a Kubernetes environment, users have to create a series of pods to run particular functions in their platform. For example, one p…

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Securing GitOps Environments with Azure Arc

8/9/2022 11:38:10 AM

Azure Arc provides tools that deliver a consistent and centralized management and governance experience for multi-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid cloud envi…

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PCI DSS vs. HIPAA: An In-Depth Comparison

8/9/2022 11:28:54 AM

PCI DSS vs. HIPAA: Similarities and Differences. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a compliance scheme that aims to protect cre…

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