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The familiar sales funnel is a bit like driving down a straight road. There's only one start and one finish. Leads enter the top of the funnel, trickle down and come out the other end as customers. And for a while this metaphor worked, but now it's time to complicate our understanding of the customer journey
When it comes to content creation for digital marketers, there is no better time of year than the holidays. While marketers may struggle to come up with fun and relevant topics to feed their consumer base in the absence of holidays, this time of year provides a bit of a marketing formula to follow for success. It goes something like this: holiday + brand promotion = relevant marketing content.

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How do you like to contact a company when you have an issue to resolve or a question about a product? Do you prefer to visit their website and look for ways to contact them directly or do you take to social media channels to find your answer? Do you instead prefer to call the contact center and talk to a live agent or do you launch the live chat on their website? All of these options are available in the omni-channel customer engagement environment, which is growing in demand.
In the call center space, we're accustomed to brick and mortar operations where calling floors are lined with cubicles and individuals make calls using scripts and assigned numbers. Trends disrupting the industry include outsourcing, offshoring and virtual call center solutions. Now, the latest involves the use of the mobile phone and we're not just talking about customers.
Imagine you want to drive extra attention to a particular product that your business is selling. So, you create an article about the product and post it to either your own blog, or a third-party website.

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