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Fortunately, this is a topic often visited upon by workforce management solutions provider, Monet Software. The company recently posted a blog with a few tips that just might help drive improved performance through refining and fine-tuning a few steps along the way. If you apply them as intended, you can help good agents become great agents and your overall performance soars.
It's a question many companies would pay a lot for a definitive answer to: What makes some contact center agents so successful, cool under pressure and able to turn angry customers into loyal ones? Is it friendliness? Empathy? Great training? Good communication skills? How can it be sustained and/or spread to all agents in the contact center?

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What do you do when your competitors are out-pacing you and you're struggling with product sales? You launch an all-eyes-on-me marketing campaign. At least, that is what Nissan did when its market share refused to budge from 8.5 percent and its pick-up truck sales simply weren't making the cut.
What does it take to get a startup off the ground? In today's always-on, always plugged-in lifestyle, the answer is innovation. An area where this is particularly of note is the mobile space. OTT apps like WhatsApp and Wechat have certainly made their mark, and mobile operators are tasked with developing a counter to make up for lost revenue.

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