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April 29, 2013

HP's New Unified and Wired Solutions Support BYOD Initiatives

Organizations around the world are eagerly putting in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives not only to save money, but to provide a more productive environment for their workforce. In order to provide a safe environment for these devices, there has to be a network solution capable of supporting and managing wired and wireless connectivity. The new HP solution provides unified wired and wireless management and switching platforms that creates a single network for both types of connectivity.

With the HP 830 Unified/WLAN Switch, the new HP BYOD solution can support up to 1,000 wireless devices. It also gives partners the ability to leverage the HP FlexNetwork architecture to support their customers’ BYOD essentials. With features such as new device on-boarding and provisioning functionalities, it is possible to use a single management application along with automated security with SDN technology while mobility connectivity services are being supported.

The new HP BYOD platform gives administrators the ability to increase network performance and speed up data transfer using the new open flow enabled HP 2920 switch series. The unified wired-WLAN module, HP 10500/7500, improves network availability along with the Wi-Fi Clear Connect software to automatically eliminate network downtime.

It also comes with a security package that is able to detect threats in real-time within a new Sentinel Security SDN application and the HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) User Access Manager.

The international available dates for the HP 830 Unified/WLAN switch, IMC User Access Manager, 10500/7500 unified wired-WLAN module and Wi-Fi Clear Connect via MSM 6.0 will be available in May. The IMC Smart Connect and 2920 switch series will be available internationally soon...Read More>>>

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