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Anthem Hacked and Speculation is Possibly Vulnerable for More

Unfortunately, the predictions of industry experts that 2015 was going to be another good year for the bad guys has already become accurate as Anthem, the second largest health insurance company in the U.S., revealed that hackers had breached its computer systems.

Why You Need to Know: Anthem has over 37 million members in California and 13 other states, but that number mushrooms according to the company because it has information in its database on other Blue Cross Blue Shield patients from all 50 states who have received healthcare services in its coverage areas.


3 Ways to Protect Your Business in the War on Net Neutrality

While the debate over net neutrality remains centered around what it means for consumers and ISPs, there's an even bigger threat brewing that could impact every business and innovation in the U.S.—and even whittle away at our already fragile economy.

Why You Need to Know: Because Internet service has become such a critical business utility—just like electricity and water service—without some Open Internet protection, virtually every business in America could suffer as these "fast lanes" chip away at the level playing field we've all come to depend on.

Verizon Takes Measures to Stem Tide of Customer Defections

Verizon's fourth quarter results, according to reports, showed a trend in the making that's gravely distressing under the best of circumstances: large numbers of customers leaving Verizon for other service providers.

Why You Need to Know: Verizon—showing some sound corporate savvy—is taking steps to stop the outflow of customers currently experienced.

iBasis Provides Mobile Operators with LTE Performance Visibility

LTE signaling network provider iBasis this week introduced a new alarming, monitoring, and reporting tool. Called InVision, this new solution will enable mobile operator customers of iBasis to review the service performance usage on different network levels relative to their LTE roaming.

Why You Need to Know: Not only can mobile service providers use InVision to gain visibility into network performance, they also can see what's happening on this front relative to application performance and subscriber experience.

London Researchers Double Signal Length for Fiber Transmission

When telecom signals travel long distances across fiber, there's only so far they can go before needing an energy boost, if you will, in the form of a repeater.

Why You Need to Know: Researchers University College London (UCL) have however demonstrated that it's possible to double the distance between boosters.

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