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Ask 10 businesses today if they offer multichannel customer support, and most of them would probably tell you yes. The problem with multichannel customer support is it seems to mean different things to different people. And while it's paid a lot of lip service today, few companies have actually achieved a state of complete customer-centric integration between all its communications media on a single platform.
Fast-forward to day, and companies trying to stand out from the competition are taking a 360-degree customer approach: that is, company representatives who communicate with a customer in any media channel can see the customer's entire history at a glance. This allows the customer to start a query in one communications channel - in Web chat, for instance - and continue it in another if it's determined that a phone call would yield better results. Customers no longer have patience for being treated like a trouble ticket number.
So you need to implement a strategy that will help deliver the best in customer service. You can certainly tap the customer service pros, invest in good technology, and hire the best reps out there, but the real expertise lies with the customers themselves. Want to know how to drive your customers? Listen to them.
According to, Alex Hudson, a reporter for the news site, had placed an order for pizza, only to have two hours go by without the pizza showing up. As detailed in his tweets to the pizza chain, hours went by without so much as a resolution, leaving Hudson extremely frustrated and still without his order.
Microsoft has always been interested in wooing companies that can help it differentiate itself in the customer service and CRM space. And now, the computing giant and FieldOne have taken their relationship to the next level: The two have gotten hitched.

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