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In the modern business landscape, effective communication is paramount to achieving success. As enterprises continually strive to achieve high efficiency within their core business functions, secure communication strategies that are scalable, reliable, and highly available are a necessity. Today, companies are turning to Unified Communications-as-a Service (UCaaS) to bypass many capital and operational expenses, discovering powerful communication strategies that fit their business' unique needs.
8x8 can help them do that by combining all the functionality via its Enterprise Communications as a Service offering, said CMO Enzo Signore. The company is also adding value for its business customers by developing analytics that leverage their communications infrastructure to enable line of business leaders to be more efficient.
Distribution deals have a great way of broadening companies' focus, and a new one between TelePacific Communications and Aligned Communications should do just that. With TelePacific now able to offer its solution set up for Aligned to provide its customers, the end result should be plenty of new inroads made for both firms.
Every business and consumer should be using Voice-over-IP (VoIP). VoIP today is polished, reliable, and superior to older phone systems in every way.
I know everyone has big love for WebRTC to add voice and video into everything under the sun, but the real value and profits are going to be made by adding intelligence in processing media streams. Microsoft is rapidly building and rolling out APIs to process voice, video, and language that are likely to be killer apps for WebRTC developers recognizing the future.
Let's face it: the goal of WebRTC is to be available, or at least interoperable, Everywhere. As has been pointed out on the WebRTC Solutions Community site many times, the history of communications technology is that all boats rise when the tide comes in. This has been true whether discussing first telephony or things like facsimile, email and SMS. It has also been one of the challenges of universal unified communications (UC) adoption and use.
Social media's ever-increasing importance in the customer experience means that getting a better handle on this communications tool is vital to the future of business. TouchCommerce wants to help make social media more accessible to users with its new TouchSocial solution.

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