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Web3 Enthusiasm Grows Among Consumers

12/7/2022 6:23:07 PM

A Dibbs report shows 60% of consumers say they purchase NFTs from a brand they love, and 84% say they consider purchasing NFTs only if they are redeemable …

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Zingtree and AVANT Elevate Global Contact Center Productivity

12/7/2022 5:42:14 PM

Zingtree is partnering with AVANT to help contact center agents worldwide deliver high productivity.

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UniVoIP Cloud-Voice Service for Microsoft Teams Offers Free Trial

12/7/2022 5:15:17 PM

Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams is available with a free 30-day trial on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace.

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Voya Builds on AI Chatbot Initial Success

12/7/2022 5:08:10 PM

Following its initial success from its first year after launch, Voya is focused on building out the Voya PAL chatbot experience with future enhancements.

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Aeris Drives IoT Innovation with Acquisition of Ericsson's IoT Business

12/7/2022 4:57:52 PM

Ericsson and Aeris are in agreement to transfer Ericsson's IoT Accelerator and Connected Vehicle Cloud businesses to Aeris.

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8 Steps for Selling a Domain Name and Making Money

12/7/2022 2:43:00 PM

As there are millions of websites, finding a suitable and available domain name on registrars can be challenging. Even most business owners are sometimes s…

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Software Development With .NET

12/7/2022 2:36:30 PM

Why do companies make a choice in favor of .NET software development? Read the article to find out the platform's benefits.

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What is Effective Crypto Marketing & How it Works

12/7/2022 2:31:35 PM

As the popularity and uses of blockchain ledger are increasing, many projects have been recently launched to the market. As a result, the competition is hi…

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Androsky Lugo Explains what Aspiring Architects can Expect from the Industry in Coming Years.

12/7/2022 2:27:13 PM

Architecture is a thrilling field, Androsky Lugo explains. As a seasoned architect specializing in sustainable design and construction, he has seen his wor…

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Ways You Can Merge PDFs

12/7/2022 2:19:22 PM

If you've got two or more PDF files that you need to merge into a single file, this tutorial will help you do that quickly and easily. Sometimes the simple…

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How Mitto Can Help Brands Communicate Effectively During the Holiday Season Through the Power of SMS

12/7/2022 2:14:29 PM

The holiday shopping season often brings chaos and new challenges for brands, and 2022 isn't likely to be an exception. Rising consumer demands, the contin…

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Webflow review: pros and cons of using Webflow Site Builder

12/7/2022 2:08:26 PM

Are you looking for a team that will quickly build a website on a reliable website builder that has received a lot of attention? Then a webflow development…

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It's Time for CSPs to Focus on SMBs

12/6/2022 4:56:16 PM

SMBs represent a trillion-dollar market, but CSPs have a limited window of opportunity to become SMBs single source for technology and digital transformati…

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Federal Contractors Fail Cybersecurity Basics

12/6/2022 4:34:43 PM

Defense contractors are not securing military secrets as 87% of defense contractors record a sub-70 Supplier Performance Risk System score.

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NextNav's Vertical Location Meets Convey911's Multilanguage Service

12/6/2022 4:01:25 PM

NextNav's Pinnacle network delivers precise vertical location in 4,400 cities and towns and captures 90% of buildings greater than three stories in the U.S…

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Neostella and UiPath Provide Flexible Automation Investment Model

12/6/2022 3:45:09 PM

The Neostella and UiPath partnership allows customers to receive RPA benefits with a pricing structure that corresponds with the needs and budgets of small…

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ASUS IoT & Media Broadcast Partner for Smart City Solutions

12/6/2022 3:39:55 PM

ASUS and Media Broadcast will implement five IoT smart city solutions to assist with parking, traffic management, security, waste management and street lig…

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EvoNexus Incubates 5G Startups with Qualcomm

12/6/2022 3:30:57 PM

Qualcomm and EvoNexus work to identify early-stage companies bridging emerging technologies and use cases with 5G network attributes.

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Telarus Partner Pavilion Added to ITEXPO 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

12/6/2022 3:21:34 PM

ITEXPO is the leading event for IT professionals, C-levels and business owners, MSPs and the channel, and service providers to gather and advance their dig…

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Tigerpaw Software Signs on as a Silver Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

12/6/2022 3:12:27 PM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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Prevent Internal Threats with Timus Zero Trust

12/6/2022 3:07:41 PM

Zero trust provides a solution that verifies users and devices before and after they access the network, protecting against external and internal threats.

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B2B Cloud Marketplaces: Integration with Operations is a Game Changer

12/6/2022 10:04:32 AM

B2B cloud marketplaces for MSPs help reduce friction in the procurement, provisioning, and billing of services they deliver to their clients.

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The Future of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and the Impact on MSPs

12/6/2022 9:48:28 AM

MSPs focusing on the SMB market are finding increased success in moving their business to the cloud, including adding IaaS solutions to their offerings.

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Blockchain-based Marketplace IZNES Turns Page into New Chapter

12/5/2022 6:11:26 PM

IZNES's new blockchain is built on Hyperledger Fabric to power its distributed ledger solutions and continue to fuel its growth and innovation.

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Volli Communications Awarded 2022 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award

12/5/2022 5:29:57 PM

Volli announced that TMC and its TMC Labs product review division named Volli Connect as a 2022 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award winner.

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How New York Companies Can Protect Themselves from Hackers

12/5/2022 5:00:25 PM

As the threat of cyber attacks continues to grow, it is crucial for New York companies to take steps to protect themselves from hackers.

