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Snom D7XX VoIP Phones Now Zoom-Certified

February 24, 2023

Zoom has become an incredibly popular communications choice since the pandemic due to an increase in remote work and the fact that it’s an efficient and reliable platform for people to connect and collaborate virtually from anywhere in the world. Its ease of use and accessibility - like the ability to schedule and join meetings with just a link, have added to its popularity. Now, with many workplaces going hybrid, more solutions that work seamlessly with the platform are being introduced.

Snom is the latest company to announce that its D7XX Series of desk phones are now certified for use with Zoom services.

The subsidiary of VTech Holdings Limited said the desk phones are adaptable for those working remotely, in-office, or a hybrid model and make a great choice for those looking to leverage the power and advanced features offered by Zoom.

"We have built a leading suite of VoIP communication solutions, and now they are available to an even broader audience through Zoom's leading enterprise community," said Chris Trittin, Senior Sales Director, Snom Americas, a VTech Company.

The Snom D7XX VoIP Phones include HD voice, multiple lines, and programmable function keys. Available in different models, the devices cater to different needs and requirements of users. In addition to intuitive interfaces and ergonomic designs, users also get reliable and high-quality communications.

"The Zoom Hardware Certification Program creates a broad ecosystem of products certified to work with Zoom services, giving customers reliable solutions and providing better communication experiences," said Jeff Fox, Strategic Alliances Marketing Lead, Zoom. "The D7XX Series of desk phones from Snom is an important addition to Zoom's existing devices certified under our Hardware Certification Program, and will be sought out by customers."

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