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Accelerating 3G mobile video communications


Mobility, multimedia and the explosion of communities are three major trends in communications today. With the adoption of 3G phones, capturing and sharing video will be an increasingly important part of our personal and business communications in the future. There are dozens of services which permit people to communicate on 3G networks in richer and more exciting ways than using 2G technologies. But the majority of new video services have yet to be built and tested with subscribers. In the short term, investment, innovation and experimentation are required on the part of many industry players.


For operators to monetize their investments, for video to become an integral part of every popular service bundle of the future, three elements must be in place:
� Consumers and professionals must be offered a critical mass of exciting end-user services. The mobile multimedia service portfolio must be well integrated within existing infotainment and communication offerings.
� 3G and converged network operators� business environments must foster experimentation and rapid prototyping with shared risks as well as rewards.
� Technology suppliers must offer open, scalable video service development platforms built using industry-standard interfaces and components, to lower costs and increase benefits from all Internet

In this paper, we analyze these trends and requirements, and discuss how 3G operators and their partners can unlock the potential of new video services based on the most advanced technologies.

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