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Biotech Innovator Leen Kawas On How Biomarkers Integrate with AI and Machine Learning to Solve Complex Healthcare Problems

3/21/2023 4:14:52 PM

Artificial intelligence (or AI) and machine learning (ML) (a form of AI) are becoming relevant and significant in the biotech and life science industry. AI…

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Why Every Business Should Invest in Intranet Software: Benefits and Features Explained

3/21/2023 4:09:25 PM

Intranet software is an essential investment for any business. No organisation today can keep itself running without a healthy intranet. So, what is an int…

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How Technology is Changing the Future of Healthcare

3/21/2023 4:03:37 PM

Technology is rapidly transforming the healthcare industry, and the future of healthcare is looking increasingly digital. From telemedicine to wearable dev…

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Why Do We Still Need a PC?

3/21/2023 3:57:36 PM

Do we still need a PC in this day and age of mobile devices? After all, modern smartphones and tablets are capable of a wide range of tasks, from web brows…

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Mind Machines vs. Nootropics

3/21/2023 3:52:33 PM

Mind machines and Nootropics are technologies that help improve your memory and augment performance via neurochemical dialing, increased blood flow, and al…

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HoduSoft Software Makes Collaboration Effortless for Small Businesses

3/21/2023 3:41:52 PM

HoduSoft is providing IP PBX software for small businesses worldwide with intent to help small businesses make collaboration effortless.

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TCN Operator Wins 2023 TMCnet CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award, Presented by CUSTOMER Magazine

3/21/2023 2:16:50 PM

TCN, provider of a comprehensive cloud-based call center platform, announced its TCN Operator platform has been named a winner of the 2023 CUSTOMER Product…

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Experience Assurance Changes the Game for Real-Time Communications and Telco Cloud

3/21/2023 2:12:31 PM

A telco cloud focuses on the creation of a common virtualized infrastructure to manage network functions, where each function is disaggregated from the har…

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xperience Assurance Changes the Game for Real-Time Communications and Telco Cloud

3/21/2023 2:10:29 PM

A telco cloud focuses on the creation of a common virtualized infrastructure to manage network functions, where each function is disaggregated from the har…

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Get Ready for the Future of WiFi with NETGEAR's New WiFi 7 Router

3/21/2023 1:17:57 PM

NETGEAR announced the release of its WiFi 7 router, the Nighthawk RS700, which boasts speeds of up to 19 Gbps and is designed to revolutionize connectivity…

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11:11 Launches New Connectivity Solutions Powered by Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

3/21/2023 1:13:25 PM

Managed infrastructure solutions provider 11:11 Systems recently revealed the launch of its new 11:11 Connectivity Solutions powered by Fortinet Secure SD-…

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Keyfactor Joins the CSA to Deepen IoT Connectivity and Secure Digital Trust

3/21/2023 1:08:22 PM

As the latest member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), software company and IoT identity platform Keyfactor looks to better tap into the ubiqui…

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Marketers and Influencers: A New Survey with Updated Figures and Trends

3/21/2023 1:04:25 PM

A recent study from Capterra highlighted illuminating trends regarding how marketers are investing - or aren't investing - in influencer relationships, and…

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A New Blend of Success: Smoothie King Selects Medallia to Improve Experiences

3/21/2023 12:58:46 PM

Consumer and enterprise experiences company Medallia announced that it'd been selected by Smoothie King as its new experience platform.

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MLB and Zoom Put Fans in Center of Close Calls

3/21/2023 12:43:11 PM

MLB and Zoom are in a partnership to put fans right in the center of umpires' close calls with Zoom Contact Center.

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SpyCloud Finds Worrying Shift in Exposed Credentials Trend

3/21/2023 11:58:30 AM

There is a worrying shift in the trend of exposed credentials as threat actors move away from traditional account takeover methods and are gaining entry wi…

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The Power of Omnichannel Messaging in Healthcare: Streamlining Communication and Improving Patient Experience

3/21/2023 10:30:10 AM

It's been three years since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the world has undeniably changed. The way people experience healthcare in the wa…

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How to Effectively Collect and Analyze Customer Feedback for Business Success

3/21/2023 10:17:33 AM

Customer feedback is invaluable for any business looking to improve its product/services and overall customer experience. Listening to your customers' o…

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Nicholas Zappas Discusses How Technology Impacts Entrepreneurship

3/21/2023 10:10:12 AM

In the modern era, technology has become an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs. New technologies have made starting and growing a business easier, giving ri…

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10 Interesting Enterprise Cybersecurity Facts You Didn't Know

3/21/2023 10:04:04 AM

As we become increasingly dependent on technology, the risk we face from cyber criminals is now worse than ever before. Looking at the current cyber-attack…

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InWith AI Platform Gives AI Chatbot Clones a Personalized Voice

3/21/2023 9:41:08 AM

InWith AI is revolutionizing the application of AI on social platforms by giving users the ability to create an AI chatbot clone that interacts with others…

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Normalyze Makes History, Receiving the First-Ever Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Patent

3/21/2023 9:00:00 AM

Today, cloud data security solutions provider Normalyze announced that it has been granted a fundamental patent for DSPM by the U.S. Patent and Trademark O…

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New Relic's Observability Integration Empowers Engineers to Extract Value from GPT Applications

3/20/2023 9:07:13 PM

New Relic announced a machine learning (ML) operations capability that allows engineering teams to monitor applications built with OpenAI's GPT Series APIs…

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MMC Implements RingCentral to Boost Customer, Employee Experiences

3/20/2023 5:29:50 PM

MMC decided to replace its on-premises legacy communications system with RingCentral and migrated 3,000 of its employees to RingCentral MVP.

