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LeapXpert Platform Creates Responsible Business Communication

October 31, 2022

By Greg Tavarez - Virtual PBX Editor

Customers today expect businesses to be accessible through multiple channels – whichever they prefer in the moment. That includes mobile messaging applications. The challenge to this expectation is that casual communication channels paired with hybrid work experience create a grey area between personal and business communication. This will often create regulatory, compliance and security challenges.

To cover external communication needs of enterprise employees and meet customer expectations while providing full compliance, security and governance, LeapXpert launched The LeapXpert Communications Platform.

The new platform, built on the foundation of the Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform, records and archives incoming and outgoing voice calls using LeapXpert mobile/desktop applications, third-party voice applications and native voice channels for regulatory compliance and enterprise data governance.

The platform fully integrates with Microsoft Teams. What this means is that employees will responsibly communicate with clients and external partners on consumer messaging apps from within Microsoft Teams and call them through Teams Phone. This solution helps increase employee productivity while ensuring communications compliance, data governance and customer satisfaction.

The platform also introduced the iMessage capture and compliance solution, available to all customers. IPhone users seek productivity, ease-of-use and client satisfaction using iMessage to communicate with their clients. The LeapXpert platform will ensure these communications are kept as a secure record and comply with communications regulations.

Additionally, the platform adapts to the way employees prefer to communicate with external parties while providing advanced enterprise controls. Employees and enterprises can choose between two modes if they want to communicate with their clients through a dedicated enterprise app or continue using the consumer messaging channel, while ensuring regulatory compliance:

  • Governed mode requires an enterprise collaboration tool, such as Leap Work app, Microsoft Teams or Slack, to communicate with clients while recording any message or voice call and preventing security risks such as virus and data loss.
  • The new native mode enables users to enjoy the native messaging app experience while ensuring ongoing data capture for regulatory compliance.

"Customers are fed up with having multiple solutions for messaging or voice and are seeking support for growing channels like iMessage, and open platforms to integrate with multiple legacy systems.” said Dima Gutzeit, founder and CEO of LeapXpert. “We believe what we've developed will soon become the gold standard for responsible business communication."

The LeapXpert Communications Platform is built on a modern, open and scalable architecture. Because of that, it will continue to integrate new technology and business partners and to improve client experience and employee satisfaction while maintaining compliance, security and governance.

Edited by Erik Linask


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