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Increasingly, social media customer support is the first choice for younger customers. Companies with a lot of millennial customers need to consider making social media more than just a single element of support options: going forward, it may become the backbone of the customer experience. Customers know how visible social media is…that's why they choose it, according to Dave Ogden blogging for Aspect.
Would you pay more for personalized attention from your favorite brands? Recent research suggests that consumers will, in some situations. Are you one of these or do you fall into the 45 percent who expect higher quality care from those with which they already do business? New research from Xerox suggests we put enough value on the interaction to pay a higher price. Chances are, this works only in situations where the omnichannel experience is made a priority.
In the grand scheme of customer support, online footwear and accessory retailer Zappos is often cited as the competitor to beat. The company is famous for its above-and-beyond customer support and hands-on involvement of executive management when it comes to furthering the customer relationship through omni-channel interactions. It's a hard act to follow, and footwear retailer DSW, which has both an online presence and brick-and-mortar stores, spends a lot of time trying to catch up. DSW, which recently announced third-quarter losses, says it needs to double down on the omni-channel customer support.
Implementing a modern call center solution such as the one offered by VoltDelta allows employees to find all of the information they need within seconds. An intelligent, data driven call center solution can optimize the customer's journey and make a huge difference in the efficiency of contact center agents.
Let me be clear, not all call centers suck. But, the headline above is a sentiment that has plagued the industry for a long time, and current models aren't helping.
There are nearly as many types of customer support software as there are types of customers. Choosing the right one will require you to understand the goals of the company, the needs of customer support agents and how readily other departments need to have customer support information at hand. Small companies may have very different requirements from large companies: often, in small organizations, the people who sell also wear a variety of hats.

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