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Goodell, Gaga, 'Deflategate': Hello Super Bowl Sunday

Glory is gained on the gridiron, but mega events such as the Super Bowl and the Olympics serve as the optimal launching pad for marketers. From brand awareness to introducing a new look or product, the platform is one that's highly regarded note the high price tag. For days, maybe even weeks, water cooler talk will be monopolized by debates over the best Super Bowl commercials.

Why You Need to Know: Whether the Falcons win their first, or the Patriots take down their fifth, Super Bowl 51 should be chock full of excitement and could give Goodell a breather from criticism. Sunday is set to provide the best of both worlds. The casual fan can eat until they have their fill, and enjoy creative, engaging and entertaining commercials, while the diehard NFL fan finds the league's top two teams doing battle on the biggest stage of the sport.


Tech Titans Draft Letter to Trump

Remember how our new President recently signed an executive order banning U.S. entry to refugees and travelers from seven heavily Muslim countries? And do you recall how a bunch of executives in Silicon Valley then voiced their displeasure over that move?

Why You Need to Know: Now a group of tech leaders are reportedly collaborating on a letter to Trump opposing the travel ban. Those involved include Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber and some other companies, according to Kara Swisher of Recode.

The WebRTC Edge is Coming

For the last three years, the first comment that the naysayers have made is that Microsoft and Apple do not support WebRTC. Never mind that Chrome and Firefox are gaining in popularity, the fact that Edge and Safari did not support WebRTC was always presented as a reason to continue with proprietary implementations, often based on last decade or even last millennium technology.

Why You Need to Know: Microsoft announced yesterday that they are stepping up to provide WebRTC 1.0 support, while increasing the drive for the additional functionality in ORTC.

What Is the Best Operating System for Coding in 2016

The tech world is constantly changing at lightning speed, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the industry's freshest trends. With new technologies constantly hitting the market and favored platforms among programmers changing all the time, getting a clear picture of the current state of the industry can be a very tricky task.

Why You Need to Know: Luckily, the folks at StackOverflow have done the world a service by conducting a comprehensive developer survey that gives us a glimpse into the working lives of today's programmers.

Launch Your eCommerce Store on Social Media in 4 Steps

Have you taken the first steps towards your digital income dream and launched your own online store? Now you need to come up with a viable marketing strategy for your site and meet your customers where they are - on social media.

Why You Need to Know: A lot of it comes down to how easy it is to reach people on social media the immediacy drives connections, which in turn drive sales. Here is how to set out a successful social media strategy.

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