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End-to-end billing and network management solution for independent Internet Service Providers - Comarch Twilight


Recent years have revealed an inevitable revolution of Internet and consumer multimedia services towards the all-IP paradigm. Now, with VoIP telephony already a must-have, Blockbuster and Netflix competing fiercely for online customers and real IPTV knocking at out doors, the need for reliable data service is becoming more obvious than ever before.

Modern home and business users� expectations reach now far beyond traditional dialup or plain data. They seek fast, reliable, customizable and self-manageable service. This opens brand new opportunities for all kinds of existing and startup ISPs; yet poses a challenge of deploying the right network and IT infrastructure to provide the best possible customer experience. Undoubtedly, choosing the right BSS/OSS and CRM solution will greatly influence that aspect and provide differentiation necessary to survive, thrive and win in this highly competitive environment.

Comarch has been developing systems for the telecommunications industry since 1991, when it started as a technical university spin-off. Today our solutions and services are chosen by incumbent operators, mobile networks, triple-play carriers and broadband providers of all sizes worldwide. Our advantage lies in extensive domain knowledge accumulated over years of providing our customers with software optimizing their operations and assuring customer satisfaction.

Comarch�s offer for the ISP (Twilight) is based on our selected state-of-the-art billing and network management system components preconfigured and enclosed in a simple yet powerful web interface tailored to suit the needs of broadband providers in the areas of business and operations support. Its design aims at providing a robust and complete IT environment automating day-to-day operations, while remaining cost effective and expandable (pay as you grow) thus leaving plenty of room for future innovation.