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JCPenney Leaves Behind Legacy Phone Lines with MetTel Solution

October 13, 2022

By Greg Tavarez - Virtual PBX Editor

Large retailers typically have specialty lines that use traditional telephony, making them incompatible with next-generation VoIP systems. JCPenney made it a goal to modernize its retail environment to address rising costs for telephone service and business continuity during the anticipated carrier copper retirement.

After thorough testing, JCPenney selected MetTel’s POTS Transformation solution, a fully managed service that connects analog systems to cloud-based data and voice services, making VoIP conversion possible for legacy equipment.

The project, which converted more than 5,000 telephone and alarm lines at all JCPenney stores in the U.S., is projected to save millions of dollars annually in recurring telecom costs. The project will also improve network intelligence and provide more resilient external links for critical systems like alarm and elevator lines to continue operating throughout loss of power, network and other potential disruptions.

“We sought to improve the efficiency of our communications for the productivity and safety of our employees and customers while also reducing unnecessary costs,” said Colby Gueber, senior director, technology enterprise services at JCPenney. “The MetTel POTS Transformation solution helped us achieve those goals.”

The MetTel solution connects to the internet via broadband, Wi-Fi or 4G LTE SIM using endpoint connections provided by DataRemote. Wireless backup will provide business continuity during network outages and dual SIMs provide added failover protection for emergency line assurance.

MetTel also provides access to the three major cellular carriers with the prequalification of LTE/5G coverage in the customer's area. Cellular connectivity will come into play if Wi-Fi or broadband is not available, or as a backup in the event of primary circuit failure.

The POTS Transformation solution, introduced in 2019, uses DataRemote technology for reliable replacement of specialty lines to meet customer safety and compliance needs and deliver cost savings.

"JCPenney continues to demonstrate forward-thinking leadership in the retail sector and is now well-positioned ahead of the copper retirement curve," said Marshall Aronow, CEO of MetTel. "We are pleased to help an iconic brand like JCPenney serve as a role model for businesses looking to modernize while generating cost savings."

Celebrating 120 years, JCPenney utilized POTS Transformation to take advantage of the resiliency, network insight and significant cost savings while positioning the company to lead when copper lines are retired.

Edited by Erik Linask



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