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Micheal Hsu on 3 Career Options To Pursue in Finances

12/5/2022 4:41:43 PM

Micheal Hsu knows that a career in finance can be competitive. Still, as he continues to pursue his MBA, he has discovered that some finance jobs can be bo…

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6 Advancements in Eye Care Technology That You Need to Know About

12/5/2022 4:28:42 PM

Eye care technology has come a long way in the last few years, and it's making a huge difference in the lives of people all over the world. The developm…

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Advantages Of Using A Payroll App For Employee Payroll Processing

12/5/2022 4:21:49 PM

Payroll management is a critical function for any company. You must pay your staff accurately and on time to avoid low employee morale, poor productivity, …

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5 Key Technologies for Call Centers

12/5/2022 4:15:47 PM

For most call centers, exceptional customer experience is one of their primary goals, whether they're focused on outbound or inbound calls. Depending on th…

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Branded UCaaS Services Change the Reseller Game

12/5/2022 4:11:18 PM

White label UCaaS is becoming increasingly popular with MSPs and other channel partners as they seek the value in selling their own brand rather than some …

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2022 Contact Center Recap, Part 1: Have We Improved CX Enough to Protect Brand Loyalty?

12/5/2022 3:46:42 PM

Contact centers have progressed, but they still aren't delivering quite the level of experience customers are looking for and demand.

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CBTS and Ribbon Simplify Legacy Telephony Services Transition

12/5/2022 3:04:24 PM

CBTS is leveraging Ribbon Connect to deploy Operator Connect Accelerator for Microsoft Teams, making Teams Calling simpler to deploy.

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Palo Alto and Cider Security Revolutionize Supply Chain Security

12/5/2022 3:00:04 PM

Cider Security, through a signed definitive agreement around $195 million, is part of Palo Alto to support Palo Alto's Prisma Cloud's platform.

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INTERNET TELEPHONY Announces Winners of 2022 Friend of the Channel Awards

12/5/2022 9:00:42 AM

The INTERNET TELEPHONY Friend of the Channel Award recognizes organizations running world-class channel programs that attract the top telecom/communication…

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INTERNET TELEPHONY's 2022 Friend of the Channel Award Winners Put Their Partners First

12/5/2022 9:00:02 AM

The winners of the 2022 Friend of the Channel Award have built their programs on a foundational philosophy that puts their channel partners at the forefron…

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Ringless Voicemails Fall Under Robocall Umbrella

12/2/2022 5:09:15 PM

Callers are required by the FCC, in a unanimous decision, to obtain a consumer's consent before delivering ringless voicemails.

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Cloud Optimization is Key to Managing Costs and Driving Digital Transformation

12/2/2022 4:57:01 PM

The average company wastes as much as 35 percent of its cloud budget because they don't have the right cloud optimization tools to manage usage.

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Most Companies Are Struggling to Use AI-based Predictive Analytics Effectively

12/2/2022 4:29:03 PM

More than 80% of marketing executives report difficulty in making data-driven decisions despite all of the consumer data at their disposal.

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N-able Continues to Expand Support for MSPs

12/2/2022 4:13:18 PM

N-able has expanded it distribution network to more effectively support its MSP and reseller partners across the globe.

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T-Mobile Launches IoT Developer Kit

12/2/2022 4:06:13 PM

T-Mobile's IoT Developer Kit promises to speed time to market for new IoT applications through seamless connectivity to T-Mobile's network.

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TBI Adds Aryaka's SD-WAN and SASE to Supplier Portfolio

12/2/2022 3:50:07 PM

Technology services distributor TBI has announced the addition of Aryaka Networks, a provider of unified SASE and SD-WAN solutions, to its supplier portfol…

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Airswift Connects Merchants and Crypto

12/2/2022 3:36:18 PM

Airswift offers crypto payment solutions as a way to deliver a seamless payment experience.

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Elisa Ramps Up Digitalization in Estonia

12/2/2022 3:31:00 PM

Elisa looks to enhance its network in Estonia and plans to roll out an end-to-end 5G Standalone connection during spring 2023.

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AI-Driven Videos Bring a New Channel to Customer Support

12/2/2022 12:38:28 PM

Video Conversational Al allows companies to interact with their customers through a video chat with a virtual hyper-realistic AI-generated avatar.

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People Are Facing Personal Information Disclosure When Using Coupon

12/1/2022 5:29:22 PM

The first widely used coupon dates back to 1887 when the Coca-Cola Company began giving people a coupon for a free bottle of Coke. Since then, coupons as a…

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They Say That Crypto Is Done, But Is It?

12/1/2022 5:20:21 PM

Cryptocurrency took off big time in recent years, but what does the future hold? With such a relatively new asset, it's worth knowing where it's headed nex…

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Little-Known Technology That Is Changing the World Around Us

12/1/2022 5:12:29 PM

We marvel at 21st century innovations such as smartphones, self-driving cars, and 3D printing that have redefined the world around us. At the same time, ot…

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What to Expect From DOGE in 2030?

12/1/2022 5:06:23 PM

We advise you to read the article to the end to find out what awaits DOGE in the future and whether it is worth investing in

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Where to swap crypto anonymously?

12/1/2022 5:03:38 PM

The anonymity of cryptocurrencies was one of the factors that contributed to their popularity. In the blockchain, only wallet addresses are recorded as a c…

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