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Communications Developers Converge on London

The reason TADhacks exist is simple. Innovation in technology has broken down past barriers to development, and it's translating to coders and non coders alike having the power to transform what's possible with communications. According to event organizer Alan Quayle, the event serves "as a great opportunity to network and meet interesting people from around the world, with people from wide range of industries.

Why You Need to Know: Communications developers are pushing the boundaries of technology. With advances in virtualization and software development, real time communications is getting a facelift. And these events prove the power in standing on the shoulders of others.


API of the Week: IntelePeer is UC Glue

Some years back, there were ads on TV for BASF – touting the fact they don't make the products you use, they make them better. In the UC space, this is the position IntelePeer plays.

Why You Need to Know: The big news from the company is they improve Microsoft Skype for Business solutions with certified organization-level call control features and additional PSTN access options.

Negroponte's 'Switchless' Future: Was He a Visionary?

Nothing is more frustrating than looking back at the past and seeing what should have been obvious at the time. Except maybe when companies talk as though the past did not happen at all.

Why You Need to Know: Today, there is the effort to have everything be wireless. It sounds good, except the reality is that wireless has not found a pricing model that makes it capable of carrying all the traffic.

Best Practices for Business Communications Application Development

The increasing availability and use of business applications, and the application programming interfaces that can create bridges between these solutions, is enabling new possibilities in terms of productivity and innovation.

Why You Need to Know: Bringing all the pieces together in an efficient and manageable way is no small task. That's why Dialogic is stepping forward to help organizations meet this challenge.

Five Major Social Media Trends for 2016

Just when you thought you had a solid social media strategy (at last!) to build your brand's reputation, the times they are a-changin'. Interestingly, while brand-building doesn't happen overnight, the social media landscape that it's built upon changes just about that often—or so it seems. So don't get attached.

Why You Need to Know: According to Marketing Land, social media is about to evolve again in 2016, offering both opportunities and advisories for forward-thinking, tech-savvy marketers. Here's what's around the bend—or, in some cases, already in the works.

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