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Getting Your Business on Track for the Spring

3/20/2023 5:12:44 PM

While caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, may feel good at the time, there is a new category known as focus drinks, like Biolift, that may deliver what you…

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Verint Partners with Carahsoft to Bring Customer Engagement to the Public Sector

3/20/2023 3:52:36 PM

Customer engagement company Verint announced a partnership with Carahsoft to bring customer engagement to the public sector.

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NICE Reaches 1 Million Users Worldwide of Its CXone Cloud Platform

3/20/2023 3:47:37 PM

Customer experience company NICE announced that it reached an important milestone for its CX native cloud platform, CXone.

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Future-Proof IT Issues with Lenovo's Premier Support Plus

3/20/2023 2:48:40 PM

To help businesses and their IT teams stay future ready, Lenovo offers its comprehensive IT support service, Premier Support Plus.

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Playvox Receives 2023 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award

3/20/2023 2:42:20 PM

Playvox, the leading provider of Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solutions for digital-first contact centers, announced that its Capacity Planner has…

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Challenge at the Edge: The Importance of High Fidelity in Customer Service Environments

3/20/2023 2:33:56 PM

ConnX and Nectar Services Corp. announced the availability of an advanced edge experience assurance solution.

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Is It Possible To Hear A Pin Drop at the Edge of the Telco Cloud?

3/20/2023 1:56:39 PM

While the telco industry has made massive strides in moving to NFV and "programmable networks," there are still major challenges at the edge, especially wh…

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Early Metaverse Adopters See Business Transformations

3/20/2023 1:37:13 PM

Eight out of 10 global executives agree that the metaverse is set to enhance business activities by making them more immersive, according to a Wipro study.

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A New Standard for Satellite IoT Connectivity: An emnify-Skylo Partnership

3/20/2023 1:31:36 PM

emnify recently announced that it will collaborate with Skylo. This will allow customers to use 3GPP Rel-17 NTN-compliant radio user equipment for terrestr…

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Critical Customer Service Issues Brought to the Fore

3/20/2023 1:15:22 PM

A report released by Sprinklr and Customer Contact Week Digital reveals what customer service leaders are saying their organizations are - and aren't - doi…

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Salesforce vs ServiceNow: which one is better for you?

3/20/2023 11:38:39 AM

ServiceNow and Salesforce Service Cloud are leaders in different markets. Salesforce has a handful of various tools: CRM, sales, marketing, service, and ob…

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What is a Plumbing Invoice App, and how does sit work?

3/20/2023 10:28:14 AM

A plumbing invoice app is a software application designed to assist plumbing businesses in creating and managing invoices for their services. It is a digit…

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Dr. Jatin Patel Shares What Diseases Can Be Treated With Infusion Therapy

3/20/2023 10:22:17 AM

Infusion therapy is a medical treatment that involves the intravenous administration of medication directly into the bloodstream. Expert Dr. Jatin Patel in…

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What Is a Bitcoin Wallet Address?

3/20/2023 10:03:34 AM

To keep your crypto secure, you might opt for a Bitcoin wallet. Learn what a Bitcoin wallet address is by reading this brief guide.

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Is Your Business Using Data Efficiently?

3/20/2023 9:52:12 AM

All companies hold data; it is unavoidable. But, few companies are aware of just how much data they have and the potential that it offers. Data is one of a…

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Reasons Why Telemedicine is the Future of Healthcare

3/20/2023 9:42:26 AM

Are you living in a remote area? You can consult a doctor through telemedicine service. Here are the reasons why telemedicine is the future of healthcare.

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Container Security Challenges in 2023

3/20/2023 9:34:55 AM

Container security is the practice of securing the various components of a containerized application to ensure that the application and the infrastructure …

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Alkira Takes Channel Presence to New Heights via HighPoint

3/17/2023 5:29:22 PM

Alkira has entered a partnership with HighPoint, a provider of technology infrastructure solutions.

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Gaps in the Customer Service Journey Hurt Businesses

3/17/2023 5:18:00 PM

A Sprinklr study recently revealed, in partnership with Customer Contact Week Digital, significant challenges throughout the customer service journey.

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StoryStream Revisualizes e-Commerce Engagement via Live Video Shopping Solution

3/17/2023 5:07:05 PM

StoryStream, with its AI-powered visual commerce capabilities, launched its Live Video Shopping solution to bolster e-commerce engagement and customer sati…

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Winning Teams in Telco: and Snowflake Partner to Bring the Telecom Data Cloud to Life

3/17/2023 1:41:21 PM

AI and cloud software company announced its ML collaboration with cloud and data platform company Snowflake for the launch of Snowflake's Telecom Da…

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T-Mobile Officially Pairs 5G Advanced Network Solutions with AWS

3/17/2023 1:28:08 PM

As the first U.S. wireless provider to work with AWS on delivering customized 5G edge compute offerings, T-Mobile is setting a standard for industry transf…

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Manage Workforce Passwords through CyberArk

3/17/2023 1:24:50 PM

CyberArk's cloud-based enterprise password management solution, Workforce Password Management, enables organizations to securely capture, store and manage …

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Southwest Chooses AWS to Enhance Travel Experiences

3/16/2023 5:44:50 PM

Southwest chose AWS as its preferred cloud provider to enhance its customer journey, better optimize operations, and streamline infrastructure costs.

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New Research Underscores the Importance of Identity Security and MFA

3/16/2023 4:31:01 PM

A recent investigative report from Oort has revealed user data, login info, and behavioral intelligence from more than 500,000 identities. Oort has recomme…

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Sunamp and Sheen Parkside Announce Collaboration to Establish Mobile Heat Networks Across the UK

3/16/2023 4:16:22 PM

Thermal battery company Sunamp partnered with Sheen Parkside, an infrastructure arrangement and operations group, to establish mobile heat networks across …

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