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Kandao Launches AI Video Conferencing Terminal

January 10, 2023

VR research and hardware startup Kandao announced the launch of a new flexible conferencing terminal, Kandao Meeting Ultra, to make it easier for users to have high quality meetings from anywhere.

The device offers flexibility so users can permanently situate the device in the middle of a room or carry it to a client site or other remote location.

The new 360 conferencing device includes two attached tiltable touch screens as well as two lenses for panoramic video capture and an omnidirectional mic that picks up audio up to 18 feet.

The addition of two displays means speakers can continue to speak in the meeting without worrying about turning their heads toward the monitor. It also utilizes the company’s smart-tracking AI algorithm so both audio and video merge and remote participants will still be able to see the speakers face straight on.

The Kandao Meeting Ultra recently won a CES 2023 Best of Innovation award.

The latest in the company’s hybrid meeting conference series builds on its Meeting Pro offering and increases video quality to 4K 30FPS. It has a built-in Android operating system so it can plug into any monitor and functions as a stand-alone video conferencing terminal.

Meeting Ultra includes connectivity options for users based on what’s available at the location they’re having the conferencing from 5G hotspot, Wi-Fi network and LAN options and is compatible with major video conferencing platforms, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, and Cisco Webex.

Other features of  Kandao Meeting Ultra devices include two HDMI OUT ports and an HDMI IN port. There is also an ethernet port for wired connectivity, three USB A ports to connect the keyboard and mouse, a USB C port for peripherals, and an SD card slot for recording meetings.

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