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With the coming of the holiday shopping season, 2015 may be an opportunity for many companies to show their revamped (or newly created) omnichannel customer experience. Retailers, in particular, are under pressure to tie their brick and mortar store presence together with their online, social media and mobile presence in a way that few other companies are. For them, the competition is close by, the customers are vocal (and happy to share both good and bad experiences) and the results are highly visible.
Attracting new customers - one of the most important requirements of growing a business - is arguably more difficult today than ever before.Brands often complain about an inability to break through the clutter but that's not the problem. The challenge is consumers, particularly younger people, have developed sophisticated filters when it comes to marketing and advertising.

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As a marketer, chances are you've never heard of the Internet of Things or if you have you're not entirely sure what it means. Simply put, the Internet of Things is a network of objects embedded with sensors which enable them to collect and exchange data.
Financial institutions are becoming bold when interacting with clientele through mobile technologies. Evolving customer service centers will soon become a command station for multi-channel communications.
Mot and Chandon, the popular champagne manufacturer, recently launched a new marketing campaign dubbed The Now. The ads are focused at millennials, and depict individuals toasting seemingly mundane moments with a glass of bubbly.
According to Forbes, Wal-Mart is increasing its interests in Omni-channel technologies by building a seamless multi-channel shopping network. Wal-Mart estimates that the average in-store shopper spends approximately $1400 a year at its large chain of department superstores.

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