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Assurance IQ Looks to TNS to Get People to Answer their Business Calls

October 27, 2022

The Assurance IQ direct-to-consumer platform helps individuals with insurance buying. To create more meaningful interactions with customers and to get them to answer the phone in the first place, they needed better voice-calling options. Assurance IQ chose Transaction Network Services for its branded calling to build trust and improve answer rates. With TNS Enterprise Branded Calling, Assurance IQ saw a 25% increase in the likelihood that a customer who received a call continued to explore financial solutions with Assurance IQ or one of its partners.

The issue comes when companies, like Assurance IQ, are reaching out to customers who asked to be contacted and still are not answering calls because they don’t recognize the number on their caller ID. Branding the incoming call with the business name and logo – both of which are familiar to customers – increases the likelihood that customers will answer. When that engagement happens, customers feel more comfortable and willing sharing personal information with the agent.

“Our mission is to protect and improve the personal and financial health of all consumers. We achieve this by combining our advanced insurance platform with a human touch, which depends on effectively engaging consumers. Assurance IQ only recently deployed TNS Enterprise Branded Calling, and we are already seeing a measurable lift in call engagement rates that has us excited about our work with TNS going forward,” said Nick Howard, SVP of Technology at Assurance IQ.

With Enterprise Branded Calling, businesses can display their brand on incoming call screens so consumers have transparency about who is calling them. Having this data not only increases the likelihood they may answer but also helps to build trust. Especially for companies – like insurance agencies – that use voice calling heavily, TNS’ solution keeps the calls from being flagged as spam while opening the door to better customer interactions.

For Assurance IQ having the TNS solution will also improve the lead-generation process for the company as more calls answered translates to more chances to convert callers to customers. For agents, it also means more productivity since fewer attempts are needed to get a live caller on the phone.

“TNS’ track record of delivering branded calling is unmatched, and we’re confident our Enterprise Branded Calling solution will help Assurance IQ create more meaningful customer interactions,” said Bill Versen, TNS’ President, Communications Market. “Robocalls have dramatically reduced answer rates, creating a need for analytics-driven solutions that can have a real impact on businesses.”

Edited by Erik Linask